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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Being the first to pave the way for others is a unique calling for many of us striving to live a life of purpose and integrating that purpose into our business. At Fresh Tracks we don't believe in building cookie-cutter businesses. As individual as each of us are, I believe you are most successful when you listen to your intuition, honor your unique gifts, and create your business your way. And that often means not doing things the way everyone else does. This podcast was created to share ideas, cultivate best practices, and bring thought leaders together to help you create fresh tracks in your life and business.


Are We Experiencing A Global Transformation of Consciousness? 30:22 04/16/2021
Loving Relationships Meditation 23:45 02/12/2021
Fundamentalism, the Brain, and You 31:04 02/12/2021
2020 Holiday Season Meditation 26:50 12/16/2020
The Subtle Energies that are Causing your Greatest Hardships 33:20 11/19/2020
Philanthropy Revolution - Interview with Lisa Greer 40:53 10/26/2020
Let's Talk About Karen 32:31 08/24/2020
CORONAVIRUS: An Opportunity to Face and Conquer our Fears 38:38 05/19/2020
400 Friends and No One to Call: Breaking Through Isolation and Building Community 35:23 05/04/2020
Earth Day Prayer and Meditation 21:23 04/23/2020
Fresh Tracks Meditation 30:29 11/20/2019
Run Like a Girl 38:40 09/05/2019
Fresh Tracks Meditation 26:01 08/22/2019
Leading with Grace 38:04 08/06/2019
Social Gravity and Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships 44:18 04/02/2019
Healing from Betrayal 33:37 02/14/2019
Fresh Tracks Meditation 30:17 01/17/2019
Fresh Tracks with Lola Wright 39:45 12/17/2018
Fresh Tracks Meditation 24:19 12/06/2018
Mindfulness and the Key to Believing in Yourself 33:14 12/03/2018
How to Go On Despite the Appearance of Failure 35:33 11/13/2018
Law of Success Meditation 23:19 11/08/2018
Three Things You Need to Know About Yourself to Cut Fresh Tracks 56:57 09/26/2018
Understanding Universal Law with David Neagle 37:25 09/21/2018
Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership 40:37 08/30/2018
The Fear and Anxiety Solution with Dr. Friedemann Schaub 40:29 08/06/2018
Living Large: The Achiever's Guide to What's Next 31:15 07/02/2018
The Enneagram as a tool for Getting to Know Yourself 35:48 06/14/2018
Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions 33:58 05/25/2018
Letting Go of Indecision 36:35 04/30/2018