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The Real Estate Roundtable with Jackie Ruddy, Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate

Our radio show explores all aspects of real estate—from buying and selling to home design and maintenance, featuring expert tips and insights on a variety of related topics. After our show airs you can then catch it on your favorite podcast app. Our podcast is available Sunday afternoons.


Healthy Pools: Save Time and Money
For the pool enthusiasts  this show is for you! Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to softer, silkier water. Your skin, eyes and hair will thank you. Plus you’ll spend less time balancing chemicals, less money on supplies and more time enjoying the water and your summer. Join this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable to learn more.
29:53 5/19/24
Essential Pool Buying Advice Explained
Is this the year you decided to get a pool? We’ll talk about types, sizes, and shapes plus what’s trending and popular. What will it cost and how long will installation take? We answer these and many more questions on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable. 
29:52 5/12/24
We Explore The Daily Struggles Of Local Farmers And Their Innovative Approach To Educating The Public!
We sit down with a local farmer and gain insights on the daily challenges they face. Of course they’re at the mercy of the weather and other things. They transcend their challenges by providing educational opportunities for the public. These events are available on their farm on the weekends, and are designed to teach those who wish to learn aspects of farming. We’ll talk all about it on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable.
29:52 5/6/24
Tired Of Pricey Organic Groceries? Learn To Grow Your Own!
Are you over the prices of organic herbs and vegetables? By growing your own herbs and veggies you’re not only saving money but you have control over what goes into your food, ensuring that you and your family are eating fresh nutritious food. Growing chemical free produce in your kitchen or backyard is in! Listen and learn during this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable.
29:54 4/28/24
Clear Space, Clear Mind. Discover the Joy of a Tidy Home
Do you feel weighed down by all the things you saved over the years? Can you fit one more thing in that attic, garage or storage area? Is it time to liberate yourself and your life from stuff? There is a company that wilk do all the heavy lifting -they remove things like mattresses tires furniture —You name it they usually take it-there are a few exceptions. Before you change your mind, get it scheduled quickly. You’ll feel so good when it’s done.  We’ll talk all about it on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate.
29:50 4/21/24
From Chaos to Calm: Experience the Magic of a Clean-Out Service
When your life suddenly gives you the monumental task of cleaning out a property containing years of accumulated personal items, where do you begin? It can be overwhelming. There’s a difference between a cleanout service and a cleaning service. These items do not have to go into a dumpster or a landfill, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Tune in for an interesting episode of the Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate.
29:52 4/14/24
Our Interior Decorator's Design Tricks
On this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable our interior decorator guest shares  design tricks for decorating small rooms. He’ll tell us where to spend money when decorating a room, and where to save money when on a budget. He’ll also talk about appointing the porch, deck, and patio – what to do and how to do it. Listen in for all the latest  information.
29:52 4/7/24
Goodbye Greige! Hello Color!
Create a warmer and cozier interior. Woods are back in the kitchen. The waterfall is a new design trend in kitchen counters. The kitchen island is larger, different and multifunctional. By the way the butlers pantry is huge.  All this and more on this broadcast of the Real Estate Roundtable.
29:52 3/31/24
Tips For A Bountiful Garden
There is a flower show coming to Scranton! You don’t have to travel to Philly!Also, there’s a free tree giveaway day on the horizon with over 40 different varieties of trees to choose from. It’s almost garden time but some overly enthusiastic people start too soon - our expert will give us the best advice so you don’t have to plant twice. Be sure to tune into this episode of the Real EState Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate for great tips.
29:52 3/24/24
Growing Herbs - Culinary & Medicinal Benefits
There are benefits of growing herbs at home for culinary purposes, medicinal uses and attracting beneficial pollinators to your garden. If you don’t know how to do this or you do not have the space to do this, you can learn from a nonprofit place in our area that is hiding in plain sight. For all the details, be sure to give this show a listen.
29:53 3/17/24
We Discuss Items That Hurt Home Values WIth Our Award Winning Agents
On this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable we will discuss home interior decorating and design choices that hurt the value of your home. Eccentric, flashy, trendy, even if expensive, will not appeal to the general public. When selling your home, striking a balance that allows buyers to envision their own style in the space is critical to your success.  We share important information from Top Realtors so don't miss this one!
29:54 3/10/24
Our Top Award Winning Realtors Share Turnoffs For Homebuyers
What can drive potential homebuyers away? We will cover what your realtor really wants you to know but might not have the courage to tell you face-to-face. And why the Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate sign should be the only sign in your front yard when you’re selling your home. Hear from Award Winning Top Performing Realtors -Be sure to give this Real Estate Roundtable episode a listen.
29:51 3/3/24
Homebuying: Navigate Credit Challenges With Individualized Solutions
No credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, and foreclosures can prevent you from purchasing a home. Why is no credit sometimes worse than bad credit? There are fixes to all of these situations. It requires creativity and experience that you can rely on. Each situation is unique and different, but there are solutions. Don’t despair! This and more on this Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate episode
29:55 2/25/24
When Buying A Home Do NOT Make Major Financial Changes
Retirement, better employment opportunity such as a new job with the pay raise, brand, new shiny car, new furniture and appliances, paying off credit card debt – these are all good things to do and milestones to reach right? Actually not so during the homebuying process. We Will explain on this episode of The Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate.
29:53 2/18/24
Critical Home-Selling Insight
If you’re thinking about selling your home or if you’re home is currently on the market what is the most important thing you have to do to improve or increase your likelihood of selling your home? in my opinion, and after practicing real estate for over 30 years, I found this to be true. For the answer join us on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable.
29:53 2/11/24
Pump It UP: Optimal Septic System Maintenance PROMO
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
00:30 2/8/24
Pump it Up:Optimal Septic System Maintenance
When a home has this type of system, it is typically the most expensive utility on the premises even more costly to replace then an HVAC system. Many homeowners are unaware of their systems condition until it shows signs of failure. How often should this system be serviced? It depends! What does it depend on? We will tell you on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable. Be sure to tune in! 
29:54 2/4/24
What Are The 3 Biggest Mistakes 1st time Homebuyers Make?
What are the three biggest mistakes many first time homebuyers make? The number one mistake can really decrease your chances of getting the home you want,  can waste your time and lead to disappointment and heartache. The Internet is not always the place to get the correct answers you need or the place that will have your best interest in mind. Join this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate for answers.
29:54 1/28/24
Date The Rate, Marry The House
What is the mortgage interest rate these days? It’s depends! 30 different factors affect interest rates. Recent news surrounding rates has been positive and they’ve come down and may continue to do so but serious buyers who found the "one" should not wait around for something that might happen. Did you ever hear Date the rate Mari the house? We will be covering all of this and much more  on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate.
29:51 1/21/24
Pathways to Homeownership
Are low credit scores, high debt, and lack of funds keeping you out of the search to buy a new home? Don’t let the American dream slip away! There are free programs available to remove these obstacles. We will cover all of this information on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable. Don't miss this value packed show!
29:54 1/14/24
Lackawanna County Keys, City of Scranton Dreams: Available Home Buying Programs
With high interest rates and higher home prices, you might think homeownership is out of reach, but there are assistance programs in the city of Scranton and Lackawanna county which can make dreams come true. They provide assistance funds to help you receive the keys to your new home. We will explain all the necessary details on this episode of the Rea Estate Roundtable. You'll be happy you listened!
29:54 1/7/24
Rooted Riches: Unveiling the Value of Trees
Want to boost the value of your home? Plant a tree! But there are many considerations: when to plant, what to plant and where to and where not to plant a tree plus how to keep it healthy. And our tree professional gives us insights on common signs to identify when a tree is experiencing health issues. Give this episode of The Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate a listen to find out more.
29:53 12/31/23
Branching Out: Healthy Tree Insights
What is the 1/3rd rule of tree pruning? Our tree expert explains what should and what should not be removed and why. Sometimes it’s better to pay now than to have a disaster strike and pay much more later. Proper pruning and trimming is not just for aesthetics but also for the overall health of the tree. We'll cover all of this and more on this episode of The Real Estate Roundtable with Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate.
29:52 12/24/23
UV-C Magic for Mattresses & Textile Brilliance
This weekend, we explore a cutting edge technology that sanitizers and cleans without the need for chemicals. It’s economical and it’s safe for your family’s health, your pets, and the environment. It’s a method that’s been making waves in the world of clean living.  For answers, join this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable.
29:52 12/17/23
Revolutionary Mattress Care
What is a high dollar item in your home that you use every single day that is rarely if ever cleaned? It could be contributing to your allergy and asthma symptoms and suffering. To get some relief you should give us a listen. We will clear the air on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable. Tune in!
29:53 12/10/23
Electrifying Discussions: Battery Energy Storage and Beyond
Did you know there are alternatives to generators and solar panels? Do you live in a place where gas generators are not an option? When there’s a power outage it is no fun especially if you want and need power. There is a safe way to keep your vital necessities going.  We will tell you all about it on  this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable. Give us a listen if you want to learn more.
29:55 12/3/23
Amped Up: Conversations on Generators Plus Alternatives
When a power outage occurs, are you prepared? From basic to sophisticated, we talk about the correct size, placement, types, and of course the cost of one of these life savers. Tune in to this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable to learn more.
29:55 11/26/23
Wellness for Wells: The Benefits of Expert Well Servicing
Are you really saving any money by servicing your own well and purchasing your parts online?  Even if the shipping is free, there’s always a price to pay!  What is the key when repairing or drilling a well?  For answers tune in to this episode of The Real Estate Roundtable.
29:52 11/19/23
H2O Truths: Dive into Clarity
What’s in your well water? How often should you test your well water? If you’re on a public water system can you test the water and how do you go about doing so? If you’re looking to sell your home, it would be a great idea to take a proactive approach and test your well water before you put it on the market so you can take corrective measures. Be sure to give this episode of The Real Estate Roundtable a listen.
29:52 11/12/23
Color Your World! Join us as we explore home painting trends
Find out the latest paint color trends for your interior, and what colors you should absolutely avoid for your front door. There are many options and possibilities to make your painting project your own. Find out how on this episode of the Real Estate Roundtable.
29:53 11/5/23

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