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The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast

Welcome to The Enrollment Management Association's podcast series, "The Enrollment Spectrum." In each episode, hosts Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl will explore the central tenets of enrollment management strategy, focusing on the components embodying the spectrum. Join us as we unpack and explore what the strategy of enrollment management means for K-12 independent and private schools and their communities.


The Next Step Forward for DEI 27:43 06/16/2022
How to Create an Enrollment Management Strategic Plan 38:47 05/19/2022
What’s New and Shiny (and tried and true) in Independent School Marketing 28:04 04/28/2022
How COVID-19 Has Affected the Demographics of Enrollment 34:10 04/14/2022
The Whole Student Podcast 35:17 03/03/2022
Get Real and Get In: How to Get Into the College of Your Dreams by Being Your Authentic Self 37:39 02/17/2022
Cultivating an Authentic DEI Commitment in Organizations: Pitfalls & Best Practices 45:29 02/03/2022
Use Tuition Discounting to Help Achieve Your Mission 34:40 01/20/2022
Marketing Reports to Enrollment Management at Woodward Academy 33:02 01/06/2022
Addressing Impossible Questions 52:24 08/05/2021
Managing Change in Independent Schools 49:36 07/23/2021
What’s Your Recipe for Retention? 29:40 06/24/2021
Let’s Redesign the External Functions of the School 46:22 06/10/2021
Exclusivity and Access in Higher Education 32:39 05/27/2021
The Ride to Independent Schools 2020-2021 50:26 05/13/2021
The Biggest Problems To Solve 45:53 04/15/2021
Six More Predictions for 2021 20:18 04/01/2021
Six Predictions for 2021 27:04 03/18/2021
Thoughtful, Agile & Intentional: Independent Schools and COVID-19 36:11 03/11/2021
Is Constrained Optimization the Future of Admissions? 28:09 02/25/2021
Reimagined From the Ground Up: Northfield Mount Hermon’s Lab Program 44:09 02/11/2021
Anti-Racism Best Practices for Independent Schools 37:31 01/28/2021
We’re All In This Together: How one group of enrollment leaders is working together to better serve families 33:52 01/14/2021
Re-inventing the International Student Program at Oaks Christian School 33:23 12/31/2020
Stop Strategic Planning & Start ‘Strategic Do-ing’: How Baylor School Opened a COVID-19 Testing Lab 28:50 12/17/2020
Lessons From Higher Ed: The Role of Character in College Admission 36:57 11/26/2020
How Enrollment Leaders Can Think Like Rocket Scientists 44:47 10/29/2020
Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions 44:15 09/15/2020
Fall Reopening: A Multi-Layered Approach at Avenues: The World School 43:53 09/03/2020
Fall Reopening: An All Remote Approach at Stoneleigh-Burnham School 38:36 08/21/2020