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Three developers building a software business on our own terms.


Talking Startups And Pricing Strategies With John Nunemaker 55:16 02/26/2021
All Your Contractors Are Belong To Us! 36:16 02/19/2021
What Is The Lowest Maintenance Website Imaginable? 43:49 02/12/2021
Is Our Business Model A Hedge On The Internet? 28:05 02/05/2021
The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Ninja Launch 42:59 01/29/2021
Bitcoin And Honeybadger's Bold Product Roadmap 34:45 01/22/2021
We Survived 2020 But What About Our Growth Rate? 40:56 01/15/2021
What, Me Worry? Fearing Your Company's Permanence 39:41 10/16/2020
How To Build Solid Multi-tenant Account Systems For SaaS 39:00 10/02/2020
Should You Interview Job Candidates Via Slack Or TikTok? 44:51 09/25/2020
Reading Rainbow, FounderQuest Style! 43:14 09/18/2020
Just Breathe! Staying Mindful While Working 39:46 09/11/2020
In Search Of The Perfect To-Do Manager 36:59 09/04/2020
How Do You Sell A SaaS Swiss Army Knife? 42:46 08/28/2020
Learn How We Run Our SaaS Content Marketing Machine 43:45 08/21/2020
What The Heck Is Penetration Testing And How Does It Work? 37:35 08/14/2020
What Sparked Our Fascination With Computers? 28:24 08/07/2020
Schrems VII, The Return of Safe Harbor 31:22 07/31/2020
Apps and Websites Sharing Domains. Is It a Highlander Situation? 41:33 07/24/2020
How Price Sensitive Are B2B Customers? 37:40 07/17/2020
How To Unlock The Gold Standard of Webhooks 36:03 07/03/2020
Spoiler Alert! The Apple Vs Hey Fight Explained and Who’s Right? 36:17 06/26/2020
How Many Hours Does It REALLY Take To Start A Company? 37:16 06/05/2020
Updating Our Pricing With Gravy And Special Sauce 37:47 05/29/2020
Kickin It With Mike Perham, Author Of Faktory & Sidekiq 43:12 05/22/2020
Is GitHub Codespaces Basically Just X Windows? 36:04 05/15/2020
Beware The Blinking Folder Of Death 31:41 05/08/2020
Ruby Is The Animal Crossing Of Programming Languages 29:20 05/01/2020
How Building Our Own Campaign Mailer For Rails Set Us Free 36:31 04/24/2020
Tough Decisions And Drones Wearing Fedoras 40:25 04/17/2020