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Guitar Music Theory

This podcast features free audio guitar lessons taught by Desi Serna, author of Fretboard Theory and Guitar Theory For Dummies. Learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. Hear how to best get your playing skills in order. Begin to improvise and compose. Understand why your favorite songs sound so good. ➝ What do you specifically need to do in order to play guitar better? Visit the website to get FREE custom video instruction calibrated to your current level. Discover how to progressively play and sound better—today, in as little as 33 minutes!


Ep110 Guitar Theory For Dummies 2nd Edition 64:59 11/23/2021
Ep109 Wonderwall | How Does This Song Work 65:17 11/16/2021
Ep108 Questions – Finding keys, construction of the pentatonic scale, major scale patterns, guidelines for teaching, Family Tradition, Jingle Bell Rock, playing and singing at the same time, and more 61:15 10/27/2021
Ep107 Beginner Guitar Primer: Everything You Should Know BEFORE You Begin to Play Guitar 69:17 10/15/2021
Ep106 Fretboard Theory Student Composes Music in GarageBand 73:03 10/05/2021
Ep105 Under the Bridge - How Does This Song Work? 45:27 09/25/2021
Ep104 Q&A Speed - CAGED Arpeggios - Guitar Soloing - Kemper Profiling Amplifier - Hosa Cables - Using a Pick - Transposing a Song 57:47 09/16/2021
Ep103 Single-coil and Humbucker Guitar Pickups Tone Test 24:03 09/11/2021
Ep102 All Right Now | How Does This Song Work? 35:33 09/01/2021
Ep101 Sound Man Joel Hilsden Part 2 of 2 62:34 08/09/2021
Ep100 Sound Man Joel Hilsden Part 1 of 2 73:41 08/02/2021
Ep99 Q&A Halfstep movement - 251 chord changes - sharps and flats - recording basics - picking bass - dominant 5 chords - altered harmony 63:41 07/20/2021
Ep98 Why the CAGED System Will NOT Hurt Your Guitar Playing 42:19 07/09/2021
Ep97 Moondance | How Does This Song Work? 29:05 06/25/2021
Ep96 How to Use a Guitar Practice Amp 45:30 06/17/2021
Ep95 Sometimes You Gotta Simplify 20:32 06/10/2021
Ep94 Q&A Fretboard Theory, alternate picking, blues rhythm, sustain, minor CAGED, Kemper with pedals, and more 62:23 06/05/2021
Ep93 Using Slash Chords on Guitar 52:26 05/14/2021
Ep92 Exodus Bob Marley GUITAR LOOP 36:01 05/07/2021
Ep91 The Major Scale Contains Six Pentatonic Scales 31:21 04/28/2021
Ep90 Q&A Memorizing Notes, Practicing With Limited Time, C Form Barre Chord, Thumb Strumming, Choosing Your Neck Shape, And More 59:07 04/06/2021
Ep89 Why You Should Use a Capo 30:11 03/30/2021
Ep88 Joe Robinson’s 4am Practice Routine 62:32 03/16/2021
Ep87 Email Questions - Scale Patterns, Pickup Configurations, Amps, Recording Yourself, and More 71:57 03/10/2021
Ep86 What Does Playing Over Chords Mean? 39:52 03/04/2021
Ep85 Former Classical Guitar Professor Keith Stevens 85:56 02/24/2021
Ep84 Jungle Boogie | How Does This Song Work? 43:04 02/18/2021
Ep83 Guitar Amps and Effects with HW From Tone Junkie 86:03 02/10/2021
Ep82 Down Under | How Does This Song Work? 38:56 02/05/2021
Ep81 Hand Anatomy with Physiotherapist Mark Tsai 75:40 01/20/2021