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Time to get your career on track! You'll get career advice and answers to questions on how to find a new job, get a promotion, make more money, and other strategies to optimize your career and life. If you would like to hear more episodes of the Career Adulting Podcast, support us on Patreon: Thank you.


The YEAR END Wrap Up Episode for 2023
Carlo and Lindsay wrap of the crazy, wacky career year world of what was 2023. Where we are heading career-wise and tips and tricks on where to focus in the new year..
27:04 1/3/24
Creating the Perfect Resume for 2024
In this episode, Carlo discusses how to optimize your resume for the position that you are seeking. How to create AN IMPACTFUL RESUME that could increase opportunities for you.
32:21 12/23/23
Do You Take the Money or the "Dream" Job
In this episode of the Career Adulting Podcast, Carlo discusses what you should think about when your choice is to accept either the Job of your dreams or taking the job that will pay more.     
22:46 11/22/23
What to Say In An Interview If You Were Fired or Laid Off/ One Tip to Speed Up Your Job Search
In this episode, Carlo discussed how to handle the "why did you leave your last job" question if you were fired or laid off so you are not defensive and can focus on your skills and what you bring. Also, he gives you ONE tip to speed up your job search and get to offer stage faster!
22:49 10/31/23
How to Eliminate Your Biggest Career Fears
In this episode of the Career Adulting Podcast Carlo and Lindsey talk about the fears that keep us from moving forward in our careers. How can we identify what those fears are and create a plan to move forward ... Support us on Patreon! The Career Adulting Podcast Thank you..
33:30 10/10/23
Schmoozing in the Age of Anti-Schmoozing
Studies say that if you schmooze with the boss you are more likely to get promoted and recognition. The problem is, people just aren't doing the social stuff they used to do prior to the pandemic.  In this podcast Carlo and Lindsey talk about the death of schmoozing at work, the reasons why this is happening and what you can do to make sure that you are properly schmoozing during work time. 
29:11 9/26/23
How to Deliver Compelling Interview PRESENTATIONS
In this episode, Carlo talks about how to structure your interview presentation in such a way so that you deliver a presentation in an interview that is compelling, focused, and engaging to the point where the company will have NO CHOICE but to hire you.  Reach out and say hi!   Support Us on    
33:25 8/25/23
How to Ask for a Raise in 2023
In this episode, Carlo and Lindsey discuss how to best prepare yourself to approach your manageR and ask for a raise. What type of preparation do you need to do, what data should you be examining, and what to do in case someone says "No" to you or "Yes, but not now..." Support Us on Email us at   THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT  
31:55 7/26/23
Lessons from Taylor Swift Business Success to Help You Succeed In Your Career
In this episode, Carlo and Lindsey discuss lessons we can learn from the incredible success of singer, songwriter, performer, business woman Taylor Swift.  Is it possible to follow in her footsteps and forge a path to success in your own career using some of her business principles and strategies? We think so... Support us on 
31:52 7/11/23
How To Set Boundaries While You Are On Vacation
In this episode, Carlo and Lindsey discuss how you can pre-prepare for you vacation, take the steps you need, in advance to ensure that people are bugging you 24/7 while you are supposed to be relaxing and spending time with friends and family (or alone) and most importantly, NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.  Please don't forget to subscribe.  Leave us a review! Follow us on The Career Adulting Podcast
28:27 6/19/23
Are You Burnt Out? How to Tell and How to Get Out of It Fast....
In this episode, Lindsey and Carlo discuss the effects of burnout. Hoe to recognize if you are in Burnout phase and some action you can take to break the burnout cycle and continue moving forward in your career.    Support Us on Patreon. Search on the Career Adulting Podcast. Thank you. 
25:25 6/2/23
How to Thrive After Being Rejected For A Promotion
In this episode, Carlo discusses why we feel the way we do when we are "rejected" for a new job or a promotional opportunity in your company, or another company. And, the steps you can take to get moving forward again quickly.  Support Us On Patreon! Thank you.. Search Career Adulting Podcast
29:12 5/15/23
How to Change Your Image at Work
Does your manager still view you as an intern, or hourly wage office secretary, meanwhile you're ready for a managerial position? Is this holding you back from getting recognition for your contributions at work and pay increases? In this podcast, Carlo and Lindsey discuss things that you can start doing today to change your image at work so that you can get noticed.    Carlo's Web Page    
34:31 4/20/23
How To Handle Toxic Co-Workers
In this episode, Carlo and Lindsey talk about what makes a person toxic in the office, and how to recognize and deal with them. Of course, neither of us have ever worked with a toxic person or persons, but we know people who have... 
36:06 3/31/23
Ghost Job Ads and How To Avoid Them
In this quick episode, Carlo discusses fake job ads, why they exist, how to determine if they are fake and some techniques to blast through the fake ads and find out which one's are the real deal..
16:56 3/22/23
5 Ways to Make Yourself More Valuable in Your Company
In this episode, Carlo and Lindsey talk about how to take practical action in your job to increase your value to your company and set yourself up for more pay. 
29:15 3/8/23
Should You Always Say YES to ADDITIONAL Work Responsibility...even if it's "Only Temporary"
So your boss, or another leader has asked you take on additional responsibilities at work, or to take a completely different job "temporarily". Should you immediately say yes, so they will like you and you will feel accepted, or perhaps, ask a few questions to find out more about this "temporary role"? Listen and find out.    Patreon: the career adulting podcast
29:50 2/16/23
How to Brag About Yourself at Work and Not Feel Slimy
In this episode, Carlo talks about why we feel uncomfortable bragging about ourselves and why it is your responsibility to do so  - for yourself as well as for people around you.    Support on Patreon:
22:41 1/31/23
How Competitive Was Your Last Pay Increase; Non-Compete Agreements: How to Be Happier In Your Current Job Just a Little Longer
In this episode, Carlo discusses how to objectively evaluate your latest salary increase (if you received one), where do you fall on the scale. Why non-compete agreements are back in the news and how they keep salaries artificially lower and lastly, if you are looking for a new job in 2023, but need to stay in your current job just a little longer while you search, some tricks to keep you sane. 
31:32 1/10/23
Evaluating Your Career Year
In this episode, Carlo takes you through ten questions that you need to ask yourself to evaluate your success in your career this year. Whether you're on the right track or maybe it's time to make a change happen. 
30:45 12/21/22
Working For a Female Boss: Is This an Issue ?
80% of people indicate they they would prefer to work for a male boss as opposed to a Female boss. In this podcast Carlo has some thoughts around this phenomenon and what you can do if you find yourself in the 80%, but you have a female boss.  A sensitive topic for sure. Enjoy! 
25:56 11/29/22
How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
 In this episode, Carlo discusses the hidden job market, what is it, why it exists and how much of an impact it can have on your career. Also, he goes over some steps you can take today to get started and it'll only take you about 20 minutes a week.     
27:08 11/3/22
Bad Company Vibes, and How to Deal with Guilt
In this podcast episode Carlo and Lindsey discuss a podcast listener's work situation including are they working in a bad company/culture, mixed messages from managers, lack of pay increases and how to deal with the guilt of wanting to quit.     
28:17 10/15/22
3 Steps to Successfully Switch Jobs and Industry
In this episode, Carlo discusses three steps you need to take in order to change from one career path or from one industry to another to minimize rejections and maximize the time you spend on your search. 
23:42 9/25/22
How to Get to the Next Level in Your Career
In this episode, Carlo discusses the reasons why people get stuck int their careers and how to begin to take steps to get out of the rut of overthinking and procrastination. 
22:08 8/31/22
Is Going Above and Beyond in Your Job Worth It?
In this episode, Carlo discusses if it ever is worth it to put in more time and effort into your job than what is required in a normal job. When is it ok to put in the extra effort and when do you need to scale it back a bit in order to have a life. 
21:17 8/13/22
Asking For A Pay Raise; How and When To Do It
Carlo and Lindsey discuss what exactly is a good pay raise, how to measure the amount you should ask for and whether your company might be in a position to say yes now. 
35:40 7/13/22
Avoid These Resume Mistakes
Your resume will most likely be reviewed for a total of 15 seconds before the decision is made to contact you or not for the job of your dreams. In this episode, we discuss several resume mistakes that must be avoided in order to stand out in the eyes of a hiring manager.  Feel free to reach out to us via email at:    
24:00 7/6/22
10 Signs You Are About to Be Fired
Carlo discusses how to assess your current work situation to determine if your job could be in jeopardy. Times are changing and a recession is coming (we think), companies will be looking to retain their most valuable and productive people while at the same time, relieve themselves of employees who are not viewed as being valuable as they once were.  Could this be you?
24:00 6/22/22
How to Get More Work Experience FAST!
If you're a new college grad or you've been out of the workforce for several years and you take a look at the EXPERIENCE portion of your resume and it looks a little "thin", here are several things you can do today to bolster your overall work experience.  Perhaps you didn't have the chance to do a summer internship or internships or your a person reentering the workforce after being home for an extended period of time.  Hiring managers want to see that you are busy and that you are leveraging your skills and capabilities. Here's how you can do that.    Don't forget to leave us a review! Thanks...
24:16 6/15/22

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