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Good Investing Talks

Connecting Investors & Understanding Businesses


Can Babylon Health dominate digital health, Per Brilioth (VNV Global)? 74:04 03/19/2021
Tom Gayner, how do you build your portfolio? A talk with the Co-CEO 91:54 03/07/2021
Why are you digging for investing diamonds in South Africa, Rudi van Niekerk? 85:39 02/19/2021
What are your lessons for compounding in the Nordics, Daniel Glaser? 90:53 02/13/2021
What are the pains of growth for Naked Wines? A talk with CEO Nick Devlin 54:10 02/05/2021
Is Nintendo a multi-bagger? Ryan O'Connor on Todd Wenning deep dive on the japanese stock 131:54 01/31/2021
Is Naked Wines building a mousetrap? A chat with Rowan Gormley 57:57 01/25/2021
Are 1 - 2 investments per year enough? Andrew Rosenblum on AHA moments 89:31 01/25/2021
How friendship helps to find the best stocks - Dennis Hong & Fred Liu 92:26 01/25/2021
What makes internet stocks attractive, Dennis Hong (ShawSpring)? 91:47 01/25/2021
Why are you invested in Sea Limited and Carvana? A Q&A with Fred Liu (Hayden Capital) 63:45 01/25/2021
Why is he heavily invested in Carvana? Investor Clifford Sosin on Carvana 36:10 01/25/2021
How to generate ideas? A talk with outperforming Value Investor Cliff Sosin 24:40 01/25/2021
What is a good Investment process? A talk with the Value Investor Rob Vinall 27:00 01/25/2021
How to evaluate management? A talk with Value Investor Robert Vinall 26:05 01/25/2021
What has a bar to do with finding investment ideas? Guy Spier on idea generation, process & research 35:48 01/25/2021
How did Mohnish Pabrai inspire Guy Spier? An interview in the Aquamarine Fund's office in Zurich 36:07 01/24/2021