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Monsters, Masks, and Mommy Issues

We review both classic and underground horror films, spanning from the 1950s to now and share interesting facts about the making of these films, as well as controversial theories that have plagued fans for decades.


Six Shots Later
You've heard us say that Halloween II (1981) is the best slasher film on planet Earth. Well,  now we finally get to tell you why! Grab a ham sandwich with plenty of mustard, and a coke, as we dive head first into the story of Michael Myers and why he really came home.
74:29 10/29/21
Killer Dad Jokes
Season 2 is officially here! To get you in the fall spirit of horror, we're reviewing The Mutilator (a.k.a. Fall Break). You'll need a good sense of humor for this 1984 slasher. Get ready for some great kills, gore, and weaponry! Link to Original and Re-Released Movie Posters:
60:14 10/24/21
15 Days of Godzilla: Part 2
He's back! And this time, it's complicated. Get ready for 15 days of Godzilla: Part 2, where we'll conclude our review of the Showa era's Godzilla franchise. This is quite literally the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly of Godzilla's many costumes. You've been warned!
174:25 9/14/21
15 Days of Godzilla: Part 1
It's everyone's favorite lizard/dinosaur, plus villain/hero.  Grab your popcorn and get ready for 15 days of Godzilla: Part 1. We'll be reviewing the Showa era's classic depiction of a lovable yet misunderstood monster, with a heart of gold and an uncanny affection for mankind, who in return uses every vice possible to try to destroy him.
113:48 4/27/21
24 Hours of Dead People
In episode 8, we'll review your favorite cast of dead people. Join us as we recount George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978), and Day of the Dead (1985). 
75:08 3/28/21
Santa's Watching
In episode 7, we'll review one of the most controversial horror films of all time, Silent Night, Deadly Night, from 1984.
55:04 12/25/20
We Need to Talk About Billy
In episode 6, we'll review the classic 1974 horror film Black Christmas. 
62:39 12/18/20
Bloody Eclipse of the Heart
In episode 5, we review the underground killer kids movie from 1981, Bloody Birthday.
47:34 12/12/20
You Say Tomato. We Say Boogens.
In episode 4, we review the underground monster movie from 1981, The Boogens. What are these things?
28:15 12/4/20
It Ain't Cranberry Sauce
In episode 3, we review the Thanksgiving Day horror classic from 1987, Blood Rage a.k.a Slasher a.k.a Murder at Shadow Woods.
34:28 11/28/20
Poor Ronald
In episode 2, we'll review the underrated, made-for-TV horror film from 1974, Bad Ronald. Is Ronald really bad or just the victim of bad luck? 
35:54 11/20/20
Flannel Friday the 13th
In episode 1, we'll review the classic 1981 slasher film, Friday the 13th: Part II. 
30:02 11/14/20