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Welcome to Pearl Snap Tactical! Join your hosts, former intelligence and special operations professionals, as we discuss the latest domestic conflicts, firearms training, and gear to help better plan and protect those you love. If you'd like to partner with us to support this podcast, click here:


Primary and Secondary Threats
The first threat you see might not be the only threat you deal with.Unfortunately, military personnel, police officers, and concealed carry holders have been killed by secondary attacks that follow the initial attack they sought to deal with.In the episode we cover:What are primary and secondary attacks?Is this really a concern for CCW's?How do we train to protect ourselves against it?And more!Also, we take your questions:Should you change your EDC in response to weather and other changes?Semi-automatic vs. Revolver:  Which is better?Ear Pro Selection:  foam vs. muffsIt's all inside this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!If you would like to support this podcast, please consider giving us a boost at: up with us:Website:  www.BarritusDefense.comInstagram: the show (
46:56 09/23/2021
Taliban Controls Afghanistan, but YOU'RE the Terrorist!
Hey gang!​I just returned from a month long JRTC rotation in Ft. Polk, and dang! There's a lot of stuff happening in the world since I was gone!​In this special episode of the Pearl Snap Tactical Podcast, Alex and I discuss the US withdraw from Afghanistan and what that means for you. Plus, we discuss the recent release by the Department of Homeland Security that labels.....basically, everyone as a potential terrorist!​What do these current events mean for you? As it turns out, quite a lot!​So, pull up a chair and sit a spell, while Alex and I as draw on our experiences from the intelligence and world of special operations to help you plan and prepare for the future.Connect with us:Website:  www.BarritusDefense.comFacebook: this podcast: the show (
42:24 08/19/2021
How Your Martial Arts Teacher Can Get You Killed
Does my Kung-Fu grip really beat Alex's flying back kick?  All joking aside, the inter-webs are a wash with folks arguing about why the techniques in their fighting system is superior than the others.  But is that even where the discussion should start?In this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical, Alex and I are going to approach the topic from a different angle to find that when it comes to evaluating a martial art or "reality-based" system, we may need to examine it from a different framework.Plus, we take your questions:Which holsters are best for CCW?Conceal Carry Insurance - is it worth it?How can we draw and shoot faster ( more accurately)?It's all in this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!Got questions or topics?  Send them to info@barritusdefense.comIf you'd like to support the podcast click here. up with us:Instagram:  www.BarritusDefense.comSupport the show (
42:12 06/25/2021
Low Light Encounters
Criminals love operating at night because it gives them an advantage.  Using the darkness, the criminal can better limit the number of eyewitnesses, conceal their movements, and attack when people are most vulnerable.Operating in low light conditions is probably one of the most neglected skills by concealed carry holders today.  It's time to change that.  It's time to take back the night.In this episode, the Pearl Snap Brothers are going to give you the tips and tools you need to prepare yourself for a low light encounter.  It's time to make the bad guys afraid of the dark.  We'll show you how.Plus, we take your questions on: - Barrel twist:  what is it and why is it important? -Train as you fight:  what it really means - AND MORE!Have a question or topic suggestion?  Send it to info@ barritusdefense.comFREE training:Go to and sign up for our FREE course on How to Become a Better Shooter.  It will help improve your shooting speed and accuracy.Support the podcast at Buy Me a CoffeeLink up with us:Website:  Barritus DefenseFacebook: the show (
45:15 06/04/2021
The Big 5 for CCW's
In this episode, Alex and I discuss the Big 5 that Concealed Carry holders need to focus on to develop their total skill set.  Get these five areas down and you'll be prepared for almost any situation that life may throw your way.Plus, we answer your questions:how do I defend myself in an open space like a field or parking lot?what are some things to help me stay focused during my dry-fire training?where did the name "Pearl Snap Tactical" come from anyway?The content here free to you, but it's not free to make.  If you'd like to help support us, so that we can improve the production, please consider a donation at next time, keep it pearl snapped!Support the show (
44:30 03/12/2021
How To Get Shot On the Toilet
In this episode, How to Get Shot on the Toilet: and Other Stories From Down Range, Alex share stories from the more "inglorious" side of our deployments.  Plus, we answer your questions on:tourniquet selection and considerationsthe amount of ammo you should carry for EDChow to shoot faster and more accuratelyIt's all there and more in this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!Support the show (
40:56 02/12/2021
Surviving the Ambush
If you want to survive an ambush attack, there are only 2 options.  Do you know what they are?In this episode, we continue our discussion the Anatomy of an Ambush, by detailing:what your two options are to survive an ambushwhy mobility, not cover is keywe take your questions on vehicle defense, slings, and more..It's all here in this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!Support the show (
24:59 02/02/2021
Anatomy of the Ambush
The ambush is one of most deadliest attacks you can encounter.  In this episode, we'll discuss:why the ambush is so lethalelements of an ambushmitigation strategies to protect yourselfPlus, I'm also answering questions sent in by listeners to include training with disabilities, concealed carry tips, and how to protect our 2nd amendment freedoms.It's all here in Episode 2 of the Pearl Snap Tactical Podcast.  It's warrior culture with a twang!Support the show (
27:47 01/25/2021
Roman War Cries and You
In our first episode, we discuss how a 4th century CE practice by the Roman Legions can help us today, plus we answer listener questions on improvised weapons, cover and concealment, and the some insight on the causes of the ammo pandemic.  So, lock and load, sit back, and get ready for a great episode!It's Pearl Snap Tactical - warrior culture with a southern twang.Support the show
18:07 01/22/2021