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Chatting Over Chowder

Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).


Season 2 Finale: Closing Time 56:38 12/20/2021
Spoonful of Comfort with Anne Cummins 45:45 11/22/2021
Podcasting as Yourself with Dalia Kinsey 76:21 11/08/2021
COC features Shelter In Place 31:46 11/04/2021
Healing Power in Sound with Porsha Williams Gates 45:59 10/25/2021
Using Your Podcast to Enhance Your Business with Jess Williams 40:08 10/11/2021
Organization and Systems in Podcasting with Ronni Hill 51:58 10/04/2021
Being Human with Our Stories with Kanika Chadda Gupta 45:30 09/27/2021
Creating Inclusive Yoga Practices with Ayanna Parrent 43:28 09/20/2021
Capturing Melanin in Cover Art with Damaly Shepherd 44:21 09/13/2021
Podcasting With Anxiety with Sarah Kerlin 41:36 09/06/2021
The Healing Power of Podcasting with Latrice Sampson Richards 67:28 08/30/2021
Creating Your Own Niche in Podcasting with Suzy Chase 41:31 08/23/2021
Strengthened by Our Struggles with SharRon Jamison 54:22 08/16/2021
The Transitions in Podcasting with Juliana Pedri 40:10 08/09/2021
Breaking Bread Over Soup 20:46 08/02/2021
COC Features Cultivating HER Space 60:27 07/26/2021
COC Features The Thought Card 34:21 07/12/2021
COC features Be Well Sis, Podcast 33:19 07/05/2021
COC Features The Lurk Lounge 61:31 06/21/2021
COC Features Melanated Conversations 90:54 06/07/2021
Blessings Disguised as Podcast Guests 86:12 05/31/2021
“Getting Your Finance Life Right” with Patrina Dixon 44:03 05/24/2021
“Your Copy Is Your Authenticity” with Jacqueline Paumier 48:05 05/17/2021
“Podcasting is a Business” with Sankeetha Selvarajah 60:42 05/10/2021
Nurturing, Building, and Retaining Relationships with Altimese Nichole 61:33 05/03/2021
Protecting Your Business with Summer Burnley 52:45 04/26/2021
Women Leading Women in Communication with Robin Kinnie 52:46 04/19/2021
Being a Derry Girl, Radio & True Crime Producer with Pauline Moore 70:21 04/12/2021
The Right Temperature for Women Who Podcast with Sasha Huff 72:07 04/05/2021