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LIFE is complex. The frustrating issues never seem to stop. BUSINESS is hard. Right answers are not easily found and making progress is difficult. Living a life of FAITH can feel complicated. Your relationship with God may feel broken. You may be uninspired in your faith. It becomes lonely. It is discouraging when MOVEMENT in your life, business, or faith has stopped.Positive, encouraging, and inspiring stories seem to be hard to find. Most of the information circulating is negative. It shouldn’t be this way. Why we created this: Stop discouragement - Listen to encouraging stories of normal people dealing with the same problems. Be inspired - in life and business. Take a step forward - Ignite a spark in your faith.


The StoryField # 65: The One with Jamie Winship and why we need to Stop saying “Not Enough”.
Three seriously important questions: ·      How many times a day are you measuring yourself?  ·      How many times are you saying these two words “Not Enough”?  ex: “I am not enough; they are not enough; we are not enough; I don’t have enough”·      Where did you learn you were “Not Enough?”We are honored to welcome back Jamie Winship to The StoryField.  Jamie Winship has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.He is the author of the book Living Fearless. He and his wife, Donna, are co-founders of Identity Exchange and its corporate arm, Identity Method, providing training and consulting on the transformative power of living fearlessly in your true identity. Check out Identity Exchange for many excellent online courses, resources, and materials all directed at helping you discover your true identity and live fearless.Listen in to this incredible interview where we covered two major things:1)    What is you’re the lens you see the world through? – aka your Worldview. Is it Scarcity or Connected.  (are you enough?)2)    How you can utilize the intuitive mind and imagination to discover the false beliefs and identities you’ve lived with your entire life which are still hurting you today. PS.      Jamie and Donna Winship are coming to Stephenville and Granbury, Texas – October 1,2, 2024 – for more information on schedule and to help support the events, please visit PSS.   Be sure to check out “Finding Hope in Depression” a short video series with some great exercises.  Find it at: Support the Show.
47:00 5/20/24
The StoryField #64: The One with Dr. Ben Edwards about Without Peace you’re Wasting your Effort
Today, we visit again with Dr. Ben Edwards.Dr. Ben founded Veritas Medical, a medical clinic with locations in Lubbock, Abilene, and San Angelo which offer alternative/integrative medical options and Veritas Wellness, an education and support platform to help guide people in gaining knowledge of the American diet and lifestyle choices.You can listen to Dr. Ben’s podcast “You’re the Cure” on apple podcast and all interviews on YouTube through the Veritas Medical channel.We pick up on Dr. Ben’s story and bring it current after God flipped the script on Ben informing him that operating in Peace is one of the most important things a person can do for their health.Join us today as we spent time speaking about stress and how it comes from your beliefs (how you view yourself and the world). Do you believe lies? Believing wrongly ultimately causes stress and damage to your body.Dr. Ben would encourage you to stop and consider your life.  Consider the lenses you view the world through.  He would invite you to meet and have a relationship with the creator of it all – so you can operate in peace and far greater health. Support the Show.
60:06 4/15/24
The StoryField #63: The One with Dr. Ben Edwards about The Sickest People in the World.
Dr. Ben Edwards was part of the medical “system” for years until he got fired after God completely disrupted his thinking.Before the disruption - he followed suit. He played by the rules. He had great success in everyone’s eyes (he even was featured on the front page of the Washington Post).God didn’t want Dr. Ben in that model, though, and started to unravel everything by leaving Ben a copy of “Radical” by David Platt on an empty bus seat in the middle of nowhere in Zambia.Shortly after, his physician’s assistant completely reversed his Celiac disease after meeting with a physician from Amarillo, Texas who thought completely differently than Ben did about the body.Years later, Dr. Ben is operating 100% differently and has seen many people’s bodies heal after learning the truth and receiving a little guidance.Dr. Ben founded Veritas Medical, a medical clinic with locations in Lubbock, Abilene, and San Angelo which offer alternative/integrative medical options and Veritas Wellness, an education and support platform to help guide people in gaining knowledge of the American diet and lifestyle choices.You can listen to Dr. Ben’s podcast “You’re the Cure” on apple podcast and all interviews on YouTube through the Veritas Medical channel. Support the Show.
59:47 4/8/24
The StoryField #62: The One with Chris Randall and Crazy God Story
Chris Randall wrote “Crazy God Story: Faith Isn’t Blind” to document all the incredible things God has done in, to, and through him.  You can grab a copy of his book here.He was basically a gypsy by family heritage, having 45 addresses before the age of 18.He grew up a “Christian Schizophrenic” as he describes. A pseudo-Christian. His life was trashed and in shambles as of December 2008, when everything changed, and he became a true believer and follower of Jesus.Then, the Lord asked Chris to begin a nonprofit mechanic company where he would fix cars for broke people for free and share the good news.  Behind the scenes, the Lord had both promised and was providing for his family as he worked for no pay.Join us today as we hear Chris’s amazing life story and all the incredible and crazy God things that happens when you follow in complete obedience to the Holy Spirit.Check Chris out on Instagram, FB, or TikTok – you will be encouraged! Support the Show.
92:17 3/18/24
The StoryField #61: The Matt Conversations - Episode 5
In the fifth episode of our series with Matt Doud, we focus our spiritual discussions, aiming not to present ourselves as experts but to share insights that might resonate and encourage deeper reflection and a more authentic relationship with Jesus.This time, Matt explores the notions of provision, responsibility, and protection from a biblical perspective, challenging common cultural and even church-taught beliefs.He invites listeners to reconsider what it means to truly rely on God for provision, questioning where the responsibility for our lives and safety truly lies, and whether our traditional understanding aligns with scripture.Matt shares personal experiences and biblical insights to illustrate how shifting our focus from self-sufficiency to seeking first the kingdom of God can transform our approach to life's needs and challenges. He addresses the fear and uncertainty that often accompany such a paradigm shift, reassuring listeners of God's faithful provision and care.Through thoughtful questions and reflections, Matt encourages a journey of discovery, inviting us to examine our deepest beliefs about God's nature and His role in our lives. This episode is a call to open our hearts to the possibility that living in alignment with God's will can lead us to a life of greater freedom, purpose, and joy. Support the Show.
59:43 3/7/24
The StoryField #60: The Matt Conversations - Episode 4
Episode 4 in our series with Matt Doud, we're excited to welcome him back to continue discussing the transformative power of spiritual concepts in everyday life.Continuing from our previous conversations, Matt delves deeper into the concept of sin, not just as wrong actions, but as a state that separates us from experiencing fullness in life. He introduces a fresh perspective on sin as a lack of participation, an existence outside of God’s intended community for us, and how this understanding shifts our approach to spiritual growth.Matt challenges us to move beyond traditional views of sin, repentance, and salvation.  And emphasizes the importance of confession and repentance as pathways to rediscovering our true identities and aligning our lives with God’s truth.Through experiential knowledge and a deep dive into biblical teachings, Matt shares how embracing our genuine selves can lead to a life marked by freedom, joy, and a deeper connection with God. This episode invites listeners to reconsider their spiritual perceptions, encouraging a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and the pursuit of living in harmony with divine will. Support the Show.
78:17 3/4/24
The StoryField #59: The Matt Conversations - Episode 3
Welcome back for our third episode with Matt Doud,rejoining us to further unravel the essence of spiritual living and divine connection. Continuing from our previous discussions, Matt delves into Jesus' earthly mission and its impact on our everyday lives.Matt explores repentance, divine love's might, and the journey to embracing our authentic selves in Christ. With personal anecdotes and practical advice, he aims to deepen listeners' connection with God.This chat illuminates the path to recognizing our true selves and finding our unique purposes, urging listeners to rethink their spiritual views and embark on a journey of self-discovery and divine acceptance.A must-listen for those seeking to live a kingdom-focused life, this episode with Matt offers profound insights on aligning with God's will, discovering our true identities, and confidently pursuing our destinies. Join us in exploring these life-changing concepts with Matt, your guide to a fulfilling spiritual journey. Support the Show.
63:41 2/22/24
The StoryField #58: The Matt Conversations - Episode 2
In this engaging follow-up episode, we're thrilled to have Matt Doud back with us for another heart-to-heart. If you caught our last chat, you know Matt opened up about his incredible journey from a happy childhood to facing some really tough times, including a pivotal moment in his life after his first marriage ended.This time, Matt dives into the deep end with us, talking about Jesus' mission on Earth and what the kingdom of God really means, including some personal stories, thoughtful reflections and practical tips for anyone to use. Matt has a unique way of making complex spiritual concepts feel accessible and relatable. He shares his insights on repentance, the transformative power of love, and how to foster a real connection with Jesus. We also get into how overcoming fear and embracing who we truly are can change everything. It's not about having all the answers but starting a conversation and seeing where it takes us.  Support the Show.
60:15 2/21/24
The StoryField #57: The Matt Conversations - Episode 1
Excited to bring you episode 1 of 5 with Matt Doud, we will peel back the layers of living a spiritually rich life. Matt's personal evolution serves as a beacon for those on the precipice of transformation, seeking to navigate the intricate dance between faith and daily existence.This episode delves into the subtleties of discerning truth amidst life's chaos, where Matt shares his practical experiences of identifying and confronting inner battles.Embarking on what he describes as a pivotal 'line in the sand' moment, Matt imparts the potent lessons of confession, the power of vulnerability, and the treasures found in truthfulness. His story acts as a testament to the profound shifts that unfold when one earnestly seeks clarity from God.Whether you're wrestling with personal demons, seeking spiritual renewal, or simply looking for a dose of heartfelt wisdom, join us for these soul-stirring episodes with Matt—your guide to cultivating a life of authenticity, purpose, and deep spiritual connection. Support the Show.
65:09 2/15/24
The StoryField #56: The One with Matt Doud and The Invitation which Changed Everything
Matt told us his childhood was “really amazing” and that growing up he was “super blessed”.Given his amazing childhood, Matt’s story may shock you since we learned he went through many struggles in an effort to discover who he was and what he was really made to do.Even more shocking is how his first marriage ended, the reason it ended and what a low point he was at when an invitation from a friend changed everything.A couple hours of honest conversation, some confession, and learning a new way to pray rocked Matt’s world and changed everything.Listen today to Matt’s incredible story and be encouraged.Matt is a gifted communicator and teacher and we have asked him to spend a few more episodes with us covering different topics.  Together we will dig into some really pertinent ideas around who we are, how we’re designed to live fully alive and free, and give you a few simple tools which will help you move in the direction of your true identity and destiny.But, first, you need to hear Matt’s story…  Support the Show.
62:52 2/7/24
The StoryField #55: The One with Dr. Terry Powell about It’s Worth It. You’re Enough. Keep Going.
Dr. Terry Powell has battled depression his entire life.The battle has not stopped him from serving 50+ years in ministry; nor has the battle stopped him from writing or co-authoring 19 books. We were honored to question Dr. Powell about his book entitled “Serve Strong. Biblical Encouragement to Sustain God’s Servants”.  You can grab a copy of Serve Strong HERE.Serve Strong will answer these thoughts that everyone attempting to serve God will have:“Is this even worth it?”“I am not good enough.”“I am not making a difference."You do not want to miss this great interview with a seasoned ministry brother who has been through the battles.  We promise – you will leave encouraged. Support the Show.
68:05 1/23/24
The StoryField #54: The One with Bruce Pulver about The Power of Our Words
The morning after being laid off from his 25+ year career in the healthcare technology industry, Bruce awoke to the single word “STRONG” clearly speaking to him.He took the word and within a minute wrote:StandTallRemainOptimisticNowGo for itThat single word changed his life forever as he focused on finding a way to be STRONG that day just as he wrote it.Over the next 400 days, he awoke with a single word or phrase clearly speaking to him in the same manner. These words, divinely downloaded, built a purpose and understanding of the power of a single word and its impact on how we handle go through and emerge from life’s challenges.Bruce understands words are powerful.  Words are his passion. He knows our words can completely change our mindset and our life – just like they did for him.After this layoff (his “Bam” moment) – he took each word and wrote to create an Amazon best-selling book entitled “Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter – Powerful words that changed my life forever”.   Pick up your signed copy here.Bruce has gone on to do a TedTalk already reaching 340,000+ people.  Click here to watch it and be inspired.Bruce is now speaking globally sharing his vital message that if we change the way we use our words, we can change the trajectory of our lives for the better.Listen to this fascinating episode today and learn to ways to use words that will change your life forever!Just like Bruce says “we all have unique GIFTS (God Installed Features To Share). They are ours to uncover, understand, develop and share with the world to make it a better place for all.  Support the Show.
56:46 1/8/24
The StoryField #53: The One with Chris Cirullo about 10 More Seconds with an Army Ranger
Chris is an American hero who served as an Army Ranger in the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.  He did 4 combat deployments in Afghanistan with over 200 direct action night raids on high-value terrorist targets.He was a walk-on for the Oregon Ducks football team.He helped grow some highly successful venture-backed software startups.He is the founder of Mission Fit Dads – a coaching platform helping men improve their health and fitness, and dive deeper into spiritual formation.He is also the founder of Impact Driven Sales – a sales consulting agency for business & NPOs that aim to deliver faith-based content.He is a father of 4 boys; soon to be 5.Chris has had big success in his life so far, but his real passion is helping people move from unbelief to belief of the truth in every area of their lives and doing this in partnership with Jesus.Listen to this incredible story of Chris’ life and be encouraged to take a big step moving from unbelief to belief.  Remember “our actions and emotions always perfectly align with our true beliefs”.Men – don’t forgot to check out Mission Fit Dads to connect with Chris today. It is time to get unstuck!  Support the Show.
73:02 12/8/23
The StoryField #52: The One with Sam Eldredge about Killing Lions and Discovering a Story
Sam is still discovering his story.  His life events may seem disconnected but when you step back and look - there is a common theme: He is here help people discover and live their best story.Sam is the son of famous parents – John and Stasi Eldredge. Think “Wild at Heart” and “Captivating”.·      He co-authored a book titled “Killing Lions” with his father. Get your copy HERE. ·      He helped create a podcast which had over 2,000,000 downloads.·      He helped create “And Sons Magazine” a “no B.S. men’s magazine produced by guys who love Jesus”.·      He’s traveled the world; climbed Kilimanjaro; is an Iron Men participant.But, most importantly, Sam is now a husband and a father.Most recently, Sam founded Noble Workshops – a counseling intensive retreat set in Colorado which has been changing people’s lives.Click HERE to learn more about Noble Workshops – it may be the best thing you could do to start your journey of becoming whole.You do not want to miss Sam’s incredible story-  Support the Show.
61:07 11/29/23
The StoryField #51: The One With Blaine Eldredge about The Most Startling Gift to Humanity
Blaine is 32 and just finished this book:  The Paradise King.  The book is about “The tragic history and spectacular future of everything according to Jesus of Nazareth”.Blaine has already accomplished much in life but is slowly beginning to develop a life where his time reflects his priorities in life. He’s a dad. He’s a husband.Blaine also holds a master’s degree and has started several journaling/publication platforms for young men trying to take on the nature of Jesus (including “And Sons Magazine” and its podcast which was downloaded over 2,000,000 times and "Mount Vigil").Blaine is dripping with passion for Jesus; history; the Bible and it comes out on the pages of The Paradise King. You do not want to miss out on this incredible story.  Support the Show.
62:07 11/15/23
The StoryField #50B: The One with Micah Petrea about H-Town, Music and finding Jesus later in life.
Micah WANTED to be a professional baseball player. He then WANTED to be the next Garth Brooks. Then he WANTED to be the next great record producer.  BUT, what God WANTED was totally different.Join us as we talk to Micah, Co-Host of the Storyfield, as he talks about growing up in Houston, the twists and turns of life before marriage, and the twists and turns of life after marriage.  God then took over with His plan and his life has never been the same.Micah has served as Worship Pastor, church planter, audio consultant for churches for the last 15 years and owns several businesses that serve his local community.Riot Monkey CreativeThe Brand Hat Support the Show.
80:22 11/7/23
The StoryField #50A: The one with Josh Allen, Co-Host of The Storyfield, life in the 'Ville, listening for God and finally jumping out of the boat.
Josh was crushed with worry, anxiety, and depression for years.At the peak of his law career Josh was told to – “Step out of the boat”.   In obedience to God’s request, Josh stepped out of the boat and is trusting God will direct and care for him, but it didn’t come without some risk; pressure; and pain.He thought he would be a practicing attorney forever, but God had different plans. This request from God has changed Josh’s life and completely shuffled his own life plans. Now, looking back, he is so thankful for those hard years because God used those terrible times to completely free him and change his life as well as those close to him.He use to not hear the Lord, now he does. He use to not obey the Lord, now he does.It is a surprising twist to the Josh Allen many of you know. Support the Show.
81:00 10/16/23
The StoryField #49: The one with Mike Fritscher about the kid from New Orleans who ended up in Texas, loved people well and changed generations for the better.
Mike Fritscher loves the feel and culture of New Orleans and REALLY Loves people. Growing up in Metairie, Louisiana, he found a love for the local culture, found he could relate to people easily and knew he was headed for ministry. He might have been about 8-10 when he knew that’s what he was going to do.Let’s see: he played football, was FCA Co-Captain, part of student council, went to college and found the love of his life all before the age of 20. All while starting a brand new youth group in West Houston. All of those lessons and meeting thousands of people in that time frame helped mold him into the shepherding type leader he is today.Join us as we talk about the 42 years of marriage to the amazing JonAnne, the almost 39 years at Cottonwood Church in Dublin Texas and why we should all be living Glory to Glory given our short time on this earth.Contact Mike:  254.485.6545Pastor Mike’s Impactful books:Shadow of the Almighty and Through the Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliott Daws Outliers - Malcom Gladwell The Walking Drum Support the Show.
77:36 9/8/23
The StoryField #48: The one with Eric Swithin about Help for the Fatherless
Eric was puking up blood (from all the drug/alcohol use) for three days and laying on his bathroom floor when Jesus showed on the scene.  He was as broken as it gets. He went on to become a high-level combat Marine and fought in the Iraq War.Jesus showed up powerfully again to Eric during a moment of complete misery while working in the business world. Then, a prophetic word landed Eric in seminary.Now, he is the founder and leader of The Alliance to End the Fatherless Epidemic, a large-scale ministry to end the fatherless epidemic and Outdoor Adventures, a nonprofit created to end fatherlessness through mentorship.Check out The Fatherless Epidemic Documentary 2023 to understand what Eric and his team are working to eradicate.Eric understands two verses well:Psalm 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”.  James 1.27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”.You do not want to miss this incredible story of a life transformed and the love of a Father. Support the Show.
68:34 7/24/23
The StoryField #47: The One with Todd Dionne about Georgia, being a Maverick and the Life after Full Time Ministry
Todd Dionne is a maverick. Not the kind from Cool Hand Luke or Tom Cruise in Top Gun. He just knows he is the most comfortable when he is truly aligned and being his authentic self. And as you’ll hear it didn’t happen overnight.Todd ’s story takes us on a journey of finding rhythm and using the gifts God has given you no matter the stage of life or location. Sometimes the best time to do ministry is when you are separated from leading ministry.Join us as we get to talk to Todd about Huck Finn Adventures, finding your Faith in small town Georgia & Pastoring churches, how his Real Estate business became a surprising new means of ministry fulfillment and how being willing to defy expectations has now got him hangin with Hollywood on TV Series sets.Get to your favorite spot and check out this amazing story.You can find Todd online hereReal Estate: and Wellness: Support the Show.
94:55 7/3/23
The StoryField #46: The One with Kaynon Hill about Preaching at 17y Old: From Terrible Darkness to Powerful Ministry
Kaynon just graduated high school and is on his way to a school of ministry.He is 17 years old but has considerable experience preaching the gospel in both English and Spanish. He is a bold evangelist who has helped organized a successful youth event where 14+ people were baptized.This is now; however, he went through terrible darkness to get here.  Including being demonized; in and out of mental hospitals; drug use; and more. Listen in to Kaynon’s incredible journey and see how Good and Faithful Jesus.  Parents, tune in because we also asked him some advice for parents who may be concerned about a child. Thank you Kaynon for your encouraging; raw; authentic; and beautiful interview. Support the Show.
82:55 6/14/23
The StoryField #45: The One with Marc Owings and A Wild and Unbridled Life Transformed
Marc was out of control in his youth.  Heavy alcohol and drug abuse often being found passed out in front yard.  Sexually active at an early age.  Fighting all the time for the smallest offenses. Marc left home early and lived on friend’s couches.Marc was on a path to serious destruction.But, God had a different plan.  In a series of incredible life events, Marc received Jesus, and everything completely changed.Now, Marc and is wife Leslie are the founders of ElevateHim and lead the Fully Alive events which have impacted thousands of people in all walks.  He has worked personally alongside James and Betty Robinson at LIFE Outreach International – traveling the world.Marc is the author of several books including The Original Sanctuary and The All in Life and Fully Connected Marriage.You do not want to miss this incredible story of a life transformed and the love of a Father. Support the Show.
76:43 5/8/23
The StoryField #44: The One with Brian Carpenter about Fighting the Great Lie
Brian Carpenter and the Refuge Foundation have been fighting what he calls the “Great Lie” for years.  As Brian explains the Great Lie -- “everyone assumes church and ministry leaders are doing ok; they are at the top of their game; they are in great shape”.   This is a complete lie – just look around.  Leaders are not doing well.  In fact, according to a recent impact report of the Refuge Foundation, 44% of pastors seriously considered quitting in the last 12 months.What started out as a regular fishing trip with some friends which involved adventure, fun, and authentic conversations now looks like the Refuge Foundation hosting 1000s of guests each year (50% of which are in full-time vocational ministry) on several of their amazing properties.  From 2018-2021 alone, the 3,000 unique guests attending a Refuge trip have an influential reach of over 16.4mm people.If you want to help ministry leaders get healthy and continue serving then give Brian an email at Refuge Foundation is greatly helping the leaders who help us.   Support the Show.
62:45 4/27/23
The StoryField #43: The One with Chris Beth About A Cup of Dirty Amazon River Water
Chris Beth did not even want to be standing on the porch of a partially flooded house on the banks of the Amazon River that day.  But it was the day that changed his life.The lady who lived there just handed Chris a cup of water to drink which she scooped up from the Amazon River.  He could literally see things swimming in it.   This is when Chris heard from God -- “Help Them”.  This was when The Bucket Ministry was really created.Listen in today to this incredible story of how The Bucket Ministry has provided generational access to clean and safe drinking water to people in over 20 countries and has been privileged to share the good news of Jesus with around 1,000,000 people.Chris and The Bucket Ministry team have spent a lot of time in recent years working in Kibera which is home to over 400,000 people and one of the largest slums in Africa.  Check out a few videos for more information: The Bucket Ministry VideoKibera VideoKibera TestimonyIt only costs about $50 to provide a family with 20 years of clean water.  Would you visit The Bucket Ministry and help some families today? Support the Show.
74:20 4/11/23
The StoryField #42: The One with Jon Seidl about Hope For the Anxious Soul
Jon Seidl is the author of Finding Rest: A Survivor’s Guide to Navigating the Valleys of Anxiety, Faith, and Life.  Immediately upon release it become a #1 Amazon bestseller in several categories.  In fact, it shot up to the #17 new release on all of Amazon and quickly became a top 100 bestseller.   The overwhelming response led to his releasing a companion workbook entitled Finding Rest: An Invitation to Go Deeper.     You can find both books on Amazon or   Jon’s life was wrecked with anxiety and OCD.  He lived with it for years, but it came crashing to the surface in a coffee shop one day when he found the wrong sweetener in his coffee and it led to an OCD episode.   Fast forward a few years, in a moment of prompting and conviction from God, while working as editor-in-chief at the non-profit I Am Second, he told the world his secret by releasing this article.  The rest is history.   He is not a psychiatrist.  He is not a therapist. But he was walked through and gained valuable insights about anxiety, OCD, and depression and now wants to help others who struggle and are looking for help and hope.   If you need rest in the midst of anxiety today, please listen to Jon’s amazing interview. Support the Show.
59:10 3/22/23
The StoryField #41: The One with Abraham Garcia about God Walks with Him
Abraham was kicked out of his house early.  Came to America illegally.  Got caught up in a life of drugs and the pain which comes with it. He came to the point of complete despair and hopelessness. But God had a different plan.Join us today for an incredible story of transformation.You will hear how good God has been to this Pastor (Yes. You heard correctly!)Abraham is now the founder/owner of several successful businesses; has been a Pastor for years; and has a great family.  He walks with God every moment.If you need hope for life.  Encouragement of God’s goodness.  Want to hear of the kindness of God, then you must hear Abraham’s story today. Support the Show.
62:47 2/8/23
The StoryField #40: The One with Dumbi Mabiala & The Big Move and the “Dirty Virgin” Book.
This is being said as kind as possible -- this episode will take away some of your excuses for being slow in obeying what God is speaking to you.  You will be encouraged to take a step. Move forward.  Go for it. This is what Dumbi Mabiala will tell you because God loves you so much and He will provide.  Dumbi understands her God-given identity and she hears clearly from the Holy Spirit. In 2016, she was living in Baltimore, Maryland, and was in her office preparing for a speech when out of the blue she heard in her spirit the words “Dirty Virgin”. Now, in 2023, she lives in Texas after making a move across the country based on a word from God and is the author of the book called Dirty Virgin.When she moved – she had only been in Texas a few times. You will learn how to hear from God better after this episode. Support the Show.
60:42 1/12/23
The StoryField #39: The One with Shawn Bolz and God’s Heart through Prophecy
Hold onto your seat!Here is how we started this incredible interview:“Shawn, tell us a story about a time when God gave you a prophetic word for someone that was used to change their life?” Shawn Bolz is a TV host; an author; media producer; and a Christian minister who has been leading conversations in the church world, entertainment industry, and the media to help inspire people around the world.Shawn:Is the author of 13 books including best sellers “Translating God,” “God Secrets,” and “Wired to Hear”.  Hosts two top ranking podcast/vodcasts “Exploring the Marketplace” and “Prophetic Perspectives” with over 9,500,000 downloads between them.Produces shows airing on TBN.Created and leads an online educational platform called “Spiritual Growth Academy”.Shawn helps us understand prophecy – the goal of which is to help the person see Jesus more and to understand the God of the Bible is not only real but is acting on the person’s behalf right now. Support the Show.
59:39 12/19/22
The StoryField #38: The One with Dirk Smith and Just Give Up and Let Go
This interview with Dirk Smith will bring you both encouragement and extreme clarity.Over two years ago, his wife of 34 years was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig's Disease and he was so gracious to open the door to this journey.This is not a discouraging episode though!  Dirk will encourage you with some big things: ·      Prayer has amazing power. You can experience God’s peace through terrible circumstances.·      Life is temporary so Give Up and Let Go of control to Jesus.·      Things to do and not do to help people going through difficulties. Dirk is the vice-president of EEM – Eastern European Mission; a non-profit which distributes Bibles and Bible-based materials in 30+ countries and 20+ languages.  They have impacted 4,500,000 million public school students in over 4,000 public schools. Support the Show.
60:20 12/6/22
The StoryField #37: The One with Bob Hasson and 50,000 Gallons of Spilled Paint
Bob’s company uses about 50,000 gallons of paint each year but that wasn’t always the case.  He has learned to partner with God and use a few “rocket science” principles to grow his painting company which started out of a Volkswagen bug with surf racks to one in the top 1% of its industry in the nation handling huge projects like stadiums, hospitals, and airports.Bob is the author of several books; has a consulting business; and actively serves as a board member for many nonprofits, churches, and ministries.If you want to know how hearing from God works in business- you must listen to this episode.  You will love hearing how to partner with God in your business and watch God breakthrough for you time and time again.Oh, did we mention Bob is the co-host of a podcast with Shawn Bolz called “Exploring the Marketplace” – currently in the top 100 of all Christian podcasts?PS.      Interested in reading one of Bob’s life-changing books?  Click below and grab a copy today:ShortcutsBusiness of HonorWired to Hear Support the Show.
58:56 11/21/22