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Rustic Songbird

Learn how to write, record and release your own songs from interviews with pros in the music industry. Take your music to the next level with advice from experienced songwriters, producers and others who have gone before. Hosted by Lydia Walker.


Grand Finale Celebrating 100 Episodes with Lydia Walker & DarleneRaye 15:48 02/26/2021
How To Find Opportunities In The Music Industry with Lydia Walker 07:28 02/22/2021
How To Copyright Your Music Online with Shawn Thompson 28:17 02/15/2021
How To Be More Resourceful with Bill Zufelt 28:47 02/08/2021
Growing Your Music YouTube Channel with Rob Balasabas 41:00 02/01/2021
Making Songwriting A Habit with Lydia Walker 13:16 01/25/2021
Single Release Strategy with Tobias 39:18 01/18/2021
What It’s Like To Be On The Voice with Emmalee 26:25 01/11/2021
Building A Long Term Songwriting Career with Dave Clark 37:58 01/04/2021
Best of 2020 - Year End Review 21:17 12/28/2020
Behind The Scenes On The Podcast with Lydia Walker & DarleneRaye 34:46 12/21/2020
Crowdfunding Your Music with Christa Wells 45:40 12/14/2020
Predicting Your Profitability For 2021 with Stephanie Ann Bagley 49:08 12/07/2020
Releasing Music As An Independent Musician with Damian Keyes 30:04 11/30/2020
Recording Song Demos With A Producer with Bryan Boliver 36:52 11/23/2020
How To Be Your Own Music Publisher with TC Courtney 28:20 11/16/2020
Becoming A Full Time Session Musician with Mella Barnes 38:53 11/09/2020
The Road to Success In The Music Industry with Jason Roy 36:43 11/02/2020
Writing Songs from the Heart with Roz Welch 33:03 10/26/2020
What To Do After Recording Your Songs with Lydia Walker 21:32 10/19/2020
Staying Consistent As A Musician with Katherine Forbes 43:35 10/12/2020
Collaborating with Other Musicians with Chelsea Amber 30:00 10/05/2020
Writing Healing Songs Through Grief with Allison Brost 28:31 09/28/2020
Getting Started With Sync Licensing with Heather Evans 48:32 09/21/2020
What It’s Like Working For A Record Label with Ellen Hogan 44:56 09/14/2020
Songwriting Tips For Beginners with Sarah Spencer 29:47 09/07/2020
Music Publishing And The Power Of A Song with Randy Cox 29:31 08/31/2020
Living Out Your Spiritual Purpose with Brittany Batson 44:42 08/24/2020
Being Called To More Than Music with Grant Norsworthy 58:48 08/17/2020
How to Slay as a Multi-faceted Musician with Shay Watson 67:42 08/10/2020