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The Power of Digital Policy

The Power of Digital Policy is a podcast that teaches you and your organization how to balance the risks and opportunities that come with operating websites, social media, mobile applications, voice assistants, AI and other channels. Through a monthly focus on individual topics, such as accessibility, cookies, copyrights, social media faux pas, data breaches, and data privacy, you will learn how to develop guardrails to maximize digital opportunity and minimize risk. Whether you work for a startup, Fortune 500 company, nonprofit or the government, this podcast will help you get digital right.


Introduction 01:43 12/15/2019
Digital accessibility! 08:40 01/06/2020
Accessibility is like a blueberry muffin 15:26 01/13/2020
We are all disabled. Onward with accessibility! 29:47 01/23/2020
Strive for privacy by design 11:50 02/04/2020
Slow down to do things fast 24:25 02/11/2020
We must change our privacy mindset 29:33 02/25/2020
Going global? There's a digital policy for that! 11:33 03/04/2020
Fear is not a strategy! This will pass 20:42 03/12/2020
Localize with linguistic, cultural, and functional effectiveness 34:43 03/19/2020
The secret sauce for successful global marketing campaign 23:33 03/25/2020
The policy of ethics 18:50 04/09/2020
Digital ethics for a long-term, competitive advantage 28:54 04/16/2020
Leading your business to responsible A.I. 27:26 04/30/2020
Paving the way for smart cities 12:57 05/07/2020
Understand the complexity of smart cities 36:51 05/13/2020
Must we trade privacy for the smart city dream? 24:48 05/28/2020
Digital content marketing is the emperor! 22:53 06/11/2020
By nature, we are all storytellers 32:37 06/18/2020
Gaining trust through authentic storytelling 32:08 06/25/2020
Telling your brand’s story: What do you want prospects to think, feel, and do? 41:03 07/07/2020
Align your digital security policy to digital operations 23:36 07/16/2020
Why your digital program needs cyber insurance 40:20 07/23/2020
Making IoT and personalization work for your business 18:15 08/06/2020
Moving towards personalization in IoT 31:30 08/20/2020
Freeing up people through conversational AI 42:51 09/10/2020
How to make automated AI a reality 32:24 09/24/2020
Balancing business risk and digital opportunity through the CMO’s eyes 37:35 10/08/2020
Mastering the science of email marketing 45:10 10/29/2020
From professional soccer player to brand builder and beyond 28:54 11/12/2020