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Weekly audio classes straight in your earbuds (or headphones, if you are ol' school like us). Learn how to market to hearts, not brain and hear from the brightest marketing minds, keep up to date with the latest trends and expect the occasional snort-out-loud sort of laughter.


EP 168 - LinkedIn is Getting Personal
In this episode, Becca's dives deep into the creator mode and Fab's comparisons to TikTok's trajectory calls for serious strategy talk. Plus, Brennan Dunn pops in to sprinkle some wisdom on email content that actually speaks to your audience.
30:45 2/19/24
EP 167 - Brennan Dunn's Masterclass in Personalised Email Marketing
Join Fab and our co-host Brennan Dunn to discuss personalised marketing, survey strategies, and powerful automations for your emails.
53:57 2/16/24
EP 166 - Unveiling the real value of LinkedIn Premium
Curious about LinkedIn's verification badge, the real value of LinkedIn Premium, and nifty tools like Break Cold? Join Fab and Emma for a LinkedIn deep dive.
30:54 2/12/24
EP 165 - Master LinkedIn with Ease with Gus Bhandal
Join Fab and our guest Gus Bhandal to discuss turning everyday moments into content, the power of personal branding on LinkedIn, and the magic behind authentic engagement.
48:09 2/9/24
EP 164 - Unlocking the Strategy Behind Skyrocketing Email Engagement
In today's special episode we're peeling back the curtain on a strategy so impactful, yet so underutilised, it might just be the missing piece in your email marketing puzzle. Get ready to dive into a world where engagement rates soar and subscriber lists grow.
12:31 2/5/24
EP 163 - Fostering Hope and Building Inclusive Communities
Join Fab and our AMS graduate Anwulika Okonjo to discuss building a brand rooted in purpose, fostering hope, and embracing a discipline of hope in challenging times.
36:07 2/2/24
EP 162 - Should you start on Instagram from scratch?
In this episode, Fab and Jess discuss various marketing trends and strategies for the new year - including the infamous mob wife trend.
32:26 1/29/24
EP 161 - How to build your home YouTube studio with Kevin Shen
Join Fab and our guest Kevin Shen to discuss the importance of creating a welcoming and trusting environment for viewers, the significance of directing attention and crafting human-to-human interaction in a studio setup, and the challenges of sharing their journey and building in public.
43:38 1/15/24
EP 160 - Appsumo's Outcome-Centric Product Strategy
Unlock the secrets of effective product-marketing collaboration by joining this incredible BONUS Q&A talk with Sarabeth Lewis from AppSumo.
51:34 1/12/24
EP 159 - Podcast Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2024
Earlier this year, Jeremy Enns, the Founder of Podcast Marketing Academy and longtime friend of AMS organised the biggest survey that has ever been done related to what actually works to grow a podcast.
60:23 1/8/24
EP 158 - 5 Golden Lessons to Supercharge Your Marketing Journey
Join us for a reflection on the last season of the podcast, plus some golden nuggets from our guests and the right inspiration to kick off 2024!
12:28 1/1/24
EP 157 - Dream Big, Plan Smart: What We are Planning for 2024
In this episode, Fab and Jess discuss their plans for 2024 and reflect on their approach to planning and growth.
41:51 12/22/23
EP 156 - Future-Proofing Social Media Careers
In this episode, Fab and Emma discuss the evolution of social media managers over the past decade and the challenges they face in the industry.
33:37 12/15/23
EP 155 - Power-Ups to Transform Your Marketing Game
Join Fab and Ramli John to discuss the importance of strategic time management, the power of deep customer understanding, and the pitfalls of chasing trendy marketing tactics.
38:05 12/11/23
Roundup 39 - The low-down on Social Media Trends 2024
Join Fab Giovanetti and co-host Becca Holloway as they unpack Hootsuite's much-anticipated 2024 Social Media Trends Report.
35:53 12/8/23
Roundup 38 - "Ugly Ads" and TikTok's New Focus
Join Fab and our co-host Jess Bruno to discuss the rise of TikTok and Instagram, strategies for organic growth on social media, and the importance of quality and authentic content.
37:48 12/1/23
EP 154 - $5 Retargeting Ads: Marketing Max on Tactics to Boost Your Strategy
Join Fab and our guest Marketing Max to discuss actionable tactics, the importance of being clear over clever, the rule of 5th, and a $5 retargeting campaign.
46:23 11/27/23
Roundup 37 - What Does the Future Hold for Online Courses?
Join Fab and our co-host Steph Dominguez to discuss the lessons learned from running successful cohorts, the current state of the cohort-based course industry, and the exciting behind-the-scenes details of our upcoming accelerator program.
23:33 11/24/23
Roundup 36 - LinkedIn Made Us Angry This Week
Join Fab and our co-host Becca Holloway to discuss the rise of threads as a new social media platform, the benefits and challenges of collaborative articles on LinkedIn, and our frustrations with the current state of LinkedIn's features and communication.
33:09 11/17/23
EP 153 - Kevon Cheung on the Game-Changing Secret to Building in Public
Join Fab and our co-host Kevon Cheung to discuss the power of building in public, the importance of giving away valuable content for free, and strategies for engaging and growing your audience in the latest episode of Alt Marketing School.
40:06 11/13/23
Roundup 35 - The Mental Rollercoaster of Content Creation
Join Fab and our co-host Jess Bruno to discuss the future of social media networking, the emotional connection to views and likes, and the impact of in-person networking events for marketers and small business owners.
33:46 11/10/23
Roundup 34 - Don't Make These Mistakes When Running a Community
Join Fab and our co-host Steph to discuss the highs and lows of running a community, the importance of education in building a thriving community, and finding the balance between making the community feel conversational and putting in the necessary work to keep it alive.
27:52 11/3/23
EP 152 - Elle Money's Power of DMs for Instagram Sales & Growth
Join Fab and our co-host Elle Money to discuss Instagram growth, unlearning Instagram myths, and building trust with your audience.
50:56 10/30/23
Roundup 33 - Mastering the Art of Hiring
Our masterclass teacher Andrea is here to share her expertise on hiring and scaling your business. We dive deep into the challenges of finding the right fit for your company culture and how to communicate that effectively to potential hires.
27:50 10/27/23
Roundup 32 - TikTok's new ally & Threads' comeback
Jump in as Fab and Emma York break down this week's hottest digital updates. TikTok's making moves with Google, and Threads is leveling up. Stay ahead with the top scoops in today's episode.
36:50 10/20/23
EP 151 - Unlock Your Copywriting Potential: Discover Secrets from Sarah Townsend
Are you struggling to captivate your audience with your copy? Do you find it challenging to convey your brand's message effectively? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
42:36 10/16/23
Roundup 31 - Would you pay for a social media platform?
If you had to pay for just one social media platform, which one would it be? Our host Fab Giovanetti and special guest Becca Holloway dive into the latest social media news.
22:52 10/13/23
Roundup 30 - Prepare for the holidays like a pro
In this twinkling episode, Jess and Fab, the dynamic marketing elves, whisk us through the snowy landscape of holiday marketing, sharing not just the 'what's but the 'how's of crafting campaigns that twinkle brighter than the fairy lights.
25:32 10/6/23
EP 150 - Attention-Grabbing Tips from a 100k+ Creator
Join Fab and our co-host Monty Lans to discuss the importance of authenticity in online content, the power of short-form videos for marketing, and the metrics and tools to understand content performance.
43:18 10/2/23
Roundup 29 - The one about Instagram Broadcast Channels
In this roundup, we dive into the world of ethical and sustainable shopping during the holiday season, providing tactics and strategies for a more conscious approach.
30:26 9/29/23

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