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Art of the Possible

Art of the Possible (AotP) is a conversation, often animated, between Rob Page and Dan Morrison about customer experience, technology, culture, and ethics. Special guests join the fray to share new perspectives and explore the challenges of the day.


AotP S2.E2: Finding Purpose with Zeenat Rahman 38:51 03/10/2022
AotP S2.E1: The Art of the Build with Michael Blakeney & Miles Phillips from Terazo 48:56 02/23/2022
AotP S1.E20 How to Rid the World of Bad Experiences: A Conversation with Jesse Purewal, Head of Brand at Qualtrics 53:31 11/03/2021
AotP S1.E19: Art of the Meetup with David Siegel, CEO at Meetup 44:18 09/15/2021
AotP S1.E18: Art of Human Flourishing with Rosie von Lila 30:42 09/08/2021
AotP S1.E17: Art of Life(scale) with Brian Solis 29:34 08/31/2021
AotP S1.E16: Art of Stillness with Neil Thompson 51:25 07/29/2021
AotP S1.E15: Art of Identity with Phil Windley 42:42 07/02/2021
AotP S1.E14: Art of the Startup with John Sechrest 46:36 06/17/2021
AotP S1.E13: Art of the Brand with Peter Dixon, CCO of Prophet 42:39 05/19/2021
AotP S1.E12: The MOMcast 42:59 05/09/2021
AotP S1.E11: How Not to Suck at Marketing: Jeff Perkins, CMO of Park Mobile 51:23 05/06/2021
AotP S1.E10: Being Superhuman: Suzi Sosa, Founder of Verb 46:57 04/21/2021
AotP S1.E9: What the Hell Is an API? or def what_is_an_api(great_host="Rob", mediocre_host="Dan") 39:34 04/15/2021
AotP S1.E8: Software People 30:32 03/31/2021
AotP S1.E7: Can Local Media Save the World? with Jake Volcsko 52:37 03/24/2021
AotP S1.E6: Rob and Dan Look for Food Solutions 26:18 03/19/2021
AotP S1.E5: Food Possibilities with Danielle Nierenberg of FoodTank 37:15 03/10/2021
AotP S1.E4: Rob and Dan Look for Political Solutions 16:59 03/03/2021
AotP S1.E3: For All the People with Michael Slaby 41:15 02/24/2021
AotP S1.E3: For All the People with Michael Slaby - Teaser 04:45 02/17/2021
AotP S1.E2: Build vs. Buy 31:57 02/10/2021
AotP S1.E2: Build vs. Buy - Teaser 02:24 02/06/2021
AotP S1.E1: What is Art of the Possible? 19:28 01/19/2021