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Getting AheadShot

Join conversations between international award-winning photographer Lane Hickenbottom and his clients who--while getting a headshot--offer relatable tips & strategies to help you get ahead in life, business, relationships, etc.


Fireworks tips by Ryan Steffen
In this conversation, Twisted Thunder Fireworks cofounder Ryan Steffens helps us navigate all things fireworks -- how to maximize value at the fireworks stand, tips on how to reduce anxiety some pets get around the Forth of July, safety pointers and more. In this episode, Lane opens Twisted Thunder's Family Nighttime Package, which can be found here: and we talk about Heavenly Hounds Peanut Butter Bar. To find Ryan Steffens, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
37:35 6/28/21
Finding your way to health with Carri Lyons
To find Carri Lyons, go to: 402.321.4209To find Lane and his work, go to: and empowerment coach Carri Lyons talks about the science and benefit to finding your way to health.  Lane and Carri discuss challenging issues such as motivation and empowerment.
35:19 3/30/21
The business of marriage with Joel and Kate Rudloff
A Final Take owners Kate and Joel Rudloff are a videographer power couple. In this conversation with Lane they discuss tips to tackle running business and a household as a couple who have significantly different approaches, but seek common goals.To find Kate and Joel, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
35:37 3/16/21
Earn the Ask with Angela Chaney
Online marketing pro Angela Chaney talks about the need to add value to any relationship in order to earn the right to ask for what you want out of it. This practice of building "engagement equity" applies to business as well as personal relationships. To find Angela, go to: Engagement Equity Facebook Group: to buy book: find Lane and his work, go to:
34:36 3/9/21
Turning your passion into a side hustle with Justin Tedford
Justin Tedford has a sales job by day. Each day when that job is finished, he goes back to work--chasing his passion. In this episode Lane and Justin discuss the ins-and-outs of pursuing a side hustle.To find Justin, go to:www.tedfordphoto.com find Lane and his work, go to:
38:14 3/2/21
Networking and volunteering success with Sandy Spady
Sandy Spady gives tips on networking and volunteering. Through these efforts, you can grow your business, meet incredible people, and get a sense of fulfillment. To find Sandy, go to:connect4younow@gmail.comTo find Lane and his work, go to:
30:37 2/23/21
Keeping your pets happy and healthy while you're gone with Vanicsa Czarnik
Fetch! Pet Care owner Vanicsa Czarnik talks with Lane about things you can do to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy when you aren't there to cuddle them. To find Vanicsa, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
25:36 2/16/21
Setting yourself up for career change success with Amy Bracht
Career coach Amy Bracht gives tips to anybody feeling like they are in a rut with their current job. The owner of A Better You Is Possible helps her clients see the opportunities and the realities that lie ahead and helps people transform their careers.To find Amy, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
19:06 2/9/21
Overcoming imposter syndrome with Glory Kathurima
Glory Kathurima talks to Lane about imposter syndrome -- that nagging inner voice that says that you are not worthy of your achievements. Tune in for strategies to overcome this common ill feeling. To find Glory, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
31:57 2/2/21
Dress your best self with Darcie Zauha
House of Colour image consultant Darcie Zauha gives tips and tricks to help people look their best, most authentic version of themselves. She gives people a vocabulary and knowledge to dress and shop confidently through color and style. To find Darcie, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
31:06 1/26/21
Putting yourself out there with Kim Bultsma
Social media and content guru Kim Bultsma encourages small business owners to put themselves "out there" on social media and online platforms. She gives tips on how to use large content pieces such as podcasts or blog posts as a launch board for multiple smaller social media posts.  To find Kim and her work, go to: find Lane and his work, go to:
25:28 1/8/21
Intro to Getting AheadShot
A little preview to what Getting AheadShot is all about. Your host, Lane Hickenbottom, introduces himself in this quick trailer for future podcasts.  To find Lane and his work, go to:
01:44 1/2/21