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Join Mike and his friends as they discuss ways to make a positive impact in this world, the pursuit of dreams and many more topics.


Petition to Eliminate Property Taxes
Rich and Shaun take us through some of the detrimental consequences that will happen should a property tax elimination proposal move forward in North Dakota.
59:10 4/17/24
NDSU Foundation
The NDSU Foundation's mission is to build enduring relationships that maximize advocacy and philanthropy to support North Dakota State University. In John's role as President/CEO of the Foundation, he has overseen the receipt of over $700 million in gift support. 
44:27 4/10/24
NDSU Team Makers and Athletics
NDSU athletics have a strong, proud tradition and as Associate Athletic Director and Team Maker Executive Director, Derrick Lang is working to make sure that tradition continues, no matter what changes try to disrupt it. 
39:23 4/3/24
Launched at NDSU
Emily got her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Robotics from North Dakota State University in 2023. She is now a graduate student at Texas A&M, studying Aerospace Engineering. Emily is a big supporter of STEM education and speaks to young audiences about STEM frequently.
45:08 3/27/24
NDSU College of Engineering
Dr. Kallmeyer talks about the importance of mentorship, hands-on education, reaching students while they are young and how an engineering degree can open the door to almost any type of career.
50:49 3/20/24
NDSU College of Business
Dr. Birkeland hasn't been at NDSU for long, but she is passionate about increasing enrollment and spreading the word about the amazing opportunities at the College of Business.
49:19 3/13/24
Light and Life Foundation
Colleen has served special needs children for over 35 years. After meeting the children at a Bogota orphanage she created the Light and Life Foundation which has helped hundreds of special needs and impoverished children in the area.
70:05 3/6/24
Crushing It
It all started when Micah interned at a sand and gravel operation in college. His passion for the industry grew, and he is now on the equipment side, working to deliver the right solutions for his customers.
60:28 2/28/24
The Wampler Way
Stephen may have been born with cerebral palsy (CP) but he does not let it define him. From becoming the first person with CP to ascend El Capitan to founding Camp Wamp, he does not miss out on anything life has to offer.
64:42 2/14/24
Strengthen ND
Through Strengthen ND, Megan and her team are helping rural communities solve their problems; working to support local small businesses, bring people together, and create a better future for North Dakota as a whole.
63:16 2/7/24
Healthcare Revolution
Chris has made his mark in North Dakota healthcare, health and human services policy and is now working to fix broken systems in national healthcare.
52:23 1/31/24
Friends of the Children Fargo-Moorhead
Bethany and her team work with children who have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences by the time they reach kindergarten. Unfortunately the need is great in the Fargo-Moorhead area, but they are making a difference.
43:26 1/24/24
Leveling the Playing Field
Learn more about the PROVE IT Act and how the United States needs to take a stand when it comes to unfair trade practices.
46:39 1/17/24
North Dakota Energy Projects, Part 3
The Energy Series continues with EERC CEO Charlie Gorecki and Tom Oakland, Energy & Economic Coordination Office Manager with the North Dakota Dept, of Commerce.
61:54 1/10/24
Always Serving
Terry served our country in the Air Force for many years and he is continuing to serve others, just a little differently, at his new brewpub in Hillsboro, North Dakota.
64:23 1/3/24
You Have Permission
Lisa is a busy wife, mom and professional who also finds time to write, do public speaking and help others as a soul coach.
64:20 12/27/23
Being at Home in the World
Laetitia has spent most of her life giving back - helping women and children, immigrants and other underrepresented populations. Her story is one you won't want to miss.
57:41 12/20/23
Virtuous Leadership
Karel is doing an incredible job as Dean of the Gary Tharaldson School of Business at University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. He is using Virtuous Leadership to help others fulfill what God created them to do.
65:07 12/13/23
Shadowcatcher Part 2
I get to have another entertaining conversation with my friend Shane. His entrepreneurial journey which led to an incredible creative outlet could be called the quintessential American Dream.
72:25 11/22/23
North Dakota Transplant Becomes State Ambassador
A transplant from California, Melyssa has learned to love North Dakota and now welcomes newcomers to the state as an ambassador for Find The Good Life.
59:17 11/15/23
Transforming lives, influencing change, strengthening community
Erica has been in her new role as the director of diversity and cultural competency at the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for a little over a year. Her work is so important to the lives of those working on second chances.
57:43 11/8/23
Find The Good Life
Katie and her team are working to bring job seekers to North Dakota to fill the thousands of jobs available in the state.
62:00 11/1/23
North Dakota Energy Projects, Part 2
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
68:18 10/25/23
North Dakota Energy Projects, Get the Facts
The first in a series with the North Dakota Department of Commerce. We talk about the importance of knowing the facts about projects coming to and/or looking at investing in our state.
62:25 10/18/23
Mighty Missouri Coffee Company
Brian Jackson is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but right now he has found his passion in coffee. Learn about bean selection, roasting, grinding and more - then buy some Mighty Mo Coffee!
66:43 10/11/23
Energy Innovation in North Dakota
I will soon be starting a series on the energy landscape in North Dakota. I look forward to my conversations with the North Dakota Department of Commerce.
08:41 10/4/23
Joe and Simone have worked to create experiences and build community in the Fargo area. They are making a huge difference in the "coolness" of the city and in many ways are just getting started.
57:09 9/27/23
Lithium Part 1
Anna found her gift of writing during COVID and has already written four books. She is using her gift to fight the stigma around mental illness.
52:49 9/20/23
No Inmate Walks Alone
Mike and Wil shared their stories of how Jesus has made a difference in their lives. Jail Chaplains provides a safe place for people to build healthy relationships while learning life skills presented from a biblical perspective.
63:58 9/13/23
Nicolai and his family have merged their Ecuadorian and Danish heritages to create a beautiful, cozy business that invites others to slow down and experience life with those they love most.
62:35 9/6/23