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The Priestess Podcast brings you conversations on sacred leadership, meaningful living, ancient and modern spirituality and conscious business. Get ready to explore your divinity, intuitive wisdom and soul gifts with inspirational global thought leaders. Your host Julie Parker is an award winning author, life coach trainer and Priestess, devoted to helping you create a life and legacy of your fullest expression - one that opens your heart and allows you to make a meaningful contribution to yourself, your community and the world. Connect at and follow her on Instagram @julesyparker


Katie Kurtz on Trauma Informed Space Holding (E223) 33:29 08/10/2022
Ruth Hatten on Human-Animal Connection (E222) 31:06 07/27/2022
Kute Blackson on The Magic of Surrender (E221) 34:28 06/15/2022
Christina Carlson on Embodied Spirituality (E220) 30:24 06/01/2022
Onyi Love on Healing The Healers (E219) 30:09 05/18/2022
Amy Lea on Business Energetics (E218) 31:35 05/04/2022
Shannon Kaiser on Mental Health & Spirituality (E217) 31:00 04/20/2022
Andrea Arare on Rite of Passage Ceremonies (E216) 34:59 04/06/2022
Nikki Tegg on Goddess Rising (E215) 29:22 03/23/2022
Jennifer Cameron on Ancient Ways for Current Days (E214) 30:45 03/09/2022
Amber Bibby on Your Aura (E213) 31:20 02/23/2022
Caroline Kell on Aboriginal Science and Stories (E212) 30:01 02/09/2022
Shirin Eskandani on Trusting Yourself (E211) 30:11 01/26/2022
Julie Parker on 2021 The Priestess Podcast Year (E210) 29:49 12/15/2021
Katherine Mackenzie Smith on Your Soul Work (E209) 31:56 12/01/2021
Becca Piastrelli on Root & Ritual (E208) 30:56 11/17/2021
Alia Walston on Christ Consciousness (E207) 30:39 11/03/2021
Diana Dubrow on The Scent Priestess (E206) 33:28 10/20/2021
Grace Niu on Feng Shui Serenity (E205) 30:09 10/06/2021
Anique Radiant Heart on The Crone Priestess (E204) 34:39 09/22/2021
Heather Plett on Holding Space (E203) 32:26 09/08/2021
Andrea Owen on Patriarchal Unlearning (E202) 31:11 08/25/2021
Deb Macintyre on The Shamanic Path (E201) 30:54 08/11/2021
Julie Parker on Episode 200 Celebration (E200) 29:36 07/28/2021
Jonita D’souza on India and The Divine Feminine (E199) 30:57 07/14/2021
Jema Lee on Ancestral Health (E198) 30:59 06/02/2021
Rachael Kable on Mindfulness (E197) 30:17 05/26/2021
Laura Banks on Shine and Be Seen! (E196) 30:31 05/19/2021
Julie Parker on The Power of Your Fears (E195) 28:36 05/12/2021
Erika Cramer on Queen Confidence (E194) 32:06 05/05/2021