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Welcome to the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast - your happy place for health! Join people-lover and wellness-enthusiast Meg Ryan for weekly heart centered conversations that will leave you feeling empowered and believed in to live your happiest and healthiest life possible. Diving deep into topics on holistic health and wellness, essential oils, crystals, mental health, stress, nutrition, sleep, self-improvement, and more, the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast is sure to be your go-to podcast for all things wellness! We hope this show is a soft landing space for you to grow, learn, and even laugh right alongside us. Cheers to a little more whimsy!


SEASON 1 FINALE - THANK YOU!! 05:53 11/23/2021
Suzy Holman on Finding Your Zone of Genius & the Freedom You Unlock When You Allow Yourself to be...YOU! 62:25 11/16/2021
Human Design for Beginners: Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors...Oh My! with Erin Claire Jones 55:20 11/09/2021
What are Chakras? A Beginner's Guide to Chakras and How They Can Help You Live an Embodied Life with Cristi Christensen 64:59 11/02/2021
What’s Your Sign? A Fun Intro to the Zodiac + Essential Oils and Crystals for Each Star Sign! 33:30 10/26/2021
Beyond Bubble Baths & Netflix: What is True Self-Care and How to Implement it into Your Daily Life 80:59 10/19/2021
Unlocking the Healing Power of the Breath: Heal Trauma, Overcome Anxiety, and Uncover Your True Self Using Breathwork with Samantha Skelly 59:19 10/12/2021
5 Best Crystals for Manifesting: Welcoming Abundance, Wealth, Love, Creativity, & Motivation 14:48 10/05/2021
You Are Easy to Love: Finding True Self-Love & Acceptance with Body Image and Self Love Activist Jenna Rammell 64:53 09/28/2021
Essential Oils for Anxiety: Calm Stress, Intrusive Thoughts, and Worry with the Healing Power of Essential Oils 38:31 09/21/2021
What Our Anxiety Is Telling Us: The Gut Brain Connection & Other Functional Medicine Approaches to Healing Anxiety with Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora 59:43 09/14/2021
Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams 23:52 09/07/2021
5 Easy Steps to Manifestation and Creating the Life of Your Dreams with Manifestation Advisor Jenni Adishian 62:59 08/31/2021
7 Essential Oils & Crystals for Healing, Transitions, and Beautiful New Beginnings 27:36 08/24/2021
Navigating Change And Transition with Resilience And Self-Compassion with Dr. Maya Shankar 43:31 08/17/2021
How To Get Started With Crystals And 5 Crystals For Beginners 27:30 08/10/2021
Why Your Lymphatic System Is Key To Good Health and Immunity with Lymphedema Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Lisa Levitt Gainsley 43:24 08/03/2021
Open and Honest Conversations About Sex And Intimacy with Casey Zaruba 71:47 07/27/2021
Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils For Sleep with Meg Ryan 27:46 07/20/2021
How Gentle & Compassionate Parenting Leads To Gentle & Compassionate Adults with Jami Nato 59:36 07/13/2021
How To Build A Heart-Centered Company Through Customer Service Excellence with Haylee Crowley & Mandy Farnsworth 49:06 07/06/2021
Breaking the Stress Cycle and Using Essential Oils to Combat Stress with Holly Brandenberger 67:43 06/29/2021
Accidental CEO: How Haylee Crowley Built Whimsy + Wellness 62:38 06/22/2021
Confidence and Self-Love in Single Motherhood with Kari Friedman 42:20 06/15/2021
How To Use Your Gifts For Purpose & Profit with Brittany Bollard 49:25 06/08/2021
Ditching and Switching: Getting Rid Of Toxic Chemicals In The Home with Samantha Lee Wright 49:28 06/01/2021
Pairing Essential Oils & Crystals To Your Enneagram Type with Meg + Haylee 43:01 05/25/2021
Using the Enneagram for Self-Awareness & Self-Growth with Steph Barron Hall of Nine Types Co. 59:29 05/18/2021
How A Passion For Essential Oil DIYs Became A Business with Oil & Glass Authors Yael & Johonna 41:58 05/11/2021
What is Clubhouse & How It Can Grow Your Business with Dana Bowling 37:14 05/04/2021