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The Time-In Talks Podcast

Join me (Tejal V Patel) Award-Winning Author and Mindfulness/Mediation Expert for Families for refreshingly real talks that help modern moms find spiritual solutions to the biggest problems we experience in motherhood + life. Episodes will include topics on mindful parenting, stress-relief tips, Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom for the modern family, inspiring convos with fellow experts + moms and fun mini-episodes with my son Ayaan where he will share mindful solutions to modern kids problems. You’ll leave each episode with real-life mindful takeaways you can use right away. Get ready to feel inspired to take on tough motherhood moments with a renewed sense of positivity and confidence. Follow me on Instagram @tejalvpatel for more tips!


[EP 104] Dosha's and Days of The Week 22:50 05/04/2022
[EP 103] Matching Exercises to Your Energy (Based on Menstrual Cycle) 21:45 04/27/2022
[EP 102] The One We Talk About Managing Meltdowns In Public And Vacation 30:04 04/20/2022
[EP 101] Secrets To Stop Your Knee-Jerk Emotional Reactions 34:13 04/13/2022
[EP100] 3 Tips To Naturally Boost Your Energy To Get Your Butt Off The Couch and Workout 13:50 04/13/2022
[EP 99] 5 Tips To Raise Responsible Kids 16:56 03/16/2022
[EP 98] Overcoming Fear of Rejection and Failure 27:40 03/09/2022
[EP 97] Tips To Help Morning and Evening Routines Flow Smoothly 29:07 03/02/2022
[EP 96] How To Become An Emotionally Mature Parent 33:59 02/23/2022
[EP 95] How To Heal From Emotional Immaturity 36:58 02/09/2022
[EP 94] Adult Kids Of Emotionally Immature Parents 31:01 02/02/2022
[EP 93] The Secret to Hacking Your Nervous System 38:27 01/25/2022
[EP 92] 4 Essential Practices To Avoid Burnout 29:49 01/19/2022
[EP 91] How To Recover From Chronic Stress 30:57 01/12/2022
[EP 90] 5 Steps To Alleviate Mom Burnout 38:27 01/05/2022
[EP 89] The One We Talk About Why We Snap At Our Kids 40:12 05/19/2021
[EP 88] The One We Talk About Taming Tantrums & Managing Meltdowns 41:11 05/12/2021
[EP 87] The One We Talk About Dealing With Toddler Probs With Mona Singhal 53:25 05/05/2021
[EP 86] The One We Talk About The Desire Factor with Author Christy Whitman 46:29 04/28/2021
[EP 85] The One We Talk About Infertility Struggles and Finding Support with Ali Prato and Blair Nelson 39:54 04/21/2021
[EP 84] The One We Talk About Manifesting Your Miracles with Lana Shlafer 51:03 04/14/2021
[EP 83] The One We Talk About Ayurveda Post-Partum Practices with Anisha Patel 31:09 04/07/2021
[EP 82] The One We Talk About Ayurveda for Kids with Pooja Sahgal 36:03 03/31/2021
[EP 81] The One We Talk About Raising Empathetic, Inclusive and Culturally Aware Kids with Dr. Zabina Bhasin 38:00 03/24/2021
[EP 80] The One We Talk About Using Crystals With Kids 31:20 03/17/2021
[EP 79] The One We Talk About Post-Pregnancy Body Image Issues with Ronnie Kalra 43:12 03/10/2021
[EP 78] The One We Talk About Why Breathwork is The New Kale 33:31 03/03/2021
[EP 77] The One We Talk About Money Blocks and Manifesting Money With Michelle Dunk 46:38 02/24/2021
[EP 76] The One We Talk About Jealousy And Empathetic Joy 19:59 02/17/2021
[EP 75] The One Where We Talk About Grief and Loss with Shraddha Patel 46:30 02/10/2021