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LIFE is complex. The frustrating issues never seem to stop.BUSINESS is hard. Right answers are not easily found and making progress is difficult. Living a life of FAITH can feel complicated. Your relationship with God may feel broken. You may be uninspired in your faith. It becomes lonely. It is discouraging when MOVEMENT in your life, business, or faith has stopped.Positive, encouraging, and inspiring stories seem to be hard to find. Most of the information circulating is negative. It shouldn’t be this way. Why we created this: Stop discouragement - Listen to encouraging stories of normal people dealing with the same problems. Be inspired - in life and business. Take a step forward - Ignite a spark in your faith.


The StoryField #34: The One with Jamie Winship and Living Fearlessly
Here is how we started our conversation with Jamie Winship:1.    What is one of the most dangerous situations you have ever been in?2.    Is it possible to live fearlessly?3.    What is your identity?You do not want to miss the answers.Jamie Winship has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.Jamie is the author of the book Living Fearless. He and his wife, Donna, are co-founders of Identity Exchange and its corporate arm, Identity Method, providing training and consulting on the transformative power of living fearlessly in your true identity. If you feel anxious and out of control, then you’re most likely experiencing an inner conflict that is causing you to self-protect, compete, and compare. Peace and perfect rest are available.  Make sure you check out for more information.
72:46 10/04/2022
The StoryField #33: The One with Matthew Potter about Impacting Millions of People
Is this a coincidence?A 15-year girl was pregnant and scared.   She needed advice and went to a local church to speak with a brand-new pastor. Pastor didn’t know what to say so he called a friend who just started a 20-person church in Los Angeles, CA.  A couple attending the new church had been trying unsuccessfully for 10 years to have children. The girl gave her baby boy up for adoption to the couple in Los Angeles.Boy grew up and co-founded - the worlds #1 app for daily prayer and faith impacts 13,000,000 worldwide and has been shared by 97,000,000 people.We were honored to speak with Matthew Potter about his life and journey which led to the co-founding of and the incredible impact it is having on the world.Matthew Potter does not believe in accidents or luck. You do not want to miss this interview.Make sure you check out for more information.
59:45 09/07/2022
The StoryField #32: The One with Chad Wallen about Saving Lives One Fatherless at a Time
I have an idea for you – You should quit your job.  Sell your house.  Sell 80% of your belongings. Then, move to another State far far away where you only know one person.  Sound good? Well, that’s what Chad Wallen did.  We had a chance to get some more details. You must tune in.Chad is the founder of a non-profit called Advance Camp which is quite literally saving the lives of young men who have no father aroundAdvanced Camp operates in Oregon, Texas, Florida, and soon- Tennessee.For Chad, this verse is a command; not a suggestion—Here are the beliefs and way of life that God our Father accepts as pure and without fault.  When widows are in trouble, take care of them.  Do the same for children who have no parents.  And don’t let the world make you impure.  James 1.27 Chad, we are glad your RV broke down in Granbury, Texas and you decided to stay..
61:50 08/23/2022
The StoryField #31: The One with Ron Hughes about Rattlesnakes to Growing a Giant
Ron graduated from a class of 28 people in west Texas.Years later though – he found himself involved in helping build a company which grew from $100k in startup funds to revenues peaking at 1.7 billion (that’s right… billion) with customers in 49 states; 10 European countries; Canada; and Mexico.You will not want to miss this great interview our good friend and soak up wisdom from a man who has been on the big rollercoaster.You’ll never believe what happened to the company.
65:17 07/19/2022
The StoryField #30: The One with Chuck Gschwend about Renewal and Refreshment
Meet Chuck.  He is a lawyer… actually, no… a minister/lead pastor…actually, no…. a spiritual director…and the director of culture and spiritual formation…Ok – he is all of that and more.Here is what we do know. Life is hard and can be discouraging.  Living a life of faith is very difficult.  Sometimes you just need to be renewed and refreshed – spiritually speaking… that’s where Chuck comes to the rescue. Please listen to this interview if you feel a heavy burden and need some tips and direction to feel a sense of relief and want to know of the great, steady, kind, and wonderful love God has for you.  It’s time for refreshment.
79:32 07/05/2022
The StoryField #29 the One with Blessed Matai and Getting tapped out.
Meet Blessed Matai.  He loves getting punched in the face. Be careful if you try though because he is a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.Stephenville locals will recognize Blessed as the owner and coach of Makhuwa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym serving over 100 kids/adults.   He was born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa and first came to America with a small bag and $500 to play college basketball in Midland.Blessed is a man of great faith- listen in today to hear how faithful God has been to him in his journey from Africa to Stephenville.  You will be encouraged.
64:24 06/14/2022
The StoryField #28 The One with Lee Ellis and the Biggest Deal for their Business.
Meet Lee Ellis.  Founder and owner of at least four (4) companies in Fort Worth; including one of the largest real estate brokerages in Tarrant County.Lee joined us for a short mini-cast covering one of the most helpful things they ever did in their 20+ years of business.   If a business owner gets this correct, then everything will change.  So, what is it?Thank you Lee for making time to teach and encourage and make our companies way better.If you have any questions or feedback for Lee, email him at (
29:28 05/31/2022
The StoryField #27 The One with John Strappazon and a Rough Start, Great Finish.
Meet John Strappazon aka “Strap”.  Strap grew up on the wrong side of the tracks outside of Chicago but found himself living with a friend’s family attending college 1,200 miles away.He knew nothing about the gospel or faith; he had no interest at all in the Bible, but his life changed one Sunday morning when he heard from God “If you give your life to me, you will find what you are looking for”. Since then, he has been in ministry 40+ years; been chaplain for the Texas Tech Football Team; was used to help create Paradigm Bible Study which is still thriving in many locations; and has become a great disciple-maker. At one point, an English professor give him a “C minus minus minus “ on his final class portfolio and actually wrote the words “you still do not know how to write a paper”. Strap got the last laugh as he is now the author of two (2) books – Life’s Equipment Bag and Gear for the Game. Get them here-Gear for the GameLife's Equipment Bag Want some tips on how to live a life of discipleship?  Strap has you covered – listen in today.
77:40 05/09/2022
The StoryField #26 The One with Marlon Woods and Just Walk Through the Door.
Meet Marlon Woods.  Marlon has more followers on Instagram (80,000 followers) than Stephenville’s population.Marlon’s name may sound familiar to you if you’ve ever heard of Les Mills International.  In fact, you can stream Marlon and let him lead you through some Body Combat and Body Pump through Les Mill’s massive online streaming workouts.We covered a lot of ground during the interview including - ·      Growing up with the great pressure to perform in sports as a child.·      Serving in the military in Afghanistan.·      Working on Capitol Hill and why he said ‘no” so many times to some dream jobs.·      The deep struggle when opening a gym.Marlon is the author of “The Only One in the Room”.  You can purchase it HERE.Listen in today to soak up some encouragement from Marlon’s incredible story.  If anything, he would tell you that whatever the circumstance you are in just “walk through the door”. 
67:56 04/22/2022
The StoryField #25 The One with Darrel Auvenshine who should not be alive right now.
Meet Darrel – our guest on The StoryField Podcast.He should not be alive right now – except for a miracle. This is what Darrel heard from God immediately after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer:“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.  Psalm 118:17”Tune in today to hear his incredible story which included founding Southside City Church (Fort Worth) which was planted years ago to love and serve the Homeless and those with HIV and AIDS. Thank you Darrel for being so vulnerable and honest.  You will find encouragement in this episode.Shine in the CityEmail Darrel - 
66:58 04/11/2022
The StoryField #24: The One with Jeremy Davis and Lessons Learned in Desert Seasons
The StoryField w/ Jeremy Davis.Jeremy Davis apparently needs the desert seasons. He is a 3rd generation pastor’s kid but after an early divorce in his family he became far enough away from God he became “unchurched”.  In college, the Lord found him; plugged him into a “random TV church” as he says jokingly where the pastor gave his weekly message on a screen.   Later, he became the Fort Worth campus pastor of that church (Life.Church) which now has 40 campuses and reaches 65,000 weekly.Jeremy is the owner/founder of a staff training and development company.  He is obsessed with people’s unrealized potential, and he reminds us to remember – do not objectify your employees or people.  Learn to be empathetic because it is the greatest force in the entire universe.Listen to Jeremy’s fascinating story today.  You will both learn and be encouraged. 
69:02 03/21/2022
The StoryField #23: The One with Ross Conner & a Series of Pivotal Moments.
Ross is a partner with Hotchkiss Insurance but there is way more to the story of his life. In fact, one episode did not do it justice. When trying to explain in writing what his life story is to date – “a series of pivotal moments” and “crushed identities” and “God’s goodness” is what comes to mind.Ross Conner joined us for an authentic episode where we discussed many topics including-Divorce of parentsPlace kicking (or lack thereof) for Texas A&MLife changing mission tripA long drive to “get the girl”Adoption and large familiesBankruptcyListening Prayer If you need encouragement – you must listen in today.  Hope is found in Ross’s story.
62:32 02/24/2022
The StoryField #22: The One with Brad Allen and It all started with a letter from Texas.
The Company of the Rock House: ·      Has 500 employees; ·      Is in 8 locations across Texas; and·      Has provided life skills needs and training to adults with intellectual disabilities in Texas for over 40 years.Rock House all began in 1978 when a letter came across Brad’s desk. Tune in today to see how the Rock House grew from humble beginnings in Stephenville to daily serving almost 500 families across Texas. When it officially opened in 1979 – individuals with mental retardation lived in state institutions, not in the community.  Rock House help change that by opening one of the first private group homes in Texas. Business leaders – you will not want to miss some of the secret ingredients that made Rock House so great.Also, Brad gave us his secret as to how a business can get and keep enough employees to care for 500 people.  Here it is—Matthew 9:37-38:  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”Thank you, Brad, for giving us such an honest behind the scenes look at your story and God’s favor in your life and business.   
74:34 01/22/2022
The StoryField #21: The One with Savion Washington and I Only Lose if I Quit.
He wakes up each day ready to “Attack the Day” but that wasn’t always the case...Savion is the owner/founder of SDUB Fitness – Stephenville, Texas as well as –A fitness motivatorMotivational speakerAuthor of – SDUB, the real meaningJoin us today to hear how Savion went from growing up in a fatherless home (raised by a superhero mom) to playing football at TSU to starting SDUB Fitness in a Garland, Texas park after seriously considering suicide.This is a fascinating episode which will encourage and motivate you.  Like Savion says – “You only lose if you quit”.He knows “Why” he exists, and it is clearly playing itself out.  Thanks Savion for the authentic conversation!
65:19 12/31/2021
The StoryField #20: The One with Don Armstrong and Three Simple Words that Changed His Life
“You look horrible.”   As an act of concern, two people told Don that exact phrase in one day.  Within the next week Don was diagnosed with leukemia and had already begun receiving his first chemo treatment.The former golf course superintendent of one of America’s best golf courses- the Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas -- discusses his journey leading to working his dream job and the difficult years which followed.Don is on the other side of 5 rounds of chemo; 63 days in the hospital; and 150 consecutive days of doctor’s visits.  He is:A survivor; Author of “Finish Your Race”; A motivational speaker;  A business owner; andA major volunteer for NTX Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.Oh – did we mention he has since completed 22 marathons.  You will have no excuses once you listen to this episode; but you will be very encouraged.
59:01 12/15/2021
The StoryField #19: The One with Barney Paradise about Prison to Church Leadership
On May 27, 1987, he was busted by the DEA.  Life changed forever on that day for Barney.“By the time I was 16, I was already dealing drugs.”This is how Barney’s story began and he found himself in a California prison at age 21.Listen in today to hear how we went from prison to Director of Campus Development – a major role with Gateway Church – one of America’s largest and most influential churches.Life is about decisions you make and in today’s episode we get a behind the scenes look of the great impact choices have on a person’s life.Thank you Barney for this authentic and amazing life story.
54:54 12/01/2021
The StoryField #18: The One with Jason Klimis and how Tee Ball Practice Changed Everything
His dad’s life was dramatically changed at a tee ball practice when a stranger introduced Jesus (and Romans 10:9) into the picture. The story of the Klimis family is simply incredible. Here are few descriptors:Adultery/BetrayalDrugs/AlcoholDeath/SufferingTransformationLife with JesusPeaceChurchComplete RestorationThank you to Jason Klimis (a resident of Tarpon Springs, Florida) for giving us the chance to hear the most gritty and beautiful story of transformation.  “My plan was shot and all I could do was call out on the Lord and I didn’t really know how”.  “I woke up from that prayer with the most ridiculous joy I’ve ever had”. 
73:06 11/15/2021
The StoryField #17: The One with Joel Condren and Adventure Sports in Colorado
Joel was standing at the top of a 95ft high power line pole when two major life decisions where clarified: “I do not think I want to do this job anymore” and“I am leaving California”  25 years later we caught up with Joel – the owner and operator of three businesses in South Fork, Colorado: ·      8200 Mountain Sports·      Mountain Man Rafting ·      Switchback Liquors in South Fork, Colorado.Tune in to listen to Joel’s great journey from working as an electrician in California to owning several recreational-focused companies in the mountains of Colorado. Joel is now a seasoned entrepreneur but in the beginning he lived almost exclusively on wild game just to survive. Years later he happily shares the years of wisdom in this wide-ranging interview that every new and seasoned business owner must hear.8200 SportsSwitchback Liquors* the podcast created + sponsored by The Allen Firm team | Your Legal Guides
69:22 11/01/2021
The StoryField #16: The One with Adam Feriend about Opera and Construction
Meet Adam Feriend.  Many Parker County residents know Adam from his countless volunteer roles including the WISD school board. Adam is an owner/COO of the 60mm+ construction company named JRJ Construction Inc. but started out his post-college degree with plans on singing Opera professionally.  He has navigated the death of all the owners of JRJ soon after he joined and walked through the 2008/9 recession. Adam spoke honestly about the difficulties of being in the leadership role but how God has faithfully carried them through every situation. We were privileged to ask Adam very pointed questions about how to operate a business with “all-in” Christian values and the impact it has on the business. 
61:12 09/15/2021
The StoryField #15: The One with Norris Williams and your TRUE Identity.
People’s lives are being completely transformed once they discover the answer to this question.  The problem of discovering the truth about yourself is that we believe so many lies about ourselves which create false identities.   Today’s guest walks us through this discovery process.  Norris Williams and his wife have been missionaries since 1983.  He has also:·      played professional football; ·      ran a large ranch for juvenile delinquent boys; ·      works as an international leadership trainer/mentor/coach; and·      operates an organic cherry tree orchard. Tune in today for this amazing interview with Norris if you want to get the process started about discovering who you really are!Identity Exchange
79:00 09/01/2021
The StoryField #14: The One with Scott D. Allen about Practicing Law for 50 years
You will really enjoy today’s guest if you are a client or friend of The Allen Firm, PC.We were honored to be able to interview Scott Allen.  He is the founder of our almost 50-year old law firm. (Our 50th Anniversary is June, 2022).Scott has practiced law for over 50 years and has literally seen everything. He has had thousands of clients over the years and it all started with his uncle asking the college-senior Scott “what are you going to do next year?”    He is a lifelong businessman. In addition to the law firm Scott has been involved in different aspects of owning, operating, and forming a bank, a title company, and a real estate investment holding business.  Today’s episode will let you behind the scenes of the Firm where you will learn:·      the heart of the founder of the Firm.·      why the Firm treats people the way we do.·      how our culture of providing excellent legal work was created. We asked Scott some pointed questions about what things he has seen people do that get them into the most trouble and what is some of the best advice he would give someone. Hope you enjoy this great interview.  
64:44 08/15/2021
The StoryField #13: The One with Jenifer Sarver about loss, taking a leap and living a life that matters.
Jenifer’s 6-Word Memoir is “She lived a life that mattered.”  What is yours?Today’s conversation is fascinating with topics ranging from:the tragic loss of her mother and how to help people who have been through such loss.taking a leap of faith and moving to Washington D.C. without a job and then becoming a speechwriter for Former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and volunteering with the Republican National Convention, among other roles.starting her own communications consultancy called Sarver Strategies based in Austin.running for U.S. Congress in the 2018 Primary Election.She also provides us great bonus tips about giving a speech.Join us today for an incredible conversation with Jenifer Sarver.
67:50 08/01/2021
The StoryField #12: The One with Christian Lehenbauer about peaks, valleys and healing.
Today’s episode will encourage and challenge you – in a good way. Christian is unbelievably courageous in his following the voice of the Lord which led him into a few wild adventures we discuss in this episode.He was diagnosed with some serious medical conditions but refused to accept that “label” because in Christ, he is healed and perfect – that is his identity; that is how he was made.  He never agreed with what the physicians were saying.Join in today for a story of peaks and valleys and of healing and complete transformation.  
83:55 07/15/2021
The StoryField #11: The One with Jake Freels about a Tragic Wreck, a Father's Loss, and Complete Transformation by the Holy Spirit
In his own words, Jake Freels grew up in “the best world you could grow up in”.  He grew up surrounded with wonderful family and friends; they were active in ministry and in the community – life was literally perfect…. until Jake’s world was instantly changed at age 9.   Late one evening a young man decided to end his life by driving his car without headlights into oncoming traffic.  He was driving over 100mph.  The young man collided with the pickup Jake and his family were driving and it claimed the life of his father and caused major injuries to him and his other family members.  His childhood was completely changed forever. Jake’s junior high and high school experience was empty, broken, and consumed with wild-living, but then God showed up in an amazing way soon after graduating.For those of you who know Jake - then you already know that after he encountered the Holy Spirit – the rest is history… he has never turned back.Join us today for an incredible testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jake’s story is a full circle of brokenness, restoration, and God’s incredible faithfulness through it all.  Jake would love to tell you of the amazing relationship you can have with Jesus.  Tune in today. Check out Heart of Many Colors to learn more about Jake and the incredible video series he created with Jarrod Brown (Bite of Brownie Productions).
66:46 07/01/2021
The StoryField #10: The One with Jahmicah Dawes about Horses, Fashion and Owning the FIRST Black-Owned Outdoor Gear Shop
There is a high probability you already know Jahmicah; have had some great conversations with him; and have noticed the recent national recognition of him and his local outdoor gear shop named SlimPickins Outfitters (SPO).The amazing thing about SPO is that it is the first Black-owned gear shop in America!  Right here in small-town Stephenville!Jahmicah came to Tarleton State University to be a horse trainer but ended up owning a gear shop.He has a big vision for engaging, educating, and providing access for the community; and building one that lasts beyond him.  You will not want to miss this fantastic story.
67:20 06/15/2021
The StoryField #9: The One with NFL Veteran Kevin Kolb about The Gridiron and the Real Life after
Most people from these parts know Kevin Kolb.  He played 7 years as an NFL Quarterback – for the Eagles, Cardinals, and Bills.  Someone once told him -- “You are not going to make it in the NFL”. Kevin grew up as a coach’s kid living in the gym.  He came to Stephenville as a freshman; played under Art Briles; and received some playing time on the varsity team in their route to win State that year.From Stephenville – he went to University of Houston then onto the NFL.At age 29, Kevin had retired from the NFL and had everything a person could want – money, a large ranch, and a great family --- but, at the most successful point in his life he broke down and met Jesus.  “At the top” was all empty and pointless to him.  This is where God met him and changed his heart and life, including being involved in First Priority of America.Kevin is now a true entrepreneur and has a few things to say about looking for the right people + right industry + right timing.Hope you enjoy the show!
57:34 05/31/2021
The StoryField #8: The One with Jeremy Self about Life's Adventure with God, Seminary to Church Planting to Financial Advising
Meet Jeremy.  Jeremy is a former church planter and pastor.  Now, he is an Edward Jones advisor in Lakeway, Texas.   The amazing thing is that his transition from ministry to business was on purpose and he is still an active and healthy member of the church he planted and left. Listen today to Jeremy’s amazing life story.  His adventure includes -·      Growing up in a broken home and meeting Jesus in a real way at age 17 after the death of one of his high school friends.·      God’s call on Jeremy’s life into ministry and the experiences which led to him to planting a church in Austin.·      Spending time in Florida on staff with a church as a young married couple before heading back to Texas for seminary.·      Raising 5 incredible children.·      Transition out of ministry into the business world.Hope you enjoy the show!~ Your friends at The StoryField ** the podcast created + sponsored by The Allen Firm team | Your Legal Guides
59:02 05/15/2021
The StoryField #7: The One with Nathan Hutson about World Travel, Professional Rock Climbing and Words on Coffee Cups
How many countries have you traveled to in your life?Well- meet Nathan.  He is 21 years old and has traveled to 40 countries already and he is heading to Romania to open up a coffee shop and rock-climbing gym.Nathan was a professional climber in high school and first left the country at age 15.  (We can’t accuse his parents of being helicopter parents!) On top of that, he has – ·      spent 6 days climbing El Capitan; ·      lived in 14 different locations in America; ·      spent a large amount of time in world missions; ·      just dropped out of college to pursue God’s plans for his life; and·      hears and is used by God in very cool and unique ways.We had an incredible conversation with Nathan (and a surprise guest toward the end of the show).  Listen in to this young man’s fascinating journey and how you can help him (and his soon-to-be wife, Chase) get to Romania.   You do not want to miss this.  For more information about today’s guest, check out: and Chase are raising money for the 9-month G42 Leadership Academy.  Want to support these future leaders? –  (every penny helps).  Hope you enjoy the show!
67:34 04/30/2021
The StoryField #6: The One with Les McKeown about the Irish, Successful Businesses and the Right People
Les McKeown is a best-selling author and a true expert in organizational growth and leadership.  Here is why this can be confidently stated:He started 42 companies by the time he was 35 years old.He co-created an incubation consulting company which launched hundreds of businesses with thousands of employees peaking at 13 offices in 7 different countries. He has over 25 years of global business experience.Les has given talks at Google and many other Fortune 500 companies and has appeared on ABC, CNN, BBC, and in Inc., NY Times, USA Today and more.Some of his clients include T-Mobile, American Express, Harvard University, the US Army, and Chevron.Les has a podcast where he has interviewed the Former Starbucks president; Daniel Pink – author and former presidential advisor; the Dean of the London School of Business – you get the point!Here is the biggest deal though-  Les has developed the Predictable Success model for businesses. This is where we crossed paths.If you feel like the wheels are falling off your business and not sure why or what to do – you need to listen to this episode!If you are starting a business and need to know the type of people which will make it successful so you can beat the large rate of early business failures – you need to listen to this episode! If you want a diagnostic as to where your business is in this life cycle below – tune in today!  Its very important and there are specific steps for each stage.Les gave us an incredible gift of time and knowledge you will not want to miss.Les's List of Things:Learn your styleLife Cycle of your businessPredictable SuccessLinkedin
66:28 04/15/2021
The StoryField #5: The One with Lance Battenfield about Java, Baked Goods & Jesus
What if we told you this was the location of a very successful country store bringing unbelievably great coffee, tea, craft beer, and food to a town of approximately 200 people.  Would you believe us?What if we said the owner first came to Texas from Louisiana in a covered wagon!  Would you believe us?We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.  It is all true. In this episode of The StoryField, we sat down for our first face-to-face interview with Lance Battenfield -  the owner of the well-known Lingleville Country Store (in Lingleville, Texas – population 200) and Black Jacks (in Dublin, Texas- population 3000).Listen today for an incredible true story of how Lance’s passion for great coffee and products coupled with his faith in God has led to a booming business in the middle of town with only a church, school, post office, and the store – no stoplights.  This just scratches the surface of where the interview went!You do not want to miss this show!
59:52 04/01/2021