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Learnings and Missteps The Podcast

On the Learnings and Missteps Podcast, Jesse and Rene dig into the stories of the men and women who have built careers in the construction industry. Each guest, from front line installers to Executives, intimately describes their earliest career aspirations to the current day and how they intend to impact the world going forward. Let us bend your ear and join us in our efforts in Enhancing the image of Careers in Construction.


From Guitars to Workforce Development with Gabriel Garcia 42:12 05/05/2022
Why Tradespeople Need To, Above All, Build People with Edward A. Rivera 60:54 04/12/2022
This One’s for the Gals: Empowering Girls to Join the Construction Industry with Stephanie Hajducek 54:09 03/25/2022
Are STEM Magnet Schools the key to Construction Education of the Future? with Kate Gause 59:45 03/13/2022
Avoiding Job Site Conflict, Investing in Your Employees, & Leadership Development for Tradespeople with Brad Andersen 54:29 02/25/2022
Laying the Foundation for a Meaningful Life and Career with Walker Lott and Davis Hambrick 70:17 02/09/2022
How to Support and Grow the Trades Workforce with Christopher Brenchley of Rock the Trades 57:57 01/27/2022
How to Not Be a “Starving Artist” & Go Full-Time as a Metal Artist with Barbie The Welder 64:34 01/12/2022
Transforming the Trade Industry Through Collaboration, Humanity, and Resilience with Henry Nutt 67:30 12/30/2021
James Gable on Developing Soft Skills: The Power of Communication and Optimism in Leadership 64:54 12/15/2021
Josh Zolin on The Value of Skilled Trades for the Youth Today 62:27 12/01/2021
Bringing Back the Trades with Steve Turner 63:04 11/17/2021
Lisa Payan: Finding Complete Fulfillment as a Woman in Construction 59:51 11/04/2021
Brian Winningham Born and raised in the Field 63:39 10/21/2021
Felipe Engineer Manriquez on Delivering Value and Resource-efficiency in Your Work 69:33 10/14/2021
The Joy of Takt and Life with Spencer Easton 59:08 10/07/2021
Builder, Teacher, World Changer: Krista Ackles 81:06 09/22/2021
The Grande Calabo Finale with Authors Keyan Zandy and Joe Donarumo 78:33 09/08/2021
Calabo - Session #7 PPC 77:43 09/01/2021
The Humbly Triumphant Adam Hoots 82:47 08/25/2021
Calabo - Session #6 The Last Planner System 66:18 08/20/2021
Sophisticated Transparency with Kevin Chase 50:04 08/12/2021
Calabo - Session #5 Pull Planning 99:24 08/04/2021
Fostering a Culture of Change with Jennifer Lacy 69:59 07/28/2021
Calabo-Session #4 Managing Constraints 76:53 07/21/2021
Lean Aint Sexy with Jake Harrell 58:11 07/14/2021
Calabo-Session #3 The 8 Wastes 71:10 07/07/2021
Creating that "Mint" life with 3rd Generation Plumber Bob Baker 58:33 06/30/2021
Calabo-Session #2 Visual Communication 88:46 06/23/2021
Episode 18: A Plumbers path in finding respect for the work, Gage Salazar 77:29 06/16/2021