Show cover of You Can't Fix What You Can't See Podcast

You Can't Fix What You Can't See Podcast

Inspired by the book of the same name, this show focuses on how to fully utilize women and men in the workforce to improve innovation, growth, and engagement. Learn to leverage gender differences and open meaningful conversations at work to inspire change by sharing success secrets. Our goal is to offer a forum where companies share what they are doing to make the invisible visible, enhance the understanding of the skills that women bring, and adjust their cultures to put everyone on a more equal playing field. This podcast is about success stories, because while writing book, I found piles of failures. The world was lacking success stories and I know we must publicize these. I am also not looking for picture perfect. I would prefer that we tell the real story. Not everything you try the first time works. Sometimes, it blows up in your face. And back to the drawing board you go, trying again. These stories can be vital to those who are trying something for the first time.