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Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

I came from the world of selling as an account manager and moved up the ranks to Director of Sales, then VP of International Sales and eventually President of Sales and Marketing. I know what it takes to sell and how to manage and motivate your sales team. I didn't read a book on selling; I LIVED IT! Selling has become tougher! It isn't what it use to be! Show up, do the dog-and-pony and close the deal! Not any more! Today's buyer has changed given access to more information. This means buyers are more informed and more skeptical when it comes to buying. In this podcast, we'll discuss "Finding the Why in How People Buy"! Using the latest studies in consumer behavior and neuromarketing, you'll learn new ways to sell more effectively!


Training for Results Formula | EP 423
Here's a simple formula to follow when training salespeople or talking to customers to achieve higher retention.
06:03 5/20/24
Strong v. Weak Salespeople - What the Data Shows | #422
TLDR: High-performing salespeople possess verbal acuity, are achievement-oriented, power users, have a dominant style, and are inwardly pessimistic, working collaboratively with high morale and accountability. 1. 00:00 Strong salespeople have verbal acuity, which determines their level of access within a company. 2. 01:27 High performers in sales have better verbal communication skills, are achievement oriented, and often have a background in individual or team sports. 3. 02:37 High performers use tools like CRM at a higher rate than low performers, which increases their chances of managing sales. 4. 03:17 Strong salespeople are dominant and proactive, while weak salespeople are submissive and reactive in their sales approach. 4.1 High performers have a relaxed dominant style in sales, while low performers have an anxious submissive style. 4.2 Weak salespeople are submissive and reactive, while strong salespeople are dominant and proactive in guiding the conversation. 5. 04:53 High performing salespeople have a higher degree of inward pessimism, which leads them to question deals more and qualify higher, despite projecting an outwardly optimistic attitude. 6. 06:10 High performers collaborate with sales managers on strategy and tactics, while low performers rely on managers for help, and high performers thrive in a company with defined moral compass and accountability. 7. 07:28 High-performing salespeople possess verbal acuity, are achievement-oriented, power users, have a dominant style, and are inwardly pessimistic, working collaboratively with high morale and accountability. 8. 08:32 Focus on delivering real content, engaging the audience, and motivating them to push beyond their comfort zone to make the client look good.
09:56 5/13/24
Confidence Killer - Using Weasel Words | EP421
You will kill a buyers confidence when you use weasel words or ventilating modifiers.
05:14 5/7/24
4 Ways to Overcome Price Objection | EP 420
Here are 4 ways to overcome price objections: 1) Compared to what 2) Cost of Inaction 3) Price versus Cost 4) Down selling
06:15 4/26/24
ShuHaRi - Developing Your Selling Style | EP421
When I started using the script, it felt very unnatural. Then, after some time, I started adapting it a little bit, and it became more comfortable, and my close rate continued to go up. Why? I had gone through the process of ‘Shuhari,’ a concept in traditional Japanese martial arts that describes the stages of learning and mastery. It consists of three phases: Shu (守 - "Protect"): In this stage, the learner follows the teachings of a master without deviation. It involves learning the fundamentals and techniques precisely as taught. Ha (破 - "Detach" or "Break"): In this intermediate stage, the learner starts to break away from tradition. They explore variations, modifications, and adaptations of the learned techniques. This phase encourages creativity and a deeper understanding of the art. Ri (離 - "Leave" or "Transcend"): In the final stage, the learner transcends the teachings and forms their path. They have internalized the principles and are no longer bound by the specific teachings of a master. It's a stage of self-discovery and mastery.   #shuhari #sellingstyle
07:45 1/16/24
Connecting with Emotional and Rational Buyers - EP420
In this session, you’ll learn the difference between how rational and emotional buyers make buying decisions.  You’ll also be asked to evaluate what type of speaker, presenter or trainer you are and why it’s critical that you align yourself and your material with their audience.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or executive, aligning with your audience will help you become more persuasive.  Lastly, you’ll learn the 3-Step BLEND formula for creating a presentation, speech or training material that connects with both rational and emotional buyers.
06:24 1/9/24
AI Will Eliminate Jobs - #419
AI will eliminate, not displace, jobs over the next few years with almost 20% of jobs globally being eliminated.
08:52 8/31/23
AI Wrecks the Sales Market - #418
AI will change how we sell and how buyers buy.
09:25 8/27/23
AI Makes Buying Easy - #417
Here's how AI Makes Buying Easy and how selling will be a secondary activity in the sales process.
08:24 8/25/23
7 Rules for Sales Masters ( Top Performers) -#416
7 Rules for Sales Masters ( Top Performers) with Victor Antonio
09:55 6/1/23
Asking Painful Questions using a Psychological Chute #414
Asking Painful Questions using a Psychological Chute is all about guiding the client, prospect or customer's attention.  This was highlighted in Robert Cialdini's book Pre-Suasion.
09:10 5/8/23
Mastering Video Prospecting with Jarrod Best-Mitchell, Sales Influence(r)
In this episode of the Sales Influence podcast I interview Sales Trainer, LinkedIn Coach, and Co-Founder of Sales as a Profession Jarrod Best Mitchell where we talk about tactics and strategies for video prospecting and getting more business.
55:10 5/4/23
Reduce Buying Friction - SIP #413
Learn how to Sell More by Reducing Buyer Friction using Demand-Side Sales tactics to understand buyer #indecision #statusquo and #friction.
09:24 5/1/23
Overcoming Sales Mistakes with Andrew Sykes, Sales Influence(r)
On this episode of the Sales Influence podcast, Victor Antonio is joined by Andrew Sykes to discuss trust in sales. Andrew shares his experience transitioning from an actuary to a salesperson and how he has spent the past three decades researching and teaching about how humans think, feel and act when it comes to buying. Together, they deconstruct what it means to build trust with customers and how it can affect the overall sales process.01:09 Mathematical deconstruction of sales.  04:00 Mistakes in Sales Presentations.  08:02 Sales habits and deliberate practice.  10:15 Killing vices to create habits.  13:48 Motivation and dopamine.  19:01 Practice culture in sales.  20:00 Sales Skills Coaching.  23:20 Coaching for Sales Managers.  27:44 Sales feedback and practice.  29:23 Practicing and accepting feedback.  32:34 Building trust through personal stories.  35:39 Deliberate practice for managers. 
39:48 4/13/23
Increase Average Deal Size with Decoy Pricing Options - SIP #412
If you're looking to Increase Average Deal Size or sell a high ticket item, consider using Decoy Pricing Options which allow you to shift a buyer's price point or perception. Resources: Sales Velocity Academy: MetaVerse Sales Training: Sales Keynote Speaker- Trainer:
07:27 3/15/23
Sales Relationship Matrix with Barry Trailer, Sales Influence(r)
In this Sales Influence Podcast, Barry Trailer of Sales Mastery and I jump into what's changed in the world of selling, what top performers are doing and yes, we define the relationship matrix. LMS Sales Velocity Academy: MetaVerse Sales Training: Sales Keynote Speaker- Trainer:  
62:13 2/22/23
Building Better Proposals with Joe Ardeeser, Sales Influence(r)
Joe Ardeeser, founder talks about helping businesses build better proposals to win bigger deals more often on this episode of the Sales Influence podcast. 
38:26 1/30/23
Sales Innovation Paradox with Dr. Howard Dover, Sales Influence(r)
As sales professionals and sales leaders, we are in the midst of one of the most interesting and disruptive times as technology impacts our worlds. Professor and Author, Dr. Howard Dover shares insights from his book, The Sales Innovation Paradox: Harnessing Modern Methods for Optimal Sales Performance. In this conversation, you'll discover how technology continues to change both the buyer and the seller. We explore the reasons why innovations in sales technology don't always seem to deliver returns. You'll learn the powerful keys to navigating this dynamic environment we call sales!
68:01 1/24/23
Unlock Your Full Potential with Udi Ledergor, Sales Influence(r)
Udi Ledergor is a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups and is currently the CMO at Gong, the Revenue Intelligence category leader helping go-to-market teams close more deals and accelerate growth by capturing, understanding and acting on their most important asset – customer interactions.
52:38 1/15/23
Transformative Speaking with Marcus Sheridan, Sales Influence(r) - EP 563
This is one of the best conversations I've had with a fellow speaker who in my opinion 'gets it'!  I ask Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer about his approach to training and speaking, especially when it comes to audience interaction.  Marcus talks about blocking objections, framing conversations, and handling 'hostile' audience members.    #marcussheridan #salesinfluence
60:06 1/1/23
Practicing Sales Excellence with Kevin 'KD' Dorsey, Sales Influence(r)
Kevin 'KD' Dorsey is a Sales Leadership Coach, SaaS Sales Consultant & Advisor, and is simply one of the best at understanding what makes a sales team work.  In this podcast, we cover a host of issues and KD does not disappoint in giving practical advice to help your sales team.  Sponsored by BigTinCan,
49:05 12/4/22
Flipping Your Sales Lens with Bob Moesta, Sales Influence(r)
Bob Moesta is an innovator, entrepreneur, and the co-creator of the Jobs to Be Done Theory to investigate consumers’ motivations and decision-making processes. The co-founder and president of the ReWired Group, Moesta helps leaders and companies repeatedly innovate and reliably predict and drive lasting success.  An experienced product developer and engineer by training, Bob has worked on and helped launch more than 3,500 new products, services, and businesses across nearly every industry, including education, health care, defense, auto manufacturing, software, financial services, and construction. Bob is a guest lecturer at The Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Entrepreneurship, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. This podcast is sponsored by Bigtincan - Find out more at  
45:47 12/2/22
Million Dollar Mango with Donald Kelly, Sales Influence(r)
In this podcast I speak with a true hustler, entrepreneur and great sales trainer, Donald Kelly.  His story is inspirational and is guaranteed to inspire you to sell more!  This podcast is sponsored by Bigtincan, a sales enablement platform to help salespeople create, connect and convert.
64:18 11/30/22
Get Inside Your Buyer's Brain with Tim Riesterer, Sales Influence(r)
Join me and Tim Riesterer on the buying motives of the human brain.  This is a great discussion with empirical data to back up the conversation on this Sales Influence Podcast. #timriesterer #salesinfluence
53:28 11/6/22
The Silent Influencer with Rob Ashton, Sales Influence(r)
The way we write is wrong!  Few people really understand how the words we read and write affect what we think and do. Rob's on a journey to uncover and share the science behind it, so we can all build better working and personal relationships through email and personal communications.  This Sales Influence podcast is sponsored by
68:00 11/1/22
The Dark Sales Funnel with Joe McNeill, Sales Influence(r)
In this episode, Joe McNeill of Influ2 talks about the role of sales and how there is light at the end of a dark sales funnel.  #darkfunnel #bigtincan sponsored by http://www.Bigtincan
42:56 10/26/22
CX & Future of Marketing with Robert Rose, Sales Influence(r)
In this conversation with Robert Rose, we jump into the buying experience and marketing roles in the new digital era.
46:07 10/18/22
The Big Deal with Luigi Prestinenzi, Sales Influence(r)
In this episode, I speak with sales consulting Luigi Prestinenzi, Sales IQ who's going to share some ideas on how to land the #bigdeal.
58:28 10/11/22
Your Pipeline is Lumpy with Matt Heinz, Sales Influence(r)
Great discussion with Matt Heinz on a range of sales and marketing topics on this episode of the Sales Influence Podcast sponsored by Bigtincan! #bigtincan #lumpypipeline
49:20 10/5/22
Profitable Prospecting with Mark Hunter, Sales Influence(r)
What can you do to prospect more effectively?  Find out on this Sales Influence podcast with Mark 'The Sales' Hunter.
47:27 10/4/22

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