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Catch Our Drift

The podcast for people who love the sea. Join Oliver Steeds and Helen Scales every two weeks as they set off on a journey to explore the massive, life-giving and vital ocean. They will be examining how the ocean seeps into so many parts of all of our lives by talking with chefs, film makers, actors, writers, athletes, astronauts and more. Each episode there will be uplifting, inspiring and surprising stories about the sea. They'll investigate ocean problems but also look at the solutions and be asking what each of us can do to help fix the many urgent issues and help to protect the sea.


Deep Sea Mining 50:30 07/20/2021
Literature 48:37 06/01/2021
Space 45:49 05/18/2021
Music 46:20 05/04/2021
Seaspiracy and Eating Fish? 58:09 04/20/2021
Health 39:13 04/06/2021
Art 37:45 03/23/2021
Sharks 38:52 03/09/2021
Sport 35:25 02/23/2021
Survival 41:06 02/09/2021
Catch Our Drift Trailer 03:19 01/13/2021