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After the crash: What are the chances in European Tech, Daniel Kröger? 48:22 08/09/2022
Tech bubble? Tech crash? Baki Irmak on tech investing in turbulent times 61:06 08/02/2022
2G Energy stock: The solution for Europe's energy crisis, Friedrich Pehle? 85:53 07/05/2022
Tarek Müller, can About You's Scayle outcompete SAP and Salesforce? 88:33 06/28/2022
Winning with Aliens, Warhammer, Mudrunner & World War Z games? A talk about Focus Entertainment 40:07 06/21/2022
David Nangle, how do Creditas and Konfio contribute to VEF's success? 74:09 05/13/2022
Tarek Müller, how does About You want to win globally? 78:42 05/04/2022
Nick Devlin, how does Naked Wines show strength in turbulent times? 54:22 04/26/2022
Per Brilloth, how do you want to win with Babylon Health stock? A talk with the VNV Global CEO 81:22 04/06/2022
Is Nintendo stock poised for winning in the 2020s, Ryan O'Connor and Todd Wenning? 123:59 03/30/2022
How to best invest in Germany? With Roger Peeters of pfp-ADVISORY 51:33 03/22/2022
Christopher Tsai, is investing an art? Insight from 20+ years of successful investing 75:25 02/14/2022
Marc Appelhoff (Home24 CEO): How do you build furniture e-commerce's future? 61:20 02/07/2022
How to interview great? A chat with Will Barnes & Will Oliver (In Practise) 79:11 01/05/2022
How to find great European stocks, Daniel Gehlen & Marc-Lennart Bräutigam? 62:47 12/22/2021
Philipp Haas, how did you build a successful fund with YouTube? 55:30 12/03/2021
Joe Frankenfield, how much Value Investing is in Saga Partners? 93:13 11/18/2021
Alex Kopel, how do you focus on great returns at Rowan Street Capital? 55:57 11/10/2021
What are good ways to invest in South Korea, Petra Capital? 94:30 11/03/2021
How does Spotify win the creators, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell Capital? 68:21 10/27/2021
What do all successful investments share, Thatcher Martin of Spree Capital? 88:46 10/20/2021
Can Spotify be the leading audio platform, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell? 67:35 10/13/2021
From China to Elephants & Snapchat: Rom Wilson on ACM Capital 86:36 10/05/2021
How are you building the energy future at ABO Wind, Karsten Schlageter? 83:48 09/01/2021
How is Spotify positioned in the audio market, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell? 126:56 08/25/2021
Dennis Hong, how did you grow ShawSpring Partners? A founder talk 97:58 08/11/2021
Fred Liu, how do you pick the best stocks for Hayden Capital? 71:26 08/02/2021
[Replay] Opportunities in small founder-led stocks? A talk with Andreas Aaen (Symmetry A/S) 64:59 07/31/2021
How much Fred Liu is in Hayden Capital? How do you select partners? 49:10 07/07/2021
Edward Chang, how did you compound with above 30% p.a.? 68:23 06/16/2021