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Retirement Inside Out with Tom Lamendola

Are you ready for some thoughtful discussions about how to meet and exceed the rigors of today's retirement industry? Join host Tom Lamendola, Chief Marketing Officer for Financial Independence Group, for a deep dive into the demands of today's retirement industry. Each episode, Tom will lead a thoughtful discussion with leaders in the financial arena to create a unique show that's designed to serve both financial professionals and everyday investors. Financial Independence Group (FIG) has been a leader in the financial services space for more than 40 years. Tom Lamendola joined FIG in 2017 and has been responsible for growing high performing teams and challenge organizations to reach their potential for more than 15 years. Questions for Tom? Want to be a guest? Inquire at or by calling 800-527-1155.


Empowering Financial Futures: Leslie Lipscomb’s Journey at FIG
Leslie Lipscomb, Senior Vice President at FIG, joins us for this week’s episode. She’s here to share her inspiring journey since joining the organization in 2006, starting as a sales associate and progressing to her current role. Join us as she highlights the company's resilience and growth after the passing of its thought leader, Bo Johnson, and her passion for building strong relationships, advocating for advisors, and uplifting women in the field.   We’ll dive more into Leslie’s role as SVP, which focuses on empowering and serving advisors to build efficient and refined firms and learn more about her involvement in the book Financial Trendsetters- an anthology featuring stories from 15 women in financial services. Don't miss the pre-order details for the book below and this great conversation with Leslie!   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Leslie’s 20-year journey at FIG from a sales associate to Senior Vice President + the impact of Bo Johnson’s mentorship What Leslie’s role as the Senior Vice President at FIG entails Leslie’s passion for building relationships with people in the field + empowering women in financial their careers Leslie’s experience contributing to the book, Financial Trendsetters + receiving the Bo Johnson Award in 2023   Pre-order the book, Financial Trendsetters   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
21:41 2/16/24
Building a Thriving Financial Advisory Practice with Ben and Kaitlin Schrock
We’ve got a great conversation for you today! Ben and Kaitlin Schrock, two of our elevate coaches here at FIG and founders of BA Schrock Financial Group, are here to dive into their journey of building a successful RIA firm from the ground up. They’ll discuss the challenges they faced, the pivotal moments that shaped their journey, and the strategies they employed to achieve remarkable growth. Stay tuned to learn how they navigated the initial struggles of business ownership, built a highly efficient team, and implemented effective marketing strategies to propel their business to new heights. Ben and Kaitlin have some powerful insights for financial professionals looking to scale their businesses and cultivate lasting success. If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level, this episode is sure to inspire!   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Ben and Kaitlin’s journey into financial advisory services + how they’ve worked to propel BA Schrock Financial Group into success Navigating the transition to independent advisory + how Ben and Kaitlin have found a balance between corporate training and entrepreneurial spirit How BA Schock’s marketing efforts have evolved + the importance of nurturing client relationships and community involvement The value of opportunistic hiring + bringing in individuals who align with your firm’s goals   Learn more about Ben and Kaitlin:   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
27:14 2/9/24
2023 Recap & Anticipated Trends of 2024 with FIG COO Arron Price
Arron Price, the Chief Operating Officer at FIG, joins us today for our annual beginning-of-the-year prognostication. Get ready for insights into what lies ahead in financial services, InsurTech, data culture, and operations. We’ll look back on the predictions and forecasts he made for 2023 and explore how the industry has evolved. To kick off our discussion, we’ll revisit Arron’s forecast that the “great resignation” would be forgotten in 2023 and chat about the evolving mindset of different generations in the workforce. Then, we’ll focus on the industry's remarkable operational scalability achievements in 2023 and shift toward real-time data access, transparency, and ultra-personalization in the world of marketing. Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Arron’s prediction that the “great resignation” would be forgotten in 2023 + the mindset shifts of both younger and older generations regarding retirement and work The impressive performance of insurance operations in 2023+ the growing role of AI in achieving greater efficiencies Why real-time data access is the next crucial step in operational efficiency   The shift towards comprehensive marketing plans and ultra-personalization in the coming years   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
20:59 2/2/24
2024’s Market Landscape with Tony Parish
Tony Parish, CFA, CQF, the Chief Investment Officer at AlphaStar Capital Management, is with us for today’s episode. He joins us twice a year to talk about the state of the market and share his halftime report. Stay tuned as we dive into market updates, the US and world economy, and get a glimpse into Tony’s market forecasts for 2024. We’ll kick off this episode by reflecting on the remarkable resilience of the economy and the markets in 2023. Then, we’ll talk about the impact of inflation on our day-to-day expenses, the likelihood of market surprises in the upcoming year, and discuss the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in the financial industry.   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: The market’s unexpected resilience in 2023 + how economists measure inflation and how consumers perceive it Why investors may face disappointment in 2024 with more modest returns Unforeseen events and surprises may play a significant role in shaping the economic landscape throughout the year How politics will impact the markets globally in 2024 AI’s impact on the financial markets   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
28:40 1/26/24
Elevate Your Expertise: Estate Planning Webinar Series Preview with David Graham
We're excited to feature David Graham, the Director of Advanced Strategies at FIG, on the podcast today. David plays a crucial role in educating advisors on advanced planning concepts that go beyond day-to-day financial planning. Today, he's here to give us insights into the upcoming estate planning webinar series hosted by FIG's Advanced Strategies division. This series covers everything from the basics of estate planning to intricate strategies involving trusts, life insurance, and tax-efficient transfers. The aim is to provide advisors with a thorough understanding of advanced planning techniques so that they can better serve their clients. If you're curious about how advanced strategies can elevate your financial planning expertise and want to learn more, stay tuned!   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: The estate planning topics that season 2 of David’s advanced strategies webinar series will focus on How this series is designed to help advisors improve their expertise and offer valuable solutions to clients of all net worths The process for advisors interested in attending the estate planning seminar series   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
18:37 1/19/24
Empowering Wealth: A Conversation with Lisa Crosta of BPP Wealth Solutions
Welcome to the first official episode of 2024! We’re thrilled to be joined by Lisa Crosta, CFP®, CPA, MBA, this week, the Director of Wealth Management at BPP Wealth Solutions. She’s here to share her journey into financial services and insights into BPP’s comprehensive financial planning process, collaborative team structure, and Security Income Plan®. Lisa also shares her passion for educating and empowering female investors. As an all-women firm, BPP Wealth Solutions is uniquely positioned to cater to women's financial needs and ensure they are well informed about their investments, income, and retirement plans.   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Lisa’s financial career + passion for developing intimate client relationships BPP Wealth Solutions’ process, which starts with a comprehensive financial plan and goes on to build a roadmap for building, protecting, and preserving wealth BPP Wealth’s collaborative process, training efforts, and note-taking procedures Why BPP chose to start charging for their financial plans + the value this change has brought to their clients BPP Wealth Solutions' commitment to financial awareness among female investors   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
23:46 1/12/24
The Future of Finance Tech with Andrew Barnett
As the world continues to technologically evolve, staying ahead of the curve in the financial services industry has never been more crucial. Andrew Barnett, the Director of Technology Innovation at FIG, joins us on the podcast today to talk to us about his role and the important technology and business solutions being developed inside FIG. From the industry's race to modernize and embrace emerging technologies to the evolving intersection of wealth management and insurance, Andrew talks about the pressing need for a more seamless customer experience. Stay tuned as we explore the impact of tools like AI, share a behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience, and reflect on the exciting yet demanding journey of the financial industry's technological evolution.   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: What Andrew’s role entails, including collaboration with the engineering team to enhance the customer and client experience and integrating AI The need for the insurance sector to catch up and modernize, the rapid growth of tools available for financial professionals, and creating a more seamless experience for users with a unified platform The new platform that FIG recently rolled out + plans for the future to continue streamlining processes for financial professionals FIG's attention to security and compliance as the industry continues to innovate The rising prominence of AI in the insurance technology landscape   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
29:14 12/15/23
Social Security Updates For 2024: Catching Up With Hamilton Morales
Hamilton Morales, our Senior Vice President and Social Security Specialist here at FIG, joins us for today’s episode. We love having him on once or twice a year to update our audience on what’s happening inside the world of Social Security. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the latest news for Social Security in 2024, including the 3.2% cost of living adjustment, rising Medicare Part B premiums, and the importance of comprehensive retirement planning to combat inflation and changing financial landscapes. We also dive into the value of partnering with experts like Hamilton to provide clients with the best information and guidance on the ever-changing world of Social Security. Learn more about the presentations he offers, including Social Security seminars and webinars, as well as his new membership with the Society of Financial Awareness (SOFA) to offer even more educational opportunities for advisors and clients.   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Social Security COLA for 2024 is announced at 3.2%, which may not be sufficient to cover the rising Medicare Part B premiums How can retirees address the challenge of inflation and rising expenses? The Social Security presentations that Hamilton has been putting on this year + what’s to come in 2024 The value of partnering with experts like Hamilton to provide clients with the best information and guidance regarding Social Security   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
18:05 10/27/23
The Power of a Personalized Digital Marketing Strategy with Anna Shea
This week we are joined by the founder and president of Illuminated Advisors, Anna Shea, to dive deep into the world of digital marketing in the financial services industry. She will discuss the path that led her to establish a boutique digital marketing firm, the power of personalized content, and share some insightful strategies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As Anna offers her unique perspective on what's hot within this dynamic realm, we also delve into the exciting possibilities of AI in marketing. You might be surprised to find out that you've been interacting with AI in your digital experiences for longer than you think.  Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy the show!   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Anna’s career background + what inspired her to start Illuminated Advisors How having a dedicated marketing or COO person in a financial advisory firm can improve efficiency + success Adapting to new marketing strategies and technologies while maintaining the personal touch that financial advisors provide The importance of creating a personalized and resonating experience for website users through original and consistent content   Learn more about Anna and Illuminated Advisors: Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
26:55 10/13/23
Hiring & Retaining Next-Gen Talent with Lori Miller and Alex Batdorf
Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! Today are joined by FIG’s Talent Solutions team to talk about generational differences in the workplace and the changing landscape of talent acquisition. Tune in as we chat with Lori Miller and Alex Batdorf about how to effectively identify, attract, and retain next generation talent for your independent financial professional or financial services firm. The conversation covers various aspects of hiring and working with the next generation of talent, including their unique communication styles, preferences for transparency in compensation, and the importance of flexibility. We also discuss the evolving expectations candidates have during interviews, such as the need for clear salary discussions and the impact of technology on the hiring process. Join us for valuable insights into talent strategy in the ever-changing landscape of the financial services industry!   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: Business owners and hiring managers need to adapt to changing times and evolving generational expectations. The job market has shifted, and businesses should evolve their talent strategies accordingly. Next-gen talent, in particular, values open communication about salary, benefits, and expectations. The younger generation values flexibility in their work arrangements. Having the option for remote work, flexible hours, or mental health days can be a significant attraction for them. Next-gen workers are comfortable with technology, and they expect companies to provide up-to-date tools and systems. Outdated technology can deter them from considering a job opportunity. Employers should think about ways to retain their current employees. Addressing issues like salary competitiveness, growth opportunities, and benefits can help prevent valuable employees from seeking new opportunities elsewhere.   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155    
29:56 10/6/23
Own the Narrative for Your Firm with Nicholas Ross
Join us for a conversation with FIG Chief Strategy Officer Nicholas Ross, where we tackle the need for strategic thinking in the financial professional world. We discuss everything from the impact of global economic trends on your clients to the importance of owning your narrative in your financial business. Tune in to gain insight on how to stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry, the need to operate at both macro and micro levels, and the importance of becoming the CEO of your firm. The episode also puts a spotlight on the significance of continuous education and learning for financial advisors. Ross stresses the value of staying updated with key concepts and building relationships with key partners. Plus, you'll discover why it's vital to control the information your clients receive, and how this aids in fostering a trusted advisor relationship. So, don't miss out on this episode filled with strategies, tactics, and tips to help you succeed in the financial world.   Here is an overview of what we discuss in this episode: The importance of understanding the macro and micro influences of the economy and how this plays into effective strategy and decision-making. Why advisors should prioritize learning and staying updated with key concepts in the industry. Proactively providing valuable and timely information allows you to control the narrative and build trust with clients. How to utilize digital platforms to communicate effectively with clients and distribute necessary information.   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
25:07 9/15/23
Innovations in Insurance: Technology, Regulation, and Advanced Strategies with Dave Henry
We are back with FIG’s Executive Vice President, Dave Henry. He’s bringing us a quarterly life insurance industry update in today’s episode. Tune in as we discuss advancements in technology that are revolutionizing the insurance industry, from precise illustration systems to streamlined policy management. We also delve into how insurance carriers are responding to new regulations like AG 49-A and AG 49-B while maintaining fairness for all clients. Then we’ll chat about the rising interest and popularity in advanced planning strategies, due to changing regulations and market dynamics. We wrap up this episode by discussing the value of the advanced strategies team at FIG, which specializes in helping clients with complex needs.   Here is an overview of what we discuss in this episode:   Innovative technology that offers accurate projections and policy management tools while streamlining processes, benefiting both financial professionals and clients Insurance carriers' response to new regulations like AG 49-A and AG 49-B  The increasing interest in advanced planning strategies among advisors and clients with the changing regulations and shift in wealth dynamics The importance of collaboration between financial advisors and subject matter experts   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
31:25 8/25/23
Scaling Your Business with ElevateU: The Ultimate Marketing Event with Monica Breeding
Today we’re excited to be joined by Monica Breeding, our Director of Marketing at FIG, who is here to talk to us about our upcoming ElevateU branding and coaching event. This event, designed to help improve and scale your business, is taking place in St. Louis on September 17th, 18th, and 19th. We are especially excited about this ElevateU event, as it features a stacked lineup of industry experts and introduces two brand-new programs designed to boost your marketing efforts. Discover the power of customized content that sets you apart in the digital landscape, learn about lead generation strategies, and explore the benefits of artificial intelligence in streamlining your outreach. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and receive one-on-one coaching from successful advisors who have been through the trials and tribulations of growing their practices. Tune in for more inside tips on why you need to be at this incredible event!   Here are some key takeaways from this episode:   The upcoming ElevateU event will offer insights on brand building, digital marketing, database marketing, and lead generation from industry experts and successful advisors.   Two new marketing programs will be introduced at ElevateU, focusing on branding, database marketing, and lead generation. These programs are digitally inclined and aim to help businesses reach their target audience more effectively.   The event will also offer coaching programs and insights from model offices. Attendees can choose the program that suits their business needs, whether it's a total firm transformation or minor adjustments to enhance business.   Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and attend a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, offering a mix of professional development and leisure activities.   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
22:01 8/11/23
The Agile Edge: A Look At Agile Project Methodology with Arron Price
Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! Today, we are excited to be joined by, Arron Price, Chief Operating Officer of FIG. In this episode, we explore how organizations like FIG and other financial services firms are leveraging agile project methodology to empower their teams, enhance efficiency, and provide remarkable results and deliverables for clients and stakeholders. Aaron provides valuable insights into the benefits of agile project methodology, its potential applications in various industries, and the importance of proper implementation to drive successful outcomes. Join the conversation as we explore the origins of agile, its evolution, and its application in technology, marketing, and more in the financial services industry. If you're curious about how agility is transforming industries and problem-solving approaches, this episode is for you!   Here are some key takeaways from this episode:   Learn about the concept of agility and agile project methodology, which emerged from the need to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing technological landscape.   Agile project methodology involves breaking down large tasks into manageable segments, focusing on value creation at every stage. It emphasizes adaptability, continuous refinement, and learning from previous iterations to enhance overall effectiveness.   Adopting agile practices fosters collaboration and teamwork within organizations, helping to deliver impactful results and maintain client-centric approaches   For successful implementation, buy-in from all levels of the organization is essential. Change management is necessary to help employees transition from traditional project methods to agile practices.   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
25:07 8/4/23
Halftime Report with Tony Parish: AI, Inflation and More
Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! In today's episode, we are joined by the Chief Investment Officer at Alphastar Capital Management, a member of the FIG operating system, Tony Parish, CFA, CQF. He’s here to share his half-time report with us today, providing valuable insights on the state of the market and more. Tony will kick off this episode by sharing his analysis of the first six months of 2023, which have been vastly different from the challenging year of 2022. He discusses the strength of the US consumer, the decline in inflation, and the overall positive state of the labor market, providing reasons to be optimistic about the economic outlook. With election day right around the corner, Tony cautions investors against making investment decisions based on political speculation and reiterates the importance of focusing on long-term strategies. The discussion also delves into the role of artificial intelligence in the financial industry. Tony highlights that AI can be a powerful tool to assist professional money managers but doesn't replace the human element of judgment, experience, and adaptability in investing.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:     2023 has been a positive surprise in the markets, with all segments performing well except commodities + The normalization of interest rates, and concerns about a recession. (2:59) The likelihood of a recession in 2023 has decreased significantly + Updates on inflation and the Federal Reserve’s efforts to orchestrate a soft landing. (7:30) Unemployment is close to a multigenerational low + The changing nature of work where flexibility and control are more normalized. (14:43) Investors should not make investment decisions based on political beliefs or election outcomes. (19:13) How might the increased use of AI impact the markets? (24:05)   Learn More about Tony:   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155    
30:31 7/28/23
Providing Value for Your Clients with Mike Lecours of fpPathfinder
Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! In today's episode, we have the pleasure of having Mike Lecours, CFP®, co-founder of fpPathfinder, join us. fpPathfinder is an incredible resource for financial professionals, offering a wide range of tools and resources, including checklists, flowcharts, and optimized client and prospect meetings. With over 4000 financial professionals benefiting from this remarkable technology, Mike is here to share how it has revolutionized practice management.   This innovative FinTech and efficiency system has quickly become a game-changer, enabling advisors to reclaim their time and focus on meaningful client interactions. We're thrilled to delve deeper into the world of fpPathfinder and explore how it brings efficiency and strategic value to the financial sector. So stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with Mike as we discuss the utilization of these tools, the implementation of personalized and engaging content as an advisor, client retention strategies, and much more.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:     How fpPathfinder got started and what kind of resources it provides. (1:46) How does an advisor use these tools in their business? (5:57) Providing value for prospective and existing clients. (11:26)    What’s in the future for fpPathfinder? (13:38) Client retention through personalized, engaging content and feedback. (17:07)   Learn more about Mike:     Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
26:12 6/23/23
The Ins and Outs of E&O Insurance with Matt Woodford and Angela Schroder
Welcome back to the Retirement Inside Out podcast! Today we are joined by two very special guests, president of Independent Property & Casualty Group, Matt Woodford, and president of U.S. E & O Brokers, Angela Schroder. They are sitting down with us to talk about all things Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance- from making sure you have the right coverage to how often you should review your coverage. As your business grows and carriers and policies change over time, this is a critical step that you do not want to miss.    Join us as Matt and Angela take a deep dive into the misconceptions and risks associated with inadequate insurance, emphasizing the need for comprehensive evaluation, and understanding of policies. With real-life examples and practical insights, they highlight the significance of E&O coverage and the importance of understanding policy exclusions, claims triggers, and more.    Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:    Considering the business type, revenue, and comprehensive protection for the organization, rather than individual employees. (3:09) Seeking expert advice and reviewing your insurance coverage when there are changes in your business is critical. (9:53) The importance of understanding policy details, exclusions, and claims triggers to ensure adequate protection + annual reviews. (17:01)    Do not just pay for the policy, make sure it’s the right one. (23:43) Angela’s recommendation for those retiring from their business and looking to protect their family and estate moving forward. (28:40) Matt shares about the new program offered through IPCG to help financial professionals understand the E&O space. (31:30)   Learn more about Matt:   Learn more about Angela:   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
36:39 6/16/23
Navigating The Digital Age: E-Solutions for Financial Professionals with Arron Price
Today, we are back with our COO here at Financial Independence Group, Arron Price. Arron is here to provide a detailed update on his recent travels, meetings with insurance carriers and tech partners, and the exciting developments happening within FIG. This episode focuses on the drive for greater efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the financial industry to meet the demands of today's fast-paced world.  Arron sheds light on how the industry is shifting towards digitization and embracing technology, aiming to improve operational efficiency and enhance the client experience. Tom and Arron also touch on the emergence of tech-driven startup carriers and the need for established companies to adapt. Tune in to this insightful episode to learn about the exciting changes happening in the industry and how they will impact financial professionals and clients.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  Arron reflects on his business travels this year and working toward operational efficiency through digitalization. (2:17) “The world is always getting faster, especially when it comes to technology and enablement and efficiencies.” (4:27) E-solutions, e-adoption, e-signature: some of the main initiatives being implemented in the industry + regulation changes. (8:51)    Making business ownership simpler in the adviser industry. (14:40)   Learn more about Arron: Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
18:55 6/9/23
Ep 100: FIG Innovations and Industry Regulations: A Quarterly Update with Dave Henry
In this episode, we are joined by Dave Henry, CLTC, the Executive Vice President of Life Insurance at FIG, who will provide us with a quarterly update on the innovative developments that are happening within FIG. He’ll also highlight some changes that are taking place in the industry to make life insurance more accessible for both licensed professionals and consumers.  Join us as we discuss industry regulations, rate information on universal life insurance, and FIG's expansion of its advanced strategies team to support advisors working with complex needs. We also explore the trend of decreasing average case sizes in the life insurance industry and how FIG is leveraging technology to improve efficiency. Tune in to learn about FIG's commitment to empowering financial professionals through education, support, and innovative solutions.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  How FIG is focusing on the high-net-worth space and creating educational materials through an advanced strategies team. (2:18) How FIG’s advanced strategies team can help advisors tackle complex solutions for high-net-worth clients. (5:12) The importance of education in the life insurance industry. (9:14)    There is an industry-wide decrease in the average size of insurance cases outside of the high-net-worth space. (10:11) Finding ways for advisors to do more in less time through the use of technology. (14:04) What’s going on in the industry right now? (16:32)   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
22:00 6/2/23
Ep 99: Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance and Innovations with Alecia Barnette
Today we're back with the one and only Alecia Barnette, CLTC. Alecia is the Senior Vice President of our care planning division at FIG. She is going to shed light on some remarkable developments taking place within the care planning industry and in long-term care insurance in this episode. We'll explore the importance of thoughtful care planning and financing strategies in today’s evolving landscape, particularly as the aging retiree population and baby boomers face the reality of future care needs. Join us to learn about state mandates for long-term care insurance and the potential for healthcare for all acts or socialized healthcare in different states. We’ll share why discussing these long-term care options with clients before these possibilities are implemented is critical. We also explore product innovations like joint life and group products that allow younger clients to opt out of state mandates. To wrap up this episode, Alecia will chat about the educational client events and webinars she hosts for financial advisors and insurance agencies focused on long-term care. She walks through how they work and the benefits of these events.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  Alecia shares an update on the long-term care state mandates across the country. (3:05) What’s in the news when it comes to product innovation? (8:56) Alecia walks through the client events and webinars she hosts for financial advisors and insurance agencies. (11:08)    The importance of having a written plan to give to your healthcare power of attorney. (18:13) Giving back to your clients by providing them with the right resources. (19:51)   Get in Touch with Alecia:!/ProductRD/Alecia-Barnette Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155  
24:07 5/26/23
Ep 98: Building And Sustaining A Winning Team with Lori Miller and Dave Hostetler, CLTC
On today’s episode, we are joined by Lori Miller and Dave Hostetler, CLTC, two leaders within FIG’s business development practice management division. Lori leads our talent solutions division and Dave oversees all aspects of business consulting, practice management, and succession planning. Together, they will shed light on the crucial role that a "people strategy" and "people plan" play in the overall efficiency of your business. Lori will kick off this episode by talking about the impact of having a strong hiring process from start to finish- from attracting the right candidates to keeping them engaged throughout the interview process. She discusses the significance of staying organized, communicating clearly, and ultimately making candidates feel seen and valued. Dave will then dive into the topic of employee onboarding and retention. He'll offer guidance on structuring a strong onboarding process that sets your new hires up for success from day one. He will also share practical strategies for clearly communicating your company's guidelines and expectations to ensure your team members stay engaged and motivated over the long term. Stay tuned for some critical insight and advice from these experts who have helped hundreds of advisors train and retain top talent. You’re sure to take away some valuable tips in this episode on scoring top-notch candidates and setting them up for success!   Here's some of what we'll discuss in this episode:  Why it’s important to have a people strategy and a people plan. (2:06) Some mistakes that could lead to losing good candidates during the interview process. (5:54) Setting up employees for success during the onboarding process. (12:32)    Best practices for employee retention and happiness. (19:50) The importance of informative routine meetings and internal communication. (24:58)   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155    
28:46 5/12/23
Ep 97: Finding Your Edge with Nicholas Ross
On today’s episode, we are glad to be joined by our Chief Strategy Officer at Financial Independence Group, Nicholas Ross. From strategy and planning tips to integrating AI services, Nicholas is here to discuss getting tactical with your business. Join us as we talk about the importance of thinking big and keeping up with the progression of technology in today’s world.   Today, we discuss how COVID-19 has changed the future of the financial industry and the importance of keeping up with the demands of this global shift. Nicholas explains the crucial difference between strategy and a plan for business owners and how the world of finance will forever be changed by the introduction of artificial intelligence.    Join us for an insightful conversation with Nicholas Ross about keeping up with the times, harnessing the tool of AI to your advantage, and finding the “edge” that sets your business apart from its competitors.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  Nicholas defines the two types of strategies used at Financial Independence Group and reflects on the future of financial services. (2:30) How COVID-19 forced businesses to move forward technologically. (6:43) “The time of dominating your small market is over.” Why businesses need to be thinking about dominating globally. (9:19)    The difference between a strategy and a plan. (13:14) Nicholas’ thoughts on the future of AI in the financial industry. (15:42) Some targeted coaching tips that Nicholas is giving to different advisors. (22:23)   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
33:31 4/14/23
Ep 96: Providing Exceptional Service with Ben Hockema
On today’s episode, we are joined by Ben Hockema, CFP®, founder of Illuminate Wealth Management. In this episode, Ben offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of launching a virtual advisory firm during COVID-19, as well as the importance of prioritizing client needs to build a successful business.    Ben kicks off this episode by discussing his decision to leave an independent advisory firm and pursue his own vision. He dives into how he managed to create a virtual client base and business model that focuses on work-life balance and client needs.   Throughout the episode, Ben emphasizes the importance of meeting clients where they are and focusing on quality work. He shares how this approach has created incredible opportunities for his business’ growth and lasting relationships with his clients.   Join us for an engaging conversation with Ben as we discuss business development, client retention, and succession planning for the next generation.    Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  Ben talks about starting Illuminate Wealth Management during the pandemic and his vision to start a business that prioritizes work-life balance. (2:35) A look into breaking away from an independent firm. (6:31) Illuminate Wealth Management’s business model focuses on clients by providing outsourced CFO services. (10:20)    Where Ben thinks the future of the industry is going and the power of meeting client needs. (15:52)   More About Our Guest:  Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155 
22:51 4/7/23
Ep 95: The Latest in Life Insurance with Teresa Speir
On today’s episode, we are thrilled to be joined by a very special guest, Teresa Speir. As one of our vice presidents of life insurance at Financial Independence Group, Teresa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With her certifications as a CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, and CLTC®, Teresa is a valued member of our team who performs analytical duties for our agents and advisors to help enhance client portfolios.    Throughout this episode, Teresa will share her insights on the life insurance industry, covering everything from recent regulations to trending topics on social media. We will also delve into the value that Teresa and teams like hers at FIG provide to agents and advisors, equipping them with the knowledge to talk confidently about the role of life insurance in a well-rounded portfolio.   Whether you are an agent, advisor, or consumer of life insurance, you don’t want to miss this informative discussion with Teresa Speir.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  A refresher on the different types of life insurance. (3:26) What consumers and advisors should know about recent life insurance regulations. (7:09) Taking a deeper look at Actuarial Guideline 49. (11:20) Teresa shares a little more about her expertise and certifications and the impact this education makes at Financial Independence Group. (15:55)    Life insurance is a trending topic on social media. (18:11)   800-527-1155 Learn About FIG:     
24:56 3/31/23
Ep 94: The Role Strategy And Planning Plays In Marketing Success
On today’s episode we are going to breakdown the difference between strategy and plan based on some research and conversations we’ve had with our top financial professionals over the last few months. We’ve come to realize that not everyone has a financial strategy or plan, and without the two of them together, it’s difficult to achieve your goals.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: Strategies and plans are not interchangeable and what that means for your business. (3:44) How a strategy and a plan help you stay aligned with your business’ vision (6:12) The ‘secret sauce’ that we offer for marketing (8:50) Should you use goal-based or budget-based marketing plan? (13:08)    Identifying KPIs and key results in your marketing plan. (16:27)   Learn About FIG:  800-527-1155
20:45 3/17/23
Ep 93: Leveraging Podcasting to Level-Up Your Marketing with Walter Storholt
We get a chance today to talk with one of the experts in the podcasting space and someone we’ve built a great relationship with at FIG. Walter Storholt is a co-owner of Third Wheel Media, who helps us produce our show and bring it to market, and we wanted to learn much more about how to best leverage this medium to grow your business.   In a world where business owners can really take control of their brand and their marketing message, podcasting and radio have become key pieces to a marketing strategy. We’ll talk about those mediums and get some insight into best practices from someone who has helped hundreds of advisors across the country.   Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  Advice for an advisor who is considering getting into podcasting and what kind of things should they think about.  (9:05) What frequency should you be releasing new episodes? (13:38) What types of content works best? (17:55) Podcasting is just another medium for people to get to know you personally along with the educational element. (24:08) Remember your mission but also don’t be afraid to start because you worry about being perfect. (33:45)   Learn more about Walter Storholt & Third Wheel Media:  
36:40 3/10/23
Ep 92: Pump The Doom & Gloom Brakes – Reasons For Positivity In The 2023 Economy with Tony Parish, CFA®, CQF
It’s time for another beginning of the year update with friend of the show, Tony Parish, CFA®, CQF, the Chief Investment Officer at Alphastar Capital Management. We're grateful for his time twice each year on the podcast as he gives us a great overview of the economy and investment markets. On this episode of Retirement Inside Out, Tony and Tom recap the economic headlines of 2022 and analyze which factors will carry over into playing a role in 2023’s economy. Will we see overtightening from the Fed? How will supply chain issues, CPI numbers, labor data and other factors impact inflation and the economy in the year ahead? Will there be a recession, and if there is one, will it be mild? Tony also illustrates why we need to remember proper perspective when talking about debt issues and separate the conversation into short vs. long term. The energy is always at a high level when Tony and Tom get together, so tune in for an action packed 20 minutes of content that’ll leave you with some great takeaways on where your focus should be as you absorb the new year’s economic headlines. Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: Tony recaps 2022 and details how investors had nowhere to hide. (2:50) “Let’s open the books for 2023.” All eyes will be on inflation… Is the risk of inflation declining? (7:20) Tom is most curious about Tony’s opinions about the country’s debt, obligations, and the debt ceiling doomsday headlines we’ve been seeing in the media frequently lately. (12:20) More than Social Security and some other foundational financial topics, Tony says what happens in housing will be very impactful to many people across the country. (16:30) Learn more about Tony Parish & Alphastar: Call FIG: 800-527-1155 Learn About FIG: 
24:00 2/3/23
Ep 91: FIG Launching New Social Security Program with Hamilton Morales
Social Security will always be a key piece of the income planning puzzle and it’s gotten a little more attention this year with the 8.7% COLA increase in 2023. FIG understands the value of providing resources to the financial professionals we work with and we have a tremendous one in Hamilton Morales, Senior Vice President at FIG. He’s been with the company for more than 15 years, but over the past seven years, he’s been strictly focused on becoming an expert in Social Security. He’s provided hours of educational opportunities to the financial professionals we work with so that they can better serve their investors and clients when it’s time to plan for Social Security. Now FIG is launching a new program to make Hamilton more accessible to our financial professionals through live and virtual workshops. He joins us today to tell us more about this new program and who he thinks it will benefit. Hamilton is one of the most well-versed people in the industry when it comes to Social Security so this will be your chance to learn more from him and find out how he can be an asset to your business. Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: Details on the new service FIG is launching in 2023. (3:56) His view on the COLA increase this year. (7:31) What does the process look like when an advisor invites Hamilton to visit? (10:29) This has been well received by both clients and prospects. (17:59) Best way to get in touch with Hamilton. (25:23)   Get in touch with Hamilton:  800-527-1155 Learn About FIG: 
28:44 1/27/23
Ep 90: Reflecting on 2022 & Projecting 2023 Trends with FIG COO Arron Price
Even after everything we saw in 2020 and 2021, the past year seemed to top both of those in terms of news and volatility. Much of that craziness led to challenging financial conditions, but it’s interesting to look back on how the industry adapted to 2022. To help us reflect on the past year, FIG Chief Operations Officer Arron Price returns to the show to help provide a big-picture view of our profession and the trends we’ve seen come out of a bear market. We’ll discuss the year that was with Arron and share our prognostications for what 2023 has in store. Now that we can turn the page, we’ll talk about what we’re planning at FIG and what industry trends we’re paying attention to over the next 12 months. Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: A look back at a crazy year both financially and from a worldview. (2:37) The product innovation we saw in 2022. (5:18) How marketing strategies have shifted back and forth between digital and in-person. (10:05) Teamwork and collaboration has been renewed thanks to these conditions. (14:42) What trends does Arron see in 2023? (17:09) Will specialization in marketing continue or will there be more consolidation? (23:06)   About our guest:!/FIGStory#anchor_figLeadership  Learn About FIG: 
27:39 1/20/23
Ep 89: Turning Content Into a College Funding Business with Ann Garcia
The digital age has changed the way we all do business but one huge shift that it’s created is in content. Now entrepreneurs and small businesses can build a following and credibility through the content they produce. Today’s guest is a perfect example of that. Ann Garcia is an independent, fee-only advisor at Independent Progressive Advisors, and she’s built her brand and company by educating people on college funding. We wanted to feature her story on this episode and talk about how she got into the business and was able to find a niche and a marketing focus that led to over 500 blog submissions and eventually a book. If you’ve ever wondered why content can be so powerful for a financial business, this conversation should help make that strategy much clearer. Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: Background on how Ann ended up at IPA and began focusing on college funding. (2:16) How do you know when to add an associate advisor to the team? (5:03) The story of how she took blogging and turned it into a college funding book. (10:41) The way she utilizes the book to bring in prospects and gain clients. (15:18) What are their growth strategies from here? (19:02)   About our guest:       
23:00 1/13/23