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A one-hour weekly political conversation hosted by Markos Moulitsas and Kerry Eleveld highlighting on-the-ground leaders of the progressive movement.


70. Hashing out 2022's post-Roe, post-insurrection midterm amid record inflation 71:21 06/22/2022
69. You want to know EVERYTHING about Jan. 6, and the hearings? This is your show! 44:45 06/15/2022
68. We talk gun violence and what Biden and the Democratic Party must do now 50:07 06/08/2022
67. Elie Mystal talks Supreme Court, Gun Laws, and Roe v Wade 43:39 06/01/2022
66. Midterm elections are tough for the party in power, but 2022 is no ordinary year 63:43 05/25/2022
65. A Democratic senator in a swing district was knocking on doors when draft Roe decision came out. Here's what happened next 60:45 05/18/2022
64. Can Democrats make the GOP pay for Roe v Wade in midterms? Yes. They can. 61:18 05/11/2022
63. Christine Pelosi talks to us about what Democrats must do to save women’s rights 60:20 05/04/2022
62. An update on Ukraine and Democrats win by hitting Republicans hard in Wisconsin 61:31 04/27/2022
61. Democrats and “messaging." Sigh. Can it be solved? 62:00 04/20/2022
60. Fox News is a menace to our democracy, more than ever, so let’s take them down 61:34 04/13/2022
59. Voters can still save the country, but Democrats have to help them 58:38 04/06/2022
58. Kerry’s back! Let’s talk about Ukraine, midterm elections, and Biden’s recovering approval ratings 60:59 03/30/2022
57. Ukraine Update: What a difference a week makes 62:31 03/23/2022
56. Can Democrats hold (or expand) Senate majority, and can we tie Putin around Ron Johnson's neck? 60:17 03/16/2022
55. Can we wean ourselves off dictator oil? 58:47 03/09/2022
54. Ukraine Update: The Russian paper tiger, er, bear, is exposed, and don't miss this week's The Brief 60:03 03/02/2022
53. We can't win 2022 elections without great candidates up and down the ballot 60:52 02/23/2022
52. Can Democrats talk about race in a way that *wins back* the white non-college vote? 66:19 02/16/2022
51. Student debt relief is good policy and good politics, so why hasn't Biden acted? 58:39 02/09/2022
50. The New Georgia Project flipped Georgia in 2020. How are they organizing in 2022? 57:26 02/02/2022
49. Can pro-Democracy Republicans help Dems retain control this November? 60:26 01/26/2022
48. Don't give up. Democrats still have a solid chance for 2022! 61:59 01/19/2022
47. Kos and Kerry are back talking insurrectionists and 2022 60:46 01/12/2022
The fight for rural America is alive and well. Can progressives win the rural vote? 54:42 12/29/2021
You can survive conservative family members this holiday season with this great advice 63:11 12/22/2021
46. Judicial reforms, ending the filibuster, and DC statehood 60:41 12/15/2021
45. You can survive conservative family members this holiday season with this great advice 63:11 12/08/2021
44. Talking to the guy they has been tracking COVID since well before lockdowns: Mark Sumner 59:39 12/01/2021
Breaking down all things Texas with special guest Julián Castro 60:10 11/24/2021