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Cosmic Bos are Nick and Andy Jackson. Brothers from Brighton, UK. They make music, lots and lots of it. It is found here in this very podcast. Brief History of the Podcast : Season 1 (2019) - Improv-Revisation 9 Full Episodes/Albums of music that was derived from improv sessions that were edited/revised. Plus 20 music videos. Season 2 (2020) - Improv-Revisation 2 7 Full Ep/Albums of improv-revisation, other 1st year of lockdown stuff, and 19 music videos. Season 3 (2021) - Improvisation 1 final Improv-revisation and 4 full Improvisation albums with Joe Philogene, and 40 music videos Season 4 (2022) - Improv Squared and Making Albums 1 full Improv Squared album and the Making of an Album special It's a pretty epic musical adventure we are on, come join us, and get involved.


Making of an Album Episode 5 : Making an Album in a Month (Part 2of2)
Hello there, Welcome to the 5th and final instalment of our Making of an Album series. Andy and Nick continue where they left off last time. You can buy the album that was the result of this endeavour right here on bandcamp This is the final part of our year long presentation, and the continuation of last months episode. Visit our blog 'Adventures of a Creative' for more details. Cosmic Blog - about morning coffee Songs in this episode are:  Stop Saying 1984 to Make a Point Here's Tom with the Weather (Bill Hicks Tribute) Hurricane Came Money Pwease Quilt Closed to the Public All songs copyright Cosmic Bos 2022 Please like, share and subscribe And check us out on YouTube, where video stuff happens and you can comment on it (please comment) Cosmic Bos on YouTube
91:01 09/30/2022
Making of an Album Episode 4 : Making an Album in a Month (Part 1of2)
Hello there, Welcome to the 4th instalment in our special presentation 'Making of an Album', where Andy and Nick break down the details on music making in the 2020's, and how easy it is to do now. For the month of May 2022 Cosmic Bos took on the 'Album in a Month' challenge put on by Lights and Lines Independent record label, and subsequently produced a 12 track album called '2 A.M, it's Mission Time', which is out now Wisely, throughout the album in a month process, Andy kept a diary of what was going on, and the Brothers filmed all of the recording session so that ample video footage of the album creation existed. You can see some of this already in the video's we put out for 'Isle of Avalon', 'Money Pwease' and 'Whatever You Say It Is, It Isn't'. This podcast represents the first half of both the album, and the diary kept for the month, and takes you through the first half of what we did. There will be an accompanying blog to this episode which will have more waffle about it should you wish to read more. The Cosmic Blog Part 2 coming next month. Songs in this episode are : Re:Mission Catch a Clue Bards for Hire Isle of Avalon Whatever You Say It Is, It Isn't Patient Mystery All songs copyright Cosmic Bos 2022 Please like, share and subscribe And check us out on YouTube, we love you Cosmic Bos YouTube Channel
85:47 08/20/2022
Summer of Bos - 2022 Musical adventures with Cosmic Bos
Hello friends, The Summer of Bos is here, and we have plenty in store for you. So we picked up a Judges Choice Award in the Lights and Lines Album Writing Club challenge, which is a wonderful endorsement of what we have been doing. Coming on the 19th August 2022 we will release '2 A.M, it's Mission Time' to the world. The full 12 track album will be available on all good platforms, with something special for Bandcamp. We put out the single 'Catch a Clue' with a 80's karaoke inspired video (also in our podcast feed) Also halfway through this episode you get a sneak peek at the opening track of the above mentioned album 'Re:Mission', which is all about the very competition we were taking part in. What do you recon? You excited for the summer? Please like, share and subscribe to our stuff And a comment is a wonderful thing, positive or negative.  
38:47 07/22/2022
Lights and Lines Album Writing Club Singles Playlist (26 songs by 26 artists)
Cosmic Bos have offered up their podcasting space to present the Singles playlist in full, all 26 artists that submitted Singles from their Albums/EP's made in May. From the Lights and Lines playlist: Singles submitted as part of the Lights And Lines Album Writing Club. Independent artists from around the world signed up to write an album or an EP each in 1 month. Each artist was also given the option to submit a single for one of the prizes which would be put to the public to vote on a favourite! Listen to the playlist and vote for your favourite here: VOTING FORM Please don't judge anyone's work based on recording quality - We did not ask artists to master their projects for final release due to time restraints! Instead think about things like songwriting, instrumentation, creativity, and how it makes you feel 😀 The singles are ordered by date of submission, and amazingly there are lots of lovely accidental runs where tracks next to each other work really well together, forming sections and moods in the playlist that we probably couldn't have planned if we tried! When you've voted why not share the playlist and ask some friends to do the same. Well done to everyone who completed the challenge - you are awesome! Soundcloud Playlist link Here is the full list of artist and song - Trench Gun - Bayonet Ballet Chris Hardy World - Wait and See Pulses - Go Faster Andrew Hartshorn - No Mr Bond Mikey J - My Little Dragon Girl Fateful Five (Kiffie and co.) - Pefect Choice Rae Cameron - Look How Far We've Come Age of Infernal - Web of Lies RebelTramp - Wavetashia DANNYDANGEROUSLY - cold The MAW Experiment - Smoke Rising Elbrook Court - Seventy Four Percent Mike Five - 3pm We Walk The Earth - I Am Hollow nwcalhoun - Bumblebeasy Chucky Trading Co - Psychopath Cool (acoustic) One Final Mountain - Compass (Among The Worst) Aye Nevo - IntotheUnknown Johny Nocash - Over And Over - Schafernaker Voltage Poetry Project - Oostende 80 A Sea Warren - Jungle Was Massive (Phase I) Cosmic Bos - Isle of Avalon James Kevin Plant - Heavy Steve McGrady - Every Mistake jpeck - Old Misery Func(X) - Zero Tolerance Wowza! That's allotta spicy music right there! Please go vote for your favourites, you can vote for multiple songs, just not the same song multiple times.  Thanks for listening, please like, share and subscribe to our show, and go check out the Lights and Lines Website for updates on their shenanigans Voting Form Again just incase you missed it   
122:20 06/12/2022
Making of an Album Episode 3: Alternative Writing Techniques
Welcome to Episode 3 of our Making of an Album series For this episode, Nick and Andy (Cosmic Bos) take you through a selection of alternative writing techniques, discussing The Beatles contribution to the world of songwriting, in particular their later more experimental work, to the general explosion of alternative techniques of music creation that came about in the 1960's. After that, Cosmic Bos turn their attention to their own writing techniques, breaking down the improvisation process, following the trajectory of 'Rainbow Appearing', a song improvised last year in the 3rd full improvisation session (Summadelica), through to it's development for live performance and preparing the song to be an album contender.  After improvisation comes improv-revisation, the basis of the first two seasons of Cosmic Bos Improv Music Podcast, where the music was improvised and then revised in the edit. The boys discuss this and play an example song 'Hold Me in Slow Motion'. After Improv-revisation comes Improv Squared, Cosmic Bos's current alternative writing technique, essentially a mash up of improvisation and improv-revisation. Nick and Andy talk you through this with an example song 'Badder Decisions' from their Improv Squared album - Petit Champignon de Lumiere To conclude the episode, Nick and Andy put together a brand new improv squared song called 'The More You Learn, The Less You Know', a video for which is available. The Instrumental version of 'The More You Learn, The Less You Know' will be available on bandcamp for you to come up with you own vocals to if you so please. If you wish to participate in future Improv Squared shenanigans please email us at  Please like, share, comment and subscribe Peace and Infinite Love Cosmic Bos  
71:47 05/01/2022
Improv Squared : Petite Champignon de Lumiere
Cosmic Bos present to you Improv Squared: Petite Champignon de Lumiere Andy and Nick oversee the journey through the improvised (and then re-improvised) lands, with special guests : Joe Philogene (tracks 1,7 & 10), Dayne Howcroft (tracks 2 & 11), Chris Mace (tracks 5 & 6), Donny Stax (track 8), Ram Dass (track 10) and the Cosmic Bos Family Choir (track 1). Tracklist: Champignon, Lumiere Faded Memories Astral Underwear Sir, France is 'cross the Sea, See Vaccine Back is Back Badder Decisions Magic Fun Guy Ensemble Story Talking Frog Forever Bruised So what the heck is improv squared? Well, it's where we improvise a bit of music, and then improvise over that, and then improv over it again. Sometimes we use pre-written lyrics as with Faded Memories (with lyrics by Dayne Howcroft), sometimes we write the lyrics later to go with the music (ala Back is Back), and other sometimes we work directly with an artist in co-creating the squared improv (ala Magic Fun Guy with Donny Stax). It's a wonderful new fun way to make music, and we want to share it with you. If you are a musician or singer, or writer, and you would like to get involved with the Improv Squared shenanigans then please email us at and we can begin the musical merging process. Please like, share and subscribe And buy the album on bandcamp Thanks, we love you like a mushroom of light  
78:51 04/01/2022
Making of an Album Episode 2: Traditional Writing Techniques
Welcome to Episode 2 of our Making of an Album series This episode is about writing, in particular, traditional forms of song writing, examining the songwriting process from the angle of songwriters. Nick and Andy (Cosmic Bos) collectively have several hundred songs to their names, and here they breakdown the fundamentals of songwriting, examining structure and form, before writing a song in front of your very ears. Visited several times throughout the episode, Nick and Andy sat over two sessions and wrote a song from start to finish. Here we try to show you the creative process in its raw state. Nick and Andy also talk about the history of songwriting, as well as their own personal histories of songwriting, including several examples from their songbooks. The first proper song you hear in this episode is Astral Underwear, a song that Cosmic Bos created using their new musical construction method, Improv Squared (More on this in the next episode). In the middle of the episode you are treated to two songs from Andy and Nicks songbooks. Love Defined is by Andy Jackson and is about his wife Spontaneous Plan is by Nick Jackson and is about his wife Both songs are available on Cosmic Bos From the Songbook (2020) Email with your favourite wife The episode concludes with our other double A side single 'Forever Bruised', which is acoustically written music by Andy and Nick over a haunting poem by Dayne Howcroft Thanks for listening Please like, share and subscribe for more musical goodness
154:15 02/28/2022
Making of an Album Episode 1 : Introduction
How does one make an album? That is the question at the heart of this special podcast presentation, and Nick & Andy from Cosmic Bos are going to break it down for you, from writing the songs, to demo stage, full recording and producing, before tackling making music videos and finally releasing the finished album. It will hopefully be a wonderful experience for all, and we shall learn along the journey together. What qualifies you to be doing this Making of an Album series? I've never heard of you! A fine question indeed, and true, that Cosmic Bos is not exactly a well known musical outfit, but in our defence, we have been making music for a long time, with over 20 albums of improvised/revised music available and several other proper albums sprinkled through our past. Cosmic Bos came into existence back in 2016, and we released our debut album '7 Billion' in 2017, which has been followed by 3 Seasons of Improvised music podcasting. In 2021 Cosmic Bos released 'Virtual Normality' EP, a 5 track proper record, that was designed as the taster for this very Album of a Making podcast project. All music featured in this podcast was made by Cosmic Bos and is available to hear, or if you can afford it, buy, at all good online musical stores. Tracklist for Episode 1 : Introduction Faded Memories Take it Easier (from 'Virtual Normality' EP) Ride Another Wave (from 'Virtual Normality' EP) Where the Warp-zones Are (from '7 Billion') Let's Go Dancing (from 'Ep.14: Utopia in a Cornucopia') Ensemble Story Both Faded Memories & Ensemble Story come from our upcoming new Improv2 album and are both available now. Check out the videos for them in our podcast feed and on our youtube (or instagram if that's your thang) Faded Memories on YouTube Please like, share and subscribe And rate and comment for a special Devine surprise  Peace and infinite love Cosmic Bos df  
51:36 01/31/2022
Bos Live #1 (2021)
Cosmic Bos Live #1 (2021) Joe Philogene - Ngoni and Percussion  Nick Jackson - Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals Andy Jackson - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Tracklist:    Take it Easier Sunrise Reflections Intentionally Bad Decisions Space Babies Perplexed Rainbow Appearing Ignore the Alarm Just before Christmas, on the 18th December '21, Cosmic Bos got together to record their live set, and this is that very recording. Including songs from the 4 improvisation albums and 1 from Virtual Normality EP. Check out our Youtube and instagram to see the full video version of this audio presentation.  We hope you enjoy our little live set, please like, share and subscribe for more exciting improvised musical goodness.
43:38 01/15/2022
Best of Season 3 (2021)
Cosmic Bos  Best of Season 3 (2021) Tracklist:  Space Babies (Virtual Normality version) Waiting (ft. Anya Louisa) Aim (ft. Anya Louisa) Witching Hour (ft. Anya Louisa) Like Minded Perplexed Bad Decisions Intentionally Feel the World Take it Easier Space Babies (improv version) Rainbow Appearing Hold on a Little Longer Stay Inside (ft. Texmex Shaman) Ignore the Alarm Broken by Desire Brand New Ride Another Wave 18 songs from the 67 we released in 2021. 6 albums, all available in full on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, even in this very podcast feed. Although some of them have chatter in between the songs, just like this best of. What a wonderful year of musical creativity it has been, most of these songs have videos to go with them, plenty can be found in our podcast feed, or on youtube. Big shout out to Joe Philogene, he has made this year of music what it was, and another big shout out to Theodore Jackson, the Theodorable star of several of our videos. See ya later 2021, hello 2022! Thanks for listening, we truly appreciate it. Peace and infinite love Cosmic Bos 
189:03 12/30/2021
Words of Wisdom 9: Medicine Women ft. Shonagh Home
Taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 4: The COVID 1920's Words of Wisdom 9: Medicine Women ft. Shonagh Home For our final Words of Wisdom of 2021, and the only one to feature on our 4th Improv album, Shonagh Home delivers a captivating talk about Medicine Women through the ages, focusing particularly on how medicines and shamanic practices have helped guide our species towards a more fulfilling and prosperous future where we could potentially all live in peace and harmony. Full original talk without Cosmic Bos improvising music underneath can be found at the Psychedelic Salon Also Shonagh Home has her very own awesome website worth visiting and showing her some love, tell her Cosmic Bos sent you.
14:10 12/19/2021
Improvisation 4: The COVID 1920's
Cosmic Bos  Improvisation 4: The COVID 1920's All music improvised by Joe Philogene, Nick Jackson and Andy Jackson Tracklist: The Eleventh Hour Ignore the Alarm Ay Kalimba Higher Frequency Empowerment Broken by Desire Signs of Repetition Make this Right Thinking Solutions Words of Wisdom 9: Medicine Women (ft. Shonagh Home) Wordless Wisdom Brand New Our final improvised presentation for you in 2021 is our 4th fully improvised (not revised) session, recorded on 21st August 2021. With pre-written lyrics aplenty, the Cosmic Bos chaps tackle some weighty subjects, ranging from Power struggles to Human evolution, Medicine and History, with a healthy sprinkling of suggestions on how to maybe make things right rather then taking this hand basket all the way to hell. Our Words of Wisdom presentation for this episode comes from the Psychedelic Salon with Shonagh Home, and is about Medicine Women. Visit Shonagh on her awesome website Thank you for taking the time to listen to our musical explorations, it has been an amazing music adventure in 2021 for us at Cosmic Bos and we are truly excited to explore even further in 22. But that's the future, and we are here now, so enjoy this moment. Please like, share and subscribe And leave us a review, we would love to hear from you Peace and infinite love Cosmic Bos Full album on YouTube
83:46 11/20/2021
Virtual Normality EP - Cosmic Bos Special Presentation episode
Cosmic Bos - Virtual Normality Tracklist: 1. Space Babies 2. Take it Easier 3. It's Always You 4. Stay Inside (ft. Texmex Shaman) 5. Ride Another Wave Available on Spotify Virtual Normality on Spotify For this special presentation, Nick and Andy sit down to discuss their EP, Virtual Normality, which they recorded over the summer of 2021 with the intention of it being their summer presentation. As is customary for Bos, it got a little delayed and finally came out on the 1st October. Not a problem though, it's not like they work to deadline or anything. So the 5 songs of Virtual Normality all have a story around them, and this podcast explores them, as well as containing a Tea Review, discussion on what the rest of the year has in store for Cosmic Bos (hint, it's quite a bit), chatter about our upcoming gig on November 13th at the Brunswick in Hove, shout outs for New Music Saturday with Dr. Bones and Mike5, and extra special shoutouts to Texmex Shaman for providing the slick guitar work on Stay Inside. Check him out on Spotify here Texmex Shaman on Spotify Also, massive shout out to Gecko for the cover and back cover, he is an awesome artist and you should check him out, search iamgecko and marvel at the wondrous, the spectacular, the unbelievable art that he does. We hope you enjoy this presentation, and check out the video we made for Space Babies, it's in our podcast feed or on our youtube if you prefer. Please like, share and subscribe
69:39 10/03/2021
Words of Wisdom 8: Ram Dass - with improv music by Cosmic Bos
Taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 3: Summadelica original Ram Dass audio from the awesome podcast Here and Now Please like, share and subscribe
08:05 09/25/2021
Words of Wisdom 7 : Greta Thunberg (2019)
Cosmic Bos presents Words of Wisdom 7: Greta Thunberg Greta Thunberg was 16 when she gave this speech at the UN Climate Change COP25 Climate Emergency Event, and it's worth noting that her detractors have kept quiet on the content of this particular address of hers. Time to change is now. Original video of Greta's speech   
12:33 09/11/2021
Words of Wisdom 6: Nelson Mandela Freedom Speech 1990
Cosmic Bos presents Words of Wisdom 6: Nelson Mandela Taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 3: Summadelica Featuring Joe Philogene on Ngoni, Nick Jackson on Acoustic Guitar and Andy Jackson on Electric Guitar. Original speech by Nelson Mandela given on his release from prison in 1990. Check out the visual version on youtube  And if you're there, might as well subscribe and ring the bell
05:55 09/04/2021
Improvisation 3: Summadelica
Improvisation 3: Summadelica Tracklist: Ideas Space Babies On the Take Frantic Pedantic Precious Moments Words of Wisdom 5: Charlie Chaplin Rainbow Appearing Perfect Summer Day Words of Wisdom 6: Nelson Mandela Hold On a Little Longer The Things Words of Wisdom 7: Greta Thunberg Pleased, pleased, pleased, with what I've got Words of Wisdom 8: Ram Dass Moral Compass All music improvised by Cosmic Bos Joe Philogene - Percussion, Ngoni and various instruments Nick Jackson - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals Andy Jackson - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals On the 5th June 2021, Cosmic Bos met at a secret location to record the third in their fully improvised series, with a book full of pre-written lyrics and plenty of snacks. It was a wonderful afternoon of musical exploration, and here for your pleasure is the whole thing, including some of the intros and outros that usually get cut off. The words of wisdoms for this episode where lovingly borrowed from YouTube, with Charlie Chaplin's speech being from the film The Great Dictator (1940) and available on youtube many times, with music accompanying it. Nelson Mandela's speech from his release from prison in 1990 also comes from youtube and shares far to many similarities to Chaplin's speech from 50 years before. Which leads us to Greta Thunberg from December 2019 addressing the UN on Climate Change, with echos of both Chaplin and Mandela. So as not to feel too down and out about the state of the world and the people that patrol it, the final Words of Wisdom comes from Ram Dass, an ever reliable source of great wisdom. The full Ram Dass speech can be found on the Here and Now podcast, link to the specific episode right here. All music and lyrics by Cosmic Bos 2021 Please like, share and subscribe Peace and infinite love Cosmic Bos
122:20 08/01/2021
Words of Wisdom 4 - Ram Dass (part 2)
Part 2  Music improvised by Cosmic Bos Joe Philogene - Percussion & Ngoni Nick Jackson - Electric Guitar and Synth Andy Jackson - Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals Words of Wisdom by Ram Dass taken from the Here and Now podcast, link to episode below Please support the Here and Now foundation, and listen to many many amazing talks by Ram Dass on that awesome podcast. 
11:31 06/27/2021
Words of Wisdom 4: Ram Dass (part 1)
Words of Wisdom 4: Ram Dass (part 1) Taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 2: Sunrise Reflections Music improvised by Cosmic Bos Joe Philogene - Percussion & Ngoni Nick Jackson - Electric Guitar and Synth Andy Jackson - Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals Words of Wisdom by Ram Dass taken from the Here and Now podcast, link to episode below Please support the Here and Now foundation, and listen to many many amazing talks by Ram Dass on that awesome podcast. 
11:33 06/27/2021
Words of Wisdom 3 : Ram Dass
Wisdom is a much sought after thing, and the wonderful Ram Dass has that thing in abundance. Taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 2: Sunrise Reflections If you visit YouTube or instagram you can find a visual version of this there, which has moving imagery accompanying it Original Audio of Ram Dass taken from the Here and Now For lots and lots of Ram Dass wisdom you should check out Ram Dass Here and Now, it's an amazing podcast and collection of great talks by Ram Dass, well worth your time. Please like, share and subscribe Peace and infinite love Cosmic Bos
16:03 06/19/2021
Improvisation 2: Sunrise Reflections (ft. Ram Dass)
Cosmic Bos Improvisation 2: Sunrise Reflections ft. Ram Dass Joe Philogene - Ngoni and Percussions Nick Jackson - Electric Guitar, Synth and Vocals Andy Jackson - Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals Tracklisting: Time is Now Bad Decisions Sunrise Reflections Apparently Intentionally Feel the World Words of Wisdom 3 - Ram Dass Be Here Now (ft. Ram Dass) Stayed Here for the Feeling Words of Wisdom 4 - Ram Dass Clearly Designed Piñata of Troy On the 24th April 2021, Cosmic Bos met at Nicks house, and turned baby Theo's bedroom into a recording studio for the day. The result of this is the very podcast you are currently listening to or reading about in these very words. Several of the songs, while improvised in nature, do utilise some pre-written lyrics (tracks 2,3,5,9,11 & 12) but the melodies are improvised just like the music. Reflections of our current existence, the lyric sets that were used were all created in the early hours of the morning, whilst reflecting on existence in the glow of the morning sun. The Ram Dass samples used here are all taken from Ram Dass Here and Now podcast, which is one of our favourite podcasts ever, full of wonderful talks by Ram Dass, with thoughtful introductions by Raghu Markus Ram Dass for Words of Wisdom 3 comes from And Words of Wisdom 4 is taken from Please visit the Be Here Now network and support these wonderful people helping to spread this amazing knowledge around the world. Also give us a like, share and subscribe. Comment and reviews help us out greatly, so you would be doing us a wonderful service if you performed any of these tasks for us. Thank you. Visit our YouTube page for some visual goodness to go along with this audio chill session.  
115:43 05/31/2021
Words of Wisdom 2 : Robert Anton Wilson
So friends, Here we present to you the second in our Words of Wisdom series, the one and only Mr. Robert Anton Wilson. Cosmic Bos improvised some music, then put this sample of RAW on top. The Robert Anton Wilson clip is taken from the Psychedelic Salon, link to the unmusical version here Anton Wilson WoW 2 is taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 1: Soundscapes in the Moment Available everywhere at the moment, you can even find the whole thing right here in our podcast feed, which is the best place to hear it without adverts and such. Please like, share and subscribe, ding the bell etc. Also comment, let's get a discussion going over the topics that Wilson was discussing all those years ago, and how relevant they still are to this day. Also big plug for Prometheus Rising, the book RAW talks about early on in the piece. It's an amazing book and well worth your time. Church of the subgenus, Praise Bob! Hail Eris! Beware the Fnords, they are everywhere #Wordsofwisdom #RobertAntonWilson #CosmicBos We hope that our musical fusion with these words of wisdom help to make some of the ideas more palatable to the mind, when you stimulate multiple parts of the brain at the same time you can have some truly astounding effects, building new neural pathways and strengthening your ability to think. So be wise and listen to the whole thing, it may have a profound effect. Peace and infinite love Cosmic Bos
17:33 05/27/2021
Words of Wisdom 1: Terence McKenna and Mark Pesce
Here we present to you an idea that has been banging around for quite a while now, an improvised musical journey with a wise speaker over the top, and where better to start such an idea then with the one and only Terence McKenna. So for your wisdom today, Cosmic Bos Improvisation presents Words of Wisdom 1: Terence McKenna and Mark Pesce The Terence and Mark sample is taken from an awesome podcast called the Psychedelic Salon, which has been around for a long time, putting out amazing talks by some brilliant and insightful minds. Link to the full talk here Psychedelic Salon podcast Ep.116 Techno pagans at the end of history Humanity stands at a pivotal point in history, the now moment is changing so rapidly that it appears impossible to have a grasp on reality, we have all been hoodwinked and are stumbling around dazed and confused, but not to worry, for clarity comes once dust settles and calm befalls us all, for the storm can not rage forever, and hate eventually gets tired and goes to sleep for a bit. Thank you for spending some of your time with us here at the Cosmic Blog, you are wonderful and great things will happen for you, so go get it Tiger (I am obviously assuming that the main audience base for this blog is large cat based, skewing towards Lions, Tigers, Panthers etc. as well as domesticated felines of course, this is for the cats). Please follow us on all the things, youtube is good, it has that subscribe button and handy bell thing too! This has been an excerpt from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 1: Soundscapes in the Moment, available in this very podcast feed
21:19 05/21/2021
Improvisation 1: Soundscapes in the Moment (ft. Terence McKenna, Mark Pesce and Robert Anton Wilson)
Improvisation 1: Soundscapes in the Moment Joe Philogene - Ngoni & Percussion Nick Jackson - Electric Guitar, Synths and Backing Vocals Andy Jackson - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals On the 3rd of April (Easter Saturday) 2021, Joe, Nick and Andy sat down and improvised two hours of music, this podcast is the unedited full set, with some words of wisdom added near the end by the great minds of Terence McKenna, Mark Pesce and Robert Anton Wilson. Designed to take you to a deep cosmic stillness, connecting you into the universe using the ancient art of making stuff up on the spot. Tracklist: Currency Not Babylon or Rome Like Minded Perplexed Metrics of Success Yarway Share Crazy-go-round Words of Wisdom 1: Terence McKenna and Mark Pesce Sounding Gap Words of Wisdom 2: Robert Anton Wilson Please like, share and subscribe to our podcast, also reviews are great, we love them. Thanks for listening #cosmicbos #meditationmusic #improvisedmusic #wordsofwisdom #terencemckenna #markpesce #robertantonwilson
117:03 05/01/2021
It's a Mike Schur Thing - Cosmic Bos
Cosmic Bos Podcast Season 3 episode 3 Andy and Nick from Cosmic Bos, sit down to discuss the career of Michael Schur, focusing mainly on the 4 TV shows on which he was a main writer and creator, following his journey from The Office: An American Workplace, to the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, to the police precinct of Brooklyn 99 and finally ending up in The Good Place. #TheOffice #ParksandRec #Brooklyn99 #TheGoodPlace Cosmic Bos are from the UK, so subsequently are not quite as acquainted with Mike Schur's earlier career on Saturday Night Live, but they are big fans of the creative work being done by that extremely talented group of people. This discussion by the Bos boys is not a comprehensive study of Mikes career, more like a couple of fanboys gushing over how amazing they think he is. Mike Schur has worked with some of the finest talent in America, from megastars like Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, Kristen Bell and Ted Danson to super talents like Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Kroll and Chris Pratt. Mike has been involved in some of the funniest and most heartwarming television of the last 16 years, and we just want to celebrate that and look forward to what he has next for us all. So thanks Mike, you are a legend and we love you #MikeSchurThing #MikeSchur #CosmicBos #Podcast Please like, share and subscribe, and check out our other work which is music based, improvised mainly, with some sweet music videos and lots of tunes for your ears Songs featured in this episode: We Are The Workers Love Defined Get Up to Get Down Hello Demons Infinite Possibilities Club All songs by Cosmic Bos, available on #Spotify #iTunes #Amazon etc. all of them places and many many more
110:30 04/11/2021
Perplexed - Improvisation by Cosmic Bos ft. Joe Philogene
Perplexed is the first tune from our upcoming new show Cosmic Bos Improvisation Andy Jackson, Nick Jackson and Joe Philogene combine their musical powers to see what happens, and in the case of this particular song, this is what happened. Please like, share and subscribe to our podcast We love you all very much Cosmic Bos  
07:02 03/28/2021
Cosmic Bos interview themselves
It's self reflective time with Cosmic Bos, into the 3rd year of improv podcasting, we take some time to chat about ourselves as no one has invited us anywhere to talk about ourselves, so we are doing it for ourselves. Nick, Andy and Macey go down memory lane for a bit, chat to Cilla Black (when they can get her out of the bathroom), Jethro goes looking for Jeffrey and Macey reveals he is moving on from Cosmic Bos to further musical endeavours. We wish you all the luck in the world Macey and he will be included in many a Bos thing still to come, big thank you to Macey for everything he has done for the project, we love you man. Tracklist for this podcast: (All songs by Cosmic Bos) So Status Aim Lucky Lampshade Arms Around Me Up is the Only Way Hello Demons Waiting Wire Shoe Laces Imaginary Friends Bob's Your Uncle If the Aliens Come Turning Tricks Yarway Boatman Some Days Overreacting Ecstacy Rainbow Warrior Please like, share and subscribe to us on all the things Also check out (also it's a app) to see Cosmic Bos Live Streaming and stuff. Love Ya xxx  
156:31 03/20/2021
Ep.17: Magic Eye Can Believe In (ft. Anya Louisa and Ben Bluebird)
Ep.17: Magic Eye Can Believe In ft. Anya Louisa and Ben Bluebird Tracklist: Waiting Aim Wicker Bells Never Ending Summer Eyes Feral Girl It's Not Gonna Go Well Rear View Mirror Ben's Shiny Car Witching Hour Beautiful Stories Grey Clouds Came and Took the Summer Away All music improvised by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson, Andy Jackson, Ben Bluebird and Anya Louisa Revised and mastered by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson and Andy Jackson Season 3 starts with a magic trick, watch as we improvise and then revise an entire album from one days jamming session. It's the same trick we have now pulled 17 times, but it's a good trick and it has a vastly different outcome every time, so, ta dah!  Anya Louisa brings a whole new dimension to the Cosmic Bos set up, and Ben Bluebird spices up the music and vocal atmosphere just lovelily, big thanks to them both. We tackle the big questions on everyones minds, like, is magic real? do Magicians need dating apps specially designed for their illusionist needs? How should you rub your wicker bells so as not to get blisters on your fingers? All these questions and more won't be answered in this podcast, but they might get discussed, maybe. At least you have 12 improv songs with beautiful vocals by Anya to enjoy. Please like, share and subscribe All the love in the multiverse Cosmic Bos
119:05 02/01/2021
Best of Season 2 (2020)
Cosmic Bos Improv-Revisation podcast, Season 2 (2020) consisted of 7 improv albums, 1 acoustic songbook album, 19 music videos and a 7 part documentary. Jethro and Jeffrey (with the assistance of Nick) look back over the best songs from the second season of this experimental improv music comedy podcast, with a whopping 27 tracks, it's a party in podcast form. So grab a fresh leaf and a spoonful of honey, it's improv music time. Tracklisting: Focus Unjustly Infinite Possibility Club Quite Likely The Maja Saga pt.1 - Escape Plan The Maja Saga pt.2 - On the Run The Maja Saga pt.3 - Captured, Again? Elevate a Little Passe Patterns All Weather Umbrella Flashes Having Words With Nature Overreacting Tuned In Who Invited You? Get Up to Get Down Let's Go Dancing Einstein on my Mind Ecstacy Make Believe Boatman Time Hard Times Ode to Brackleys Bricklayers Gravity A Tarot Tale Road Trip Please like, share, subscribe, and send us all your money We love you very much Happy New Year 
145:03 01/01/2021
2020 Vision - Cosmic Bos Year reflection
Tracklist: Making it Up as We Go Along Music is Happiness Dancing in Your Ears Shopping Online We are the Workers Walking Stereo Pondering Dance Floors Dawning No Blue Blues Existential Blip Some Days Muse-Simulation Theory Game Over, Man All songs by Cosmic Bos Our resident monkeys, Jethro & Jeffrey, are joined by Nick from Cosmic Bos to discuss the highs and lows of 2020. There was plenty to discuss, it has been a big year full of worldwide events that effected most people (and monkeys) the world over in some sense. But have no fear, for Cosmic Bos are here to offer up some soothing improv-revised music and light bants to help with the transition into the next potentially crazy year. Please like, share and subscribe All our love Cosmic Bos
120:20 12/01/2020