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#386 - The Kid Jett Thompson
The boys are BACK! Seventeen year old grappling phenom, Jett Thompson, joins the show to talk professional grappling, Craig Jones Invitational, PGF, ADCC and more! The boys talk play a round of "Ask a Blackbelt" and Tim chastises Andrew.
113:10 6/3/24
#385 - Matt Walsh
We welcome Matt Walsh, the owner and lead instructor of 10th Planet Pompano Bay. Matt, a 1st Degree 10th Planet black belt, has been dedicated to the 10th Planet system since 2008 and has taught at premier gyms in San Francisco and San Diego. His extensive experience in world, national, and regional no-gi competitions has shaped his coaching philosophy, focusing on the wellbeing and longevity of his students.In this episode, Matt discusses topics such as Craig Jones, ADCC, and illegal techniques in Jiu-Jitsu. He also shares insights from his recent controversial match with UFC veteran Raphael Assuncao, where he faced a DQ loss/win situation. Additionally, Matt's unique approach to Jiu-Jitsu includes teaching visually-impaired students, inspired by his work with blind athletes, which adds an inclusive dimension to his coaching.Tune in for a deep dive into the intricacies of Jiu-Jitsu with one of the sport's passionate advocates and educators.
97:40 5/29/24
#384 - Drew Foster
In this hilarious episode of Inside BJJ, host Tim is joined by producer Andrew and the ever-entertaining Drew Darce Knight Foster. They kick off with a laugh-out-loud recounting of their bunk bed fiasco, highlighting the quirky adventures of jiu-jitsu life on the road. The conversation then shifts to the Professional Grappling Federation (PGF), insights on Craig Jones' latest moves, and the dynamics of the jiu-jitsu community. Packed with humor, insider tales, and practical tips, this episode is a rollercoaster ride that jiu-jitsu enthusiasts won't want to miss!
79:04 5/20/24
#383 - Daniel Sathler
Tim & Andrew catch up on PGF Season 6 and the latest Jiu-Jitsu drama. Atos Jiu-Jitsu star, Daniel Sathler, joins the show to talk about his experience at PGF,  the rise of professional Jiu-Jitsu, and more!
68:04 5/7/24
#382 - Brandon Mccaghren
PGF Founder, Commissioner, and long-time friend,  Brandon Mccaghren, joins the progam to talk about  PGF Season 6, Craig Jones Million Dollar Bid, and what's next in PGF Season 7.
51:46 5/3/24
#381 - Kemoy "Rated R" Anderson & Isaac Stackhouse
Joins the Inside BJJ crew talking solar eclipse, OJ RIP, PGF Season 6 Coaches Swap, and UFC 300. Kemoy "Rated R" Anderson joins the show to talk grappling, ADCC, and $$$. PGF Producer Isaac Stackhouse jumps on to talk about the rise of the PGF, keeping it raw on the streets, and what it all means in between!
117:29 4/12/24
#380 - Cam Hurd
The boys are talking embarrasing moments,  ADCC West Coast Trials, and Cam Hurd joins the show to talk trials and PGF Season 6.
111:38 4/7/24
#379 - Samson Phommabout
The boys are back talking ADCC West Coast Trials, historic ADCC runs, and UFC Fight Night. Samson Phommabout joins the show from Las Vegas as he preps for the trials. Later, the guys bang the Reddit board.
96:14 3/31/24
#378 - Jamie Carnall AND PGF Mock Draft
FIND OUT WHOSE CYRING over the Inside BJJ PGF Season 6 rankings. Jamie Carnall CLEANS UP from the BATHTUB! PLUS Hector and Mike join the show for the PGF Season 6 Mock Draft!
104:35 3/25/24
#377 - Mike John and Carl Sims
The guys are BACK with their TOP PICKS for best ELITE MILITARY fighting teams of ALL TIME! 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu standout Mike John joins the show to talk PGF Season 6. Long time friend of the show, Carl Sims, checks in to talk Proving Grounds Invitational coming up! Join us for all of the matside banter you're missing!
108:06 3/17/24
#376 - Renato Canuto
The guys are back! Jake Paul DODGES the entire roster of Punchout. Ryan Garcia's HAS FOUND THE MAGIC. Gordon Ryan SAYS NO TO ADCC CHEDDAR and everything else in between. PLUS - Renato Canuto joins the show to talk PGF Season 6, Fight Pass Invitational, and MORE!
71:14 3/11/24
#375 - Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas!  Tim and Andrew catch up on the Las Vegas Trip for the PGF Season 6 Qualifiers and the UFC Fight Pass Invitational!
61:35 3/7/24
#374 - Storytime!
Brady OUT! Valente IN! Dern BACK to ADCC. Drop-in, drop-out with MASTERFUL TROLL & EPIC TALES!!! The boys catch up with latest Jiu-Jitsu news, MMA updates, AND and EPIC story on this episode of the Inside BJJ podcast.
96:14 2/24/24
#373 - Elijah Carlton
NO-HOLDS BARRED chat with Elijah Carlton on Inside BJJ - where the fights get real and the stories get personal. From GRITTY MAT TALES to the SECRETS behind dominating in Jiu-Jitsu, Elijah delivers an unfiltered glimpse into the fighter's life. Expect technique talk, RAW HUMOR, and a side of Jiu-Jitsu you've never heard before. This one's for the relentless, the rebels, and everyone who lives for the THRILL OF THE FIGHT!
69:20 2/20/24
#372- AJ Agazarm
AJ SIGNS with PGF to settle the score on Season 6 . MAJOR BEEF with unannounced season 6 competitor! WANTS RETRIBUTION! Talks Shields, Rocha, Flograppling AND MOAR!!!!
116:31 2/12/24
#371 - Some Things Never Change
Tim DROPS insider information on PGF Season 6. Glover NO-SHOW!!! Another spirited round of Nashville vs. Stockton!
76:34 2/2/24
#370 - Brandon Mccaghren BLOCKBUSTER!!
PGF Strikes Monumental Agreement! The organization announces a groundbreaking deal, setting up a new base in Las Vegas. A staggering prize of $100,000 is up for grabs. Coaching legends Eddie Bravo, Jeff Glover, Andre Galvao, and Roger Gracie ALL SIGN ON!
116:58 1/29/24
#369 - Still Rollin'
CRUNCHY Elbows! Ryan RETIREMENT RUMORS!! Hunter Biden Vs. Charlie Sheen! FANTASY UFC 300 Matchups AND MORE!
102:30 1/13/24
#368 - New Year
Omar joins Tim & Andrew in studio. Andrew gets DRUGGED! The guys talk Strickland, Cher, and MOAR followed by a spirited round of Guess That Stack!
110:13 1/7/24
#367 - Happy Christmas 2023!
Andrew joins Tim to talk about the world's LARGEST knife shop, Combat Jiu-Jitsu, UFC 296, Reddit Karate Boards, and a spirited game of Nashville vs. Stockton!
102:21 12/22/23
#366 - Wednesday Nite Jive
The boys are back mid-week! Bums are OUT! Covington is IN! PLUS a spirited game of Guess That Stack!
93:01 12/14/23
#365 - A Year's Leave
Tim vs. Matt Sparring Session ON! Prince vs. The King of POP! Top 5 Wrestler's of ALL-TIME AND MORE!!!!
86:14 12/9/23
#364 - It's Meant To Be
The boys are back talking Ric Flair's final match, fluffers, muppets, reddit boards, and more!
62:28 5/21/22
#363 - Do you believe in magic?
The boys are back talking magic, wrestling coaches, dog collar fights, street fights, slams, bams, and thank you mams PLUS MORE!
64:41 2/1/22
#362 - Duane Ludwig & Brandon Mccaghren
The boys are back to recap UFC 270 with Duane Bang and B-MAC! BIG MF declares Gane ROBBED! Jury decides Moreno/Figueiredo MUST FIGHT MONTHLY! The boys talk PGF, Reddit BJJ, relationship advice and MORE!   Duane Ludwig is an American mixed martial arts coach, retired professional kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Brandon Mccaghren is Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Eddie Bravo and was the first 10th Planet Instructor in the entire Southeastern United States. Brandon is the founder of the Professional Grappling Federation.
141:50 1/24/22
#361 - Weekend Update
The boys are back talking UFC, Big MF's first streetfight, relationship advice, and MORE!
66:35 1/17/22
#360 - Julian Lane
Tim and Big MF talk party drugs, riding the couch canoe, and uncomfortable truths about fighting. Julian Lane joins the show to talk about his main event matchup against Platinum Mike Perry at Knucklemania 2, sensual massages, and MORE!
86:42 1/10/22
#359 - Craig Jones
Tim and Big MF talk UFC Nunes vs. Pena. Big MF LOSES his championship belt wresltling. Tim sits down with Craig Jones  to talk about his upcoming fight vs Donald Cowboy Cerrone at Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds. The boys Bang the Reddit Boards and more on this episode of the Inside BJJ podcast.
113:15 12/14/21
#358 - Ryan Aitken
Tim and Big MF start right back where they left off! Pro-Wrasslin', MMA, and Combat Jiu-Jitsu! Big MF CALLS IT for Jones! Can Rashad bring the HEAT or will Aitken CATCH A LEG! Aitken JOINS THE SHOW! All NEW and MORE!!!
83:55 11/29/21
#357 - Tim & Big MF
The guys get together to catch up. Big MF shares a recent fight story.
82:26 9/1/20

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