Show cover of Thoughts in Between: exploring how technology collides with politics, culture and society

Thoughts in Between: exploring how technology collides with politics, culture and society

Matt Clifford, co-founder of Entrepreneur First, interviews the people behind some of the world's most important ideas. We explore in-depth some of the fastest-changing and most impactful areas of life, from technology to geopolitics and scientific progress to entrepreneurship. Guests include founders, investors, academics and journalists working and thinking at the frontier of these topics.Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter at


Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross: Talent - How to identify winners around the world 54:14 05/16/2022
Kyla Scanlon: How the internet is changing finance, economics and everything else 48:43 05/09/2022
Stuart Buck: Making science funding work better 51:11 04/18/2022
Tanya Filer: Making technology serve the public good 51:04 04/04/2022
Nadia Eghbal: Silicon Valley and the future of philanthropy 56:00 03/21/2022
Shashank Joshi: Ukraine - how we got here and what next? 27:49 02/28/2022
Sam Arbesman: Science, institutional innovation and long term thinking 47:31 02/21/2022
Sebastian Mallaby: What is venture capital good for? 54:20 02/07/2022
Allister Furey: Creating a ratings agency for the net zero economy 46:56 01/24/2022
Rohit Krishnan: Talent, cities, companies and billionaires 62:54 12/06/2021
Michelle You: Making markets in carbon removal 42:40 11/22/2021
Christian Hernandez: What can venture capital do about the climate crisis? 55:58 11/08/2021
Tony Kulesa: The founder revolution in biotech 53:58 10/25/2021
Jason Crawford: What is progress and how do we get more of it? 59:25 10/11/2021
Azeem Azhar: Navigating the Exponential Age 59:21 09/27/2021
Ilan Gur: How to incubate *really* deep tech startups 58:12 09/13/2021
Jess Whittlestone & Jack Clark: What Governments should do about AI 53:59 08/31/2021
The Entrepreneur First Podcast: Building billion dollar companies 32:37 08/27/2021
Ethan Mollick: what do we *actually* know about entrepreneurship? 54:46 08/16/2021
Gian Volpicelli: a beginner's guide to cryptocurrency 63:00 07/26/2021
Jeff Ding: What's happening in Chinese AI? 53:58 07/12/2021
Gena Gorlin: Psychology, founders and the nature of ambition 59:39 06/28/2021
Meia Nouwens: Taiwan, AI and China's relationship with the world 58:14 06/14/2021
Future Proof: How to save the world from catastrophic risks 49:27 06/07/2021
Ash Fontana: How to build an AI-first company 63:00 05/31/2021
Shashank Joshi: China, Russia and the world's biggest security risks 65:52 05/17/2021
Erik Hoel: The search for a theory of consciousness in reality and fiction 62:20 05/03/2021
Alice Bentinck: Talent, innovation and institution building 63:47 04/19/2021
Samo Burja: Great Founders and where great institutions come from 62:04 04/05/2021
Steve O'Hear: The future of European tech 67:50 03/22/2021