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Is va-Q-tec a hidden European energy champion, Joachim Kuhn?
va-Q-tec is another European company that could be interesting for investors looking for opportunities in the energy crisis. The company specializes in energy savings with its unique isolation technology.
36:06 12/01/2022
What is the laser technology champion LPKF planning?
LPKF is a German company with a focus on innovative laser technology. With this technology, LPKF offers innovative solutions. The company CFO Christian Witt gave us insights into the future plans of the German company.
76:49 11/22/2022
Dev Kantesaria, what is your formula for quality investing?
Dev Kantesaria is one of the two decision-makers at Valley Forge Capital Management. In his portfolio, he is focused on high-quality stocks.
77:51 10/27/2022
Soo Chuen Tan, what have you learned building Discerene Group?
Together with his team, Soo Chuen Tan has built the global Value Investing firm Discerene Group. They have scaled the firm to a respectable asset manager. In our conversation, we discussed Soo Chuen Tan's builder story and his investing approach.
78:58 10/19/2022
Is Georgia Capital a chance to cheaply invest in quality assets?
I had the pleasure to interview the CEO of Georgia Capita Irakli Gilauri. Georgia Capital is a holding that owns a lot of quality assets.
100:11 10/11/2022
Are mining stocks a chance to profit from the green transition, Fabian Erismann?
Together with Fabian Erismann of the Earth Resource Investment Group I made a deep dive into the mining sector and its pitfalls. We also discussed how mining could be sustainable.
88:22 09/27/2022
How to find the best retail & restaurant stocks, John Zolidis?
John Zolidis is an expert on retail and restaurant stock. I had the please to interview him on different opportunities in his universe.
80:58 09/20/2022
After the crash: What are the chances in European Tech, Daniel Kröger?
Daniel Kröger runs the global ELM Global TICO fund with a strong tech focus. With him, I have discussed how he manages his portfolio during the current volatile market.
48:22 08/09/2022
Tech bubble? Tech crash? Baki Irmak on tech investing in turbulent times
Baki Irmak runs the Digital Leaders Fund. At the start of this mini-series, we discuss how he manages his tech portfolio in turbulent times.
61:06 08/02/2022
2G Energy stock: The solution for Europe's energy crisis, Friedrich Pehle?
2G Energy is a German Mittelstand company that offers a solution for the Energiewende and European energy security. We had the chance to discuss the company's technology with Friedrich Pehle.
85:53 07/05/2022
Tarek Müller, can About You's Scayle outcompete SAP and Salesforce?
The About You co-CEO Tarek Müller gave us even more insights into the business. In our second interview, we discussed the path to profitability, customer cohorts, retention, marketing, and the powerful potential of Scayle.
88:33 06/28/2022
Winning with Aliens, Warhammer, Mudrunner & World War Z games? A talk about Focus Entertainment
We had the pleasure to chat with Laure d’Hauteville & Christophe Nobileau of Focus Entertainment about the publisher's changing business model, the growing pipeline, and upcoming, exciting games.
40:07 06/21/2022
David Nangle, how do Creditas and Konfio contribute to VEF's success?
VEF is the Emerging Markets Fintech investor. The Sweden-listed company is investing in Fintech assets in Emerging Markets. After one year I did a follow-up discussion with CEO Dave Nangle.
74:09 05/13/2022
Tarek Müller, how does About You want to win globally?
About You is a very interesting German company that could be a potential global fashion leader.
78:42 05/04/2022
Nick Devlin, how does Naked Wines show strength in turbulent times?
It was a great pleasure to bring Nick Devlin of Naked Wines back for a follow-up on the company's progress since last year.
54:22 04/26/2022
Per Brilloth, how do you want to win with Babylon Health stock? A talk with the VNV Global CEO
I had the pleasure to welcome Per Brilioth of VNV Global back. We have discussed the recent turmoils and their Babylon Health investment.
81:22 04/06/2022
Is Nintendo stock poised for winning in the 2020s, Ryan O'Connor and Todd Wenning?
They are back! Ryan O'Connor and Todd Wenning have joined us to give an update on Nintendo stock and the future of the company.
123:59 03/30/2022
How to best invest in Germany? With Roger Peeters of pfp-ADVISORY
Roger Peeters is an outspoken expert for the German stock market. With the DWS Concept Platow, he is running a successful Germany fund. Our video was recorded before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So, we don't facto the recent developments in.
51:33 03/22/2022
Christopher Tsai, is investing an art? Insight from 20+ years of successful investing
Christopher Tsai started his fund in his early 20s and is since then invested with an impressive track record. In this interview, he shared deep insights from his 20+ year investor career. We also talked about the overlap between investing and art.
75:25 02/14/2022
Marc Appelhoff (Home24 CEO): How do you build furniture e-commerce's future?
Marc Appelhoff is the CEO of Home24 - a leading European e-commerce retailer for the mass markets. In this interview, we discussed the future of this business that is currently heavily shorted.
61:20 02/07/2022
How to interview great? A chat with Will Barnes & Will Oliver (In Practise)
William Oliver and William Barnes run In Practise - a service for expert interviews. Here we took time to talk about the art of interviewing.
79:11 01/05/2022
How to find great European stocks, Daniel Gehlen & Marc-Lennart Bräutigam?
Daniel Gehlen and Marc-Lennart Bräutigam of Gehlen Bräutigam Capital run the Gehlen Braeutigam Value HI funds. The fund is specialised on European small and midcaps.
62:47 12/22/2021
Philipp Haas, how did you build a successful fund with YouTube?
Philipp Haas has a great public track record and shared a lot of stock knowledge on YouTube - to finally launch a fund.
55:30 12/03/2021
Joe Frankenfield, how much Value Investing is in Saga Partners?
With Joe Frankenfield of Saga Partners I have discussed his steps into investing and how he is approaching high-quality businesses.
93:13 11/18/2021
Alex Kopel, how do you focus on great returns at Rowan Street Capital?
Alex Kopel has left his Wallstreet job to found Rowan Street Capital. There he focuses on investing in high-quality businesses & great returns.
55:57 11/10/2021
What are good ways to invest in South Korea, Petra Capital?
ve into this market.
94:30 11/03/2021
How does Spotify win the creators, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell Capital?
Jeremy Deal and Sleepwell Capital discuss in the final episode of our podcast series on Spotify how the company wins the creators.
68:21 10/27/2021
What do all successful investments share, Thatcher Martin of Spree Capital?
Martin of Spree Capital Advisers has built an investment firm that focuses on the long-term and invests in high-quality businesses. We discussed the eight commonalities of high-quality businesses and his investment in the eBay stock and the Upwork stock.
88:46 10/20/2021
Can Spotify be the leading audio platform, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell?
This is the second part of our discussion about the future of Spotify. Enjoy!
67:35 10/13/2021
From China to Elephants & Snapchat: Rom Wilson on ACM Capital
Rom Wilson of ACM Capital has a very interesting investing journey. He learned to invest in China before starting a US-focused fund.
86:36 10/05/2021