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Join scholar, international speaker, and author Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro for cutting-edge discourse on important issues such as morals, free will, religion, politics, mathematics, critical thinking, and science. Learn to recognize propaganda, and make more logical and better-informed decisions.


Why Israel Has So Many Elections 52:27 07/29/2022
Amb. Chas Freeman Talks About Hasbara and Zionist Propaganda 37:46 05/20/2022
Terror Attack in Israel: What the Zionists Need to Do 52:50 05/10/2022
Ambassador Chas Freeman Discusses The Disinformation Wars 42:43 04/27/2022
Jewish USAF Airman is asked: "Why Aren't You in the IDF?" 55:28 03/25/2022
Is Israel a Pseudo-Theocracy? 28:02 02/16/2022
How Herzl Lied About The Dreyfus Affair 25:29 01/09/2022
The Bias in Academic Judaic Studies 37:27 09/09/2021
Samuel Heilman’s “Who Will Lead Us” is Fake News (I Should Know, It Was My Wedding) 30:26 09/03/2021
Is Israel Telling the Truth About the Iron Dome? 53:07 06/18/2021
The Imaginary Miracle and Other Delusions of the Six-Day War 26:16 06/11/2021
To Fight Anti-Semitism, Renounce Israel's Claim 68:14 06/04/2021
Are Zionists Provoking Attacks on American Jews? 45:59 05/26/2021
What Anti-Zionist Protests Taught This Young Man About Judaism 62:09 05/19/2021
What Religion Does "National Religious" Zionism Come From? 31:37 05/12/2021
A Defense Against Hume's Objection to the Cosmological Argument 42:04 05/06/2021
No, It's Not Just the Timing: Why Orthodox Jews Oppose Zionism (Part 1 of 70,000) 26:40 04/29/2021
With Ronnie Barkan: Left Wing Zionism and Jewish Identity 93:43 03/24/2021
How Zionism Undefined Jewishness 55:51 03/12/2021
What They Don't Teach About Herzl in Israeli Day Schools 38:05 02/24/2021
Miko Peled: From Elite Zionist Family to Anti-Zionist Activist 54:06 02/17/2021
Between Patriotism and Civic Religion: An Historical and Legal Analysis 65:07 02/10/2021
Part 2 - How a former Breitbart reporter learned the truth about Judaism opposing Zionism 35:03 02/03/2021
Part 1 - How a former Breitbart reporter learned the truth about Zionism 37:59 01/27/2021
Resisting Propaganda: When 1/10 is not the same as 10% 29:14 01/17/2021
Royal Treatment in Egypt for Maimonides' Jewish Descendent 29:07 12/30/2020
Dual Loyalty in Zionist Schools: Meet the Anonymous Author of the Forward Article 70:04 12/29/2020