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Mima's Goodbye and Rude Phrases
It's Mima's last hurrah! Let's talk about it and rude phrases 
24:53 11/3/23
Soooooo many halloween things so little time. Let's just talk about it all
28:39 10/30/23
Is it a Good Idea to do the Florida Man Games???
We all know that dumb criminals are in Florida BUUUUUT would you pay to watch some of these competitions??? I'm down
19:23 10/27/23
Late Fees are the WORST
Sometimeessssss.... we just forget.
19:49 10/25/23
Vacation Oopsies
Sometimes, you go on vacation and you come back and your house is total chaos?! Lots and lots of mistakes have happened.....
17:42 10/23/23
Halloween Costumes
We're talking halloween cause we need creative ideas
15:49 10/18/23
Random Wednesday
We have a lot of weird things to talk about. so let's do it
06:21 10/11/23
The FOUR letter word!
It's almost the four letter word season.... Snow.. We hate it more than anything else. Are we prepared? Absolutely not.
18:21 10/9/23
We wear them, so let's talk about them
23:36 10/6/23
Movie/TV Red Flags
if someone likes _________ it's a red flag? What shows do we think make someone a red flag? What does the internet think?
18:39 10/4/23
BER season
What are we looking forward to this BER season??
24:48 10/2/23
National Coffee Day!
We love coffeeeeeeeee
17:52 9/29/23
Never Returned
Books, clothes, and alligators? Always borrowed, and never returned... What do you still need to return?
15:59 9/27/23
This week, the Top Of Utah Parade Of Homes happened and we got to see all of new options and features that people are putting into their homes. What's the best???
22:55 9/25/23
Internet Drama
What's the niche internet drama you're involved in right now?
21:43 9/22/23
Internet Shopping
Influencers are doing their job for McCall cause she's been very influenced to buy all the things. It's lead us into a very interesting conversation around soda, ice, random things that we buy. It's a good time, what have you been influenced to buy? Or watch? 
22:10 9/20/23
What are the things everyone is spending wayyyy too much money on??    The big one people mentioned is credit card debt.  But here are a few others that are easier to overlook . . . 1.  Subscriptions you don't use.  Including everything from streaming services to magazines.  Cutting back on that stuff can help your bottom line. 2.  Delivery, especially if you order through apps.  With delivery fees, other fees, and a tip, you can end up paying $15 more than if you just went and picked it up. 3.  That fancy coffee on your way to work.  Maybe it's worth it, but if you're paying $5 at Starbucks five days a week, that's around $1,250 a year. 4.  Appetizers at restaurants.  You're adding an extra $10 to your bill, and your meal is probably plenty of food already. 5.  Apps and games you never use.  Or maybe games your KIDS never use.  In-app purchases also add up.
27:42 9/18/23
Our Own Personal Torture
Cleaning the house? Writing a bio? ALL of it is the worst
26:20 9/15/23
Six Degrees
MATH says it's true, we're all 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon, but does it work for everything?? Yes
23:06 9/13/23
Fall is here?
Do we like soup? Yes. Are the leaves changing? Also yes. Let's talk fall
24:20 9/11/23
Fall Cleaning?
Is fall cleaning a thing? Are we in a mood to clean because of Mercury Retrograde kicking off??
26:43 8/21/23
Reality TV Madness
We watched a lot of things growing up, how did it format our existence? McCall talks a lot about weight loss and expectation for women in the industry, Mima talks about the different reality shows she watched, Producer Butterz talked about some of he shows he used to watch, too.
23:01 8/18/23
Back 2 School
Let's talk back to schooooool and our exciting thoughts? How about studying? How about not being excited at all? We talk about throwbacks into our summer and school memories that we love. 
23:33 8/16/23
Migraines Ew
Let's talk migraines.. Cause ew... McCall has really bad migraines, Mima has migraine attacks, and Producer Butterz tends to get more sun exhaustion. What advice do you have to solve these?
21:08 8/14/23
Crazy Weather
We haven't seen weather like this in a whiiiiile. But it's so pretty. 
19:02 8/7/23
Ghosts, UFO's, Aliens, and Paranormal
Do we have a ghost at the radio ranch? For sure. Do we have ghosts at our houses? ALSO for sure. And ALIENS EXIST?!?!? Of course
29:19 8/4/23
Unusual Home Things
What do you put in your house that's "weird?" Maybe it makes unique and unusual? And now we're gonna talk about literally everything outside of the house, too.... It's a fun time. 
31:27 8/2/23
Hype Song
New musiccccc
19:05 7/31/23
Movie Chat
The Barbie Movie is in theaters and McCall is DYING to go. Let's talk about the last movies we've been excited to see in theater??
26:25 7/28/23
This may be the most Un-Utah Podcast We'll Ever Do....
It you could win the Lottery, whatcha buying? Where are you moving? How do you celebrate Pioneer Day? All of the above
21:41 7/26/23

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