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GenZers to rise!

On this podcast we discuss the logistics of creating different types of projects with GenZers who have already done it. We interview changemakers with impactful projects and create resources to help you change the world. If they can do it, so can you! Produced by Vasilis Skarleas See for privacy and opt-out information.


Empowering Small Businesses with Nike Anani 24:58 10/20/2021
Building a healthy life with Ewane Masango 15:43 10/11/2021
TikTok banning and becoming an artist with Vasilis Kakasas 20:43 09/18/2021
Learning how to tackle controversial topics with Sophie Beren 28:25 08/28/2021
How Alana Andrews started SWEY, a healthy sports drink company 19:50 08/20/2021
Learning about the sustainable development goals with the De Nsentip twins 18:24 08/15/2021
Talking product management with Iris Guo 25:15 08/07/2021
Building a clean vegan skincare brand while in college with Jeena Chong 24:36 07/31/2021
A serial entrepreneur’s lessons for Gen Z with Ronsley Vaz 26:14 07/23/2021
Marketing to a new generation with Rayze Consulting 16:48 04/16/2021
Building a social impact centered media company with Jenk Oz 21:56 03/11/2021
Running two successful business while being teenager with Naomi Porter 21:17 03/04/2021
Turning a creative passion into a career with Gawx 18:51 02/25/2021
Max Reisinger - YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Optimist 16:49 02/18/2021
The key components of a good website and the importance of sharing resources with ProcrastiNote 12:25 02/12/2021
Empowering youth to engage with politics 13:27 02/03/2021
Ever been interested in starting a podcast? with the Bykov brothers 43:33 01/26/2021
Using technology to make opportunities more accessible with Revoteen 11:42 01/19/2021
Using game development to spread awareness during the pandemic 12:33 01/12/2021
Trailer 01:00 01/10/2021