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Hall of Songs

What are the greatest songs of all-time? Hosts Chris Jones and Tim Malcolm nominate songs for the Hall of Songs, with each episode tackling a new year chronologically, starting with 1951. Listeners are asked to vote after each episode for the songs they feel should reach the Hall of Songs.


1983-86 Veterans Committee: We're Making It Up as We Go 86:10 08/08/2022
1986! Dance the Night Away with Our Top-12 Songs 111:09 07/31/2022
31st Election Results: Dreaming of New Members of the Hall of Songs 28:33 07/29/2022
1985! It's The Most '80s Hall of Songs Yet! 112:32 07/17/2022
30th Election Results: It Gets Crowded at The Top ... 26:00 07/16/2022
1984! Our Top-12 Songs From the Greatest Pop Culture Year Ever! 97:27 06/26/2022
29th Election Results: The Time Has Come to Induct Our 65th Song 29:21 06/25/2022
1983! Fire Up Your Roland TB-303 For the Year's Top-12 Songs 115:30 06/12/2022
GROUP CHAT: Let's Talk About The Hall of Songs 69:47 06/05/2022
28th Election Results: Park Your Car Sideways For the 63rd, 64th Inductees 29:32 05/27/2022
1979-82 Veterans Committee: Problematic Dude Songs 78:06 05/16/2022
1982! As Synth Pop Reigns, Rap, Dance and Metal Take Big Steps Forward 114:13 05/08/2022
27th Election Results: One Obvious Inductee, and Then ... 30:23 05/07/2022
1981! Darkness! Choosing Our Top-12 Songs From This Wild Year 103:16 04/29/2022
26th Election Results: 1 Host, Multiple Hall of Songs Inductees 35:00 04/22/2022
1980! Looking to a Synthesized Future with a New Decade 108:06 04/10/2022
25th Election Results: We're Numb After This Outcome 36:15 04/08/2022
Modern Songs Ep. 5: 'SAOKO' by Rosalía + Beyoncé's 'Formation' 41:27 03/30/2022
1979! Bad Times? Good Times? This Year, New Voices Emerge 116:34 03/28/2022
24th Election Results: Let's Add Some Drama to This Induction Ceremony 35:07 03/25/2022
Modern Songs Ep. 4: 'Like Exploding Stones' by Kurt Vile, 'Human' by The Killers 36:17 03/23/2022
1975-78 Veterans Committee: Waylon and Willie, More Fleetwood Mac + Our Personal Picks 73:48 03/20/2022
Modern Songs Ep. 3: Rex Orange County, Modern Classic 'Midnight City' by M83 33:51 03/16/2022
1978! The Most Fun Episode of Hall of Songs Ever 101:05 03/13/2022
23rd Election Results: Do the Voters Give the People What They Want? 27:56 03/11/2022
Modern Songs Ep. 2: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Revisiting U2's 'Songs of Innocence' 33:23 03/09/2022
Modern Songs Ep. 1: Florence + The Machine, Modern Classic 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley 33:39 03/02/2022
1977! The Year of Music Excess 92:56 02/27/2022
22nd Election Results: We're Hangin' Down at Dino's 32:51 02/25/2022
1976! A Wonder-Ful Year + Punk's Big Boom and Peak Disco 93:03 02/13/2022