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Movie Pitch Challenge

Dave B and Casey gave themselves a crazy challenge: come up with 30 movie pitches in 30 days. This podcast explores their many fake movies ideas and their very real movie inspirations.


EPISODE 10: The Final Pitch ...or is it?
Starting this podcast was a great idea. Ending it would be a terrible one. So in that spirit, Dave B. and Casey are talking about bad ideas. And how a potentially bad concept can lead to a good one. Then they pitch the worst ideas from their 30-day movie pitch challenge.  And while this might be the end of their first season, they’ll be back.
41:20 6/3/21
EPISODE 9: The Haunting of Pitch House
This episode is all about the genre we love to scream at. Dave B. and Casey talk about how horror films have shaped their lives. And they tackle the biggest question of them all: Fast zombies or slow zombies? They also pitch two films that fit into two different subgenres of horror, but are both somehow connected to BLACK CHRISTMAS (2019).
51:45 5/19/21
EPISODE 8: Future Pitch
In space, no one can hear you pitch movies. So Dave B and Casey are using this episode as an opportunity to talk about all things sci-fi.
48:37 5/5/21
EPISODE 7: Pitch Heist
Dave B and Casey turn to a life of crime… in the movies, of course. This episode is all about the crime genre.
35:40 4/21/21
EPISODE 6: Biopitch
Fade in on Dave B. and Casey arguing about why those who pronounce the word biopics as “BI-opics” are wrong. Then they pitch some movies about people.
42:11 4/7/21
EPISODE 5: Meta Pitch
We open on a movie pitch that soon realizes it’s in a movie about movie pitches. That’s right… Dave B and Casey are going meta.
31:03 3/24/21
Episode 4: Pitch 2: The Pitchening!
The long awaited sequel is here! (Even though this is episode 4. But never mind that.) Your favorite characters are back in an all-new zany adventure, with some lovable new guests joining them along the way. Dave B and Casey make fake sequels to real movies you may not have heard of.
35:37 3/10/21
Episode 3: Pitch Cross
Imagine two movies that don’t belong in the same universe. Now jam them together. For example, DIE HARD meets WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S. Can you see it?  In this episode, Dave B and Casey mash several unlikely movies together.
33:59 2/24/21
Episode 2: Pitchthumping
Imagine a world in which the band Chumbawamba never existed. Nuclear war has wiped out humanity. Wise-cracking banana slugs are the dominant species. Sounds awful, right?  Luckily, Chumbawamba does exist. And they provide some inspiration for Dave B’s pitch.
28:48 2/10/21
Episode 1: Pitches Be Crazy
We open on two film fans: Dave B and Casey. Mortal enemies who must introduce the audience to this show and compete in a battle of wits. Who will win the day? What will the loser do? And can Donald Pleasence still surprise us all? At least, that’s how we might pitch it.
25:02 1/11/21