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Join scholar, international speaker, and author Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro for cutting-edge discourse on important issues such as morals, free will, religion, politics, mathematics, critical thinking, and science. Learn to recognize propaganda, and make more logical and better-informed decisions.


Should the Supreme Court Display the Ten Commandments?
Join us on a thought-provoking journey through the 10 Commandments alongside esteemed guest, Bruce Fine, a distinguished Washington D.C. lawyer. As we navigate through the intricacies of interpreting the Torah and the law, I explain that it's not even possible to fathom the full reasoning behind commandments. The conversation takes an introspective turn as we ponder over the concept of G-d's justice, the idea of existence beyond the physical realm, and our purpose of inspiring others. Bruce and I grapple with the intriguing idea of why humans, with their innate ability for higher thinking, engage in actions not crucial for survival, emphasizing the tension between the body and soul.We wrap up the episode with a hearty discussion on truth and moral decay, exploring why justice and truth are central to our existence as humans. We delve into the Jewish perspective on war, battles, the importance of self-control, wisdom, and justice. Within the principles of Judaism, as we discuss,  are eternal ideas like justice, fairness, and honor that form the bedrock of a stable society. So, tune in and open your mind to a great conversation that promises to challenge, enlighten and inspire.
61:42 9/27/23
How Christian Evangelicals Created Jewish Zionism
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51:04 6/9/23
How Liberal Zionism Strengthens Fascist Zionism
Fighting Israel's actions without denying the driving ideology behind them is futile. That ideology is Zionism, which claims that Israel is not the country of its citizens but of all Jews. Thus, any association between Jews and Israel strengthens Zionism, including when Jews feel obligated to protest Israel as Jews .  The only effective way to defeat Zionism is for Jews to say - like Jacob Blaustein and the WJC once did - that Israel has nothing to do with the Jews and has no business being anything but a normal, democratic state, and Jews have no more reason to involve themselves as Jews in its politics any more than they do any foreign country. The more Jews distance themselves from Israel the weaker Zionism gets; the more Jews associate themselves with Israel, even by protesting its actions, the stronger Zionism gets.Jacob Blaustein and WJC's objections to Israel claiming to be the Jewish StateLeft Win Zionism and Jiewhs Identity, with Ronnie Barkan
50:53 5/21/23
Did Liberal Zionism ever stand a chance against Kahanism?
Israel: Jewish and democratic state 1953 Education law and etc.ADL "deeply disappointed" in John Kerry's statement
34:22 3/27/23
What's really behind the current chaos in Israel and why I love it
Also important on this topic:
49:19 3/19/23
Ben Gvir and Smotrich: Religious Fanatics or Fascist Nationalists?
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31:47 1/6/23
Fascist Influences on Zionism
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40:52 11/8/22
Ben Gurion's Betrayal of American Jewry: The Jacob Blaustein Story
At this week's gala WZO 125th Anniversary soiree in Basel, Switzerland, Israel's "Minister of Diaspora Affairs" made mentioned a "deal" between Ben Gurion and Jacob Blaustein regarding the relationship between American Jewry and Israel. He called for a renewed such "agreement" to be made today. But the way the story was described is fiction. American Jews complained to Ben Gurion that Israel was putting American Jews in danger. Ben Gurion promised to change Israel's presentation of itself as the Jewish state, but he betrayed his promise, as did Zionist leaders, repeatedly. In this podcast, the real story of Israel's betrayal of American Jewry.The Times of Israel articleBen Gurion's letter to the AJCPhoto: Jospeh Proskauer. Bain, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
30:29 9/2/22
Why Israel Has So Many Elections
SInce 1996, Israel has had elections more often than any democratic country in the world, according to a report by the Israel Democracy Institute. What is ti about the state of Israel that makes its government so unstable?Episode Photo by Laliv g - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
52:27 7/29/22
Amb. Chas Freeman Talks About Hasbara and Zionist Propaganda
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37:46 5/20/22
Terror Attack in Israel: What the Zionists Need to Do
Why the terrorists will not win, and how Zionism prevents Israelis from stopping it.Links:Officials expect terror wave to last all yearKilling Sinwar is not a solution
52:50 5/10/22
Ambassador Chas Freeman Discusses The Disinformation Wars
"It's worse than the McCarthy era".Veteran Ambassador Chas Freeman discusses the astounding and unprecedented level of disinformation and propaganda produced today by our politicians and the media, especially as it relates to what he learned in his many years as a US diplomat. 
42:43 4/27/22
Jewish USAF Airman is asked: "Why Aren't You in the IDF?"
Boruch Mordechai was an Orthodox Jewish USAF airman who was constantly asked why he is serving in his own country's military and not Israel's. That is, until he served in Qatar.
55:28 3/25/22
Is Israel a Pseudo-Theocracy?
Journalist Lee Stranahan posted this on Twitter: Dear @yaakov_shapiro Do you think it's fair to call the state of Israel a "Psuedo theocracy?"It seems to use The APPEARANCE of being a religious government, but in reality it only has all the authoritarian bigotry and none of the actual reverence of religion.Great question, Lee. The answer is no. Here's why.
28:02 2/16/22
How Herzl Lied About The Dreyfus Affair
Zionist lore says Herzl became a Zionist after witnessing the Dreyfus Affair and hearing the crowd chant "Kill the Jews." But historical evidence shows that's not what made Herzl into a Zionist, (and also the crowd did not chant "Death to the Jews").Links to Sources CitedThe Jews' state, Theodor Herzl; translated, and with an introduction by Henk OverbergThe Diaries of Theodor Herzl, Edited by Marvin LowenthalHerzl's Vision: Theodor Herzl and the Foundation of the Jewish State by Shlomo AvineriCohn, Henry J. “Theodor Herzl’s Conversion to Zionism.” Jewish Social Studies 32, no. 2 (1970): 101–10. Photo of Alfred Dreyfus by Aron Gerschel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
25:29 1/9/22
The Bias in Academic Judaic Studies
Many Judaic Studies instructors have been found to harbor a disdain for ultra-Orthodox Jews, which skews their academic portrayals of them and their ideology. Prof. Norton Mezvinsky explains.Episode photo: In the 18th century, as interest in the "curiosities" of the Jewish religion rose, some non-Jews had models of synagogues erected, furnished with a full array of Jewish books and ceremonial objects, and accessible to a broad public, constituting the world's first "Jewish museums." This title page is from a book by Moritz Wilhelm Christiani, which describes such a replica, owned by Georg Serpilius, a Christian Hebraist. (Picture and text from ).
37:27 9/9/21
Samuel Heilman’s “Who Will Lead Us” is Fake News (I Should Know, It Was My Wedding)
In denigrating the Rebitzen of the ultra-Orthodox Satmar chasidim, a professor writes of a story involving a wedding that took place 40 years ago. That was Rabbi Shapiro's wedding. In this podcast, he sets the record straight.
30:26 9/3/21
Is Israel Telling the Truth About the Iron Dome?
One of the country's foremost experts on missile defense systems evaluates the Iron DOme's capabilities against the claims of the Israeli government. The results are surprising.
53:07 6/18/21
The Imaginary Miracle and Other Delusions of the Six-Day War
In 1967, in order to garner US support for their attack on Egypt, Israel falsely claimed to have been under existential threat by Egypt, who was planning on attacking Israel, perpetrating another Holocaust. The truth was quite different. Miko Peled, son of IDF General Matityahu Peled, is my guest.
26:16 6/11/21
To Fight Anti-Semitism, Renounce Israel's Claim
Portraying Jews as if they are nationals of the state of Israel puts Jews in danger, as the enemies of Israel will automatically become the enemies of all Jews. The state of Israel itself has been doing this since its inception, and Zionists have been doing it for over a century. But history - and the data - shows that this anti-semitism can be reduced. And it is in our hands to do it. This podcast shows us how,
68:14 6/4/21
Does Zionism Provoke Attacks on American Jews?
During and after the Gaza war,  Jews in America have been subject to anti-Semitic attacks by pro-Palestinian activists who think of all Jews as connected to the state of Israel. Astoundingly,  Zionists are responding by flaunting their Zionism, which just provokes more anti-Semitism.  
45:59 5/26/21
How Anti-Zionist Protests Convinced This Man To Become A Religious Jew
Once, Eli had no interest in Judaism because he thought it meant being a Zionist. Today he is a rabbi. This is his story.
62:09 5/19/21
What Religion Does "National Religious" Zionism Come From?
The students of Rabbi Abraham and Zvi Yehuda Kook incorporated into their Judaism large doses of organic nationalism, pagan land worship, militarism, and end-of-days Messianism, combining them into a new, autonomous philosophy that they call Dati Leumi ("National Religious") Judaism.Photo by SoWhAt249 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
31:37 5/12/21
A Defense Against Hume's Objection to the Cosmological Argument
Hume claimed the fact we can conceive of something coming into existence without a cause shows it is possible. He's wrong not only about his conclusion but his premise as well. (Note: Wolfson is incorrect about the argument from design not being used in Jewish philosophy as an independent proof to the existence of G-d. It certainly is.) by Alex Andrews from Pexels
42:04 5/6/21
No, It's Not Just the Timing: Why Orthodox Jews Oppose Zionism (Part 1 of 70,000)
There are many reasos Orthodox Jews oppose Zionism: It is the antithesis of Judaism, and encourages anti-Semitism. Here are the 3 of many reasons to be anti-Zionist.
26:40 4/29/21
With Ronnie Barkan: Left Wing Zionism and Jewish Identity
Israeli human rights activist, Ronnie Barkan, explains how both right-wing and left-wing Zionists are both equally Zionist at bottom, the only difference being the right-wing is open about their policies. The left-wing profess to be liberal but are really anything but.
93:43 3/24/21
How Zionism Undefined Jewishness
There is no "new anti-Semitism." Anti-Semitism has not mutated to include anti-Zionism. Instead, accepting the unintelligible Zionist definition of Jewish identity has caused Zionists to be defined out of the protected classes of minorities that society has created laws to protect. The IHRA definition is a misguided and destructive attempt to rectify this. For further reading:The Empty Wagon: Zionism's Journey From Identity Crisis to Identity TheftThe UnJewish State: The Politics of Jewish Identity in Israel
55:51 3/12/21
What They Don't Teach About Herzl in Israeli Day Schools
Theodor Herzl (d. 1904) is a Zionist hero, described in Israel's Declaration of Independence as the "spiritual father" of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu referred to him as  the "Moses of our time." But Herzl was notorious for horrific anti-Semitism particularly against religious and Eastern European Jews (read this, for example) and his delusions about Zionism transforming the Jews into "normal" people, causing anti-Semitism to disappear off the face of the earth. In this episode, you will learn facts about the so-called חוֹזֵה הַמְדִינָה‎, ("Visionary of the State")  that they don't teach in the Hebrew Academy.
38:05 2/24/21
Miko Peled: From Elite Zionist Family to Anti-Zionist Activist
Miko Peled needs no introduction - he's a famous guy. But if you want, you can check out his website or podcast.  If you really want to know what kind of guy he is, though, the most emblematic snippet I can think of offhand is this:Miko Peled followed his father’s footsteps at first, joining Israel’s Special Forces after high school and earning the red beret, but he soon grew to regret his decision. He surrendered his status as soon as he earned it, becoming a medic, and finally, disgusted by the 1982 Lebanon invasion, he buried his service pin in the dirt. (Wikipedia)That about chalks up Miko.In this episode, Miko describes his journey from a member of an elite Zionist family - his grandfather was one of the original signers of Israel's  Declaration of Independence and his father, a general in the IDF - to a pacifistic martial arts instructor and anti-Zionist activist living in Washington DC.
54:06 2/17/21
Between Patriotism and Civic Religion: An Historical and Legal Analysis
The January 6th insurrection at the nation's capital that resulted in the impeachment of Donald Trump depicted the characteristics of a religion more than a political position. Prof. Gloria Moran discusses American civic religion from a legal and historical perspective, tracing its roots to its the Roman Empire.
65:07 2/10/21

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