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The Bad Boy of Erotica, Nah'Sun the Great, delivers the undisputed #1 podcast for Swingers and relationships beyond the Lifestyle. You'll laugh, smile, frown, and might even hate some of the words you'll hear as you tune in, but one thing's for sure and two thing's for certain, you'll enjoy every second of the in-your-face edu-tainment value that your soon-to-be favorite author brings to the table. So subscribe, share, like, rate, review and leave a comment whether you love or hate the show, because the bedroom ain't the only playground for Swingers...aye!


Episode 0 - Fuck You
The beautiful intro to the best podcast about Swingers
07:02 11/4/18
Episode 1 - Prostitution @ Swing Parties
No tricks with treats @ Swing Parties where sex for dollars is NOT allowed
12:21 11/6/18
Episode 2 - She's Not Obligated to F*** You Because You Donated
Money doesn't guarantee you those cookies
12:20 11/8/18
Episode 3 - A Wife and Her Boyfriends
Polyamory is no longer a man's game
07:52 11/13/18
Episode 4 - Married @ Home, But Single @ Parties
Husbands and wives using Swinging as their playground to cheat
15:25 11/15/18
Episode 5 - Leaving Your Husband for the Girlfriend
All is fair in sex and war when the girlfriend schemes her way to be the first lady
17:39 11/20/18
Episode 6 - He's Not a F*** Boy if You Let Him Smash
Throwing shade @ guys after a break-up
05:27 11/21/18
Episode 7 - Is She a Slut if She Has Sex With the Whole Party?
Slut shaming @ Swing parties
17:39 11/27/18
Episode 8 - Partying with People Who Can't Stand You
You have no friends when you try to sit @ the cool table where no one likes you
12:20 11/29/18
Episode 9 - Your Wife Kissed a Girl and Liked It
The dynamic of a Lesbian couple in the Swing Lifestyle
12:39 12/4/18
Episode 10 - How to Spot a Fake Swing Veteran
Numbers lie when age and tenure don't match wisdom
14:34 12/6/18
Episode 11 - Ugly Chicks Are Harder to Talk to Than Beautiful Women
When boosting a chick's self esteem goes wrong
16:47 12/11/18
Episode 12 - Pu$$y Got No Face
There's nothing wrong with a "Butterface" (everything looks good But-Her-Face)
09:03 12/13/18
Episode 13 - Begging Women for Sex
Things that desperate guys do to have sex with women
12:24 12/18/18
Episode 14 - Thirsty Dudes and the Me Too Movement
Men changing how and where they should approach women due to perceived street harassment
19:54 12/20/18
Episode 15 - Leave Her Alone if You Ain't Got Sh*t
A shout out to broke macks and gigolos trying to shoot their shot
07:51 12/25/18
Episode 16 - When She Ignores Your Messages and DMs
Making a fool of yourself in the inbox
12:21 12/27/18
Episode 17 - Are You Lame if You Date Women with Children?
An in-depth look into a weak man
16:46 1/1/19
Episode 18 - Trannies Exposed in the Swing Lifestyle
Breaking down where and how the transgendered community include themselves in the Swing Lifestyle
09:24 1/3/19
Episode 19 - P.W.B (Partying While Broke)
When the turn up is more important than getting your money right
12:20 1/8/19
Episode 20 - Married to In-House Pu$$y
Wifey without benefits
12:21 1/10/19
Episode 21 - Are Singles Welcomed @ Swing Parties?
Swing couples don't discriminate (for the most part)
07:40 1/15/19
Episode 22 - Are Swing Parties the Same as Sex Parties?
The question that people who are clueless about Swinging ask
12:20 1/17/19
Episode 23 - The Easiest Type of Woman to Have Sex With
It's not the type of woman who you think it is either
12:21 1/22/19
Episode 24 - Is She Wrong for Saying NO During Sex?
Take heed and don't play yourself
05:39 1/25/19
Episode 25 - The First Time I Saw My Wife Sex Another Man
When you know if you 'bout that life
12:24 1/29/19
Episode 26 - How to Have Sex in 15 Minutes
Finding out if she wants to sleep with you @ first sight
14:34 1/31/19
Episode 27 - Does Swinging Make Her a Nympho?
A misconception about women in the Swing culture that needs to be addressed
07:05 2/5/19
Episode 28 - Your Relationship Doesn't Validate You
Classic example of abandonment issues
09:15 2/7/19
The Lost Eps 1 - Is Slipping Off the Condom During Sex Considered Rape?
Creep life gone bad
07:23 2/8/19

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