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ARTrepreneurs is a weekly podcast that inspires photographers and visual artists to live their best creative lives. Whether it's shining a light on new business strategies or sharing the stories of self-made creatives, Artrepreneurs aims to bring people together. My name is Michael Der and I am a full-time photographer with nearly 10 years of experience in the freelancing world, and I’m sitting down with an amazing community of visual artists to talk about process, business, and the lessons they've learned along the way. Welcome to Artrepreneurs! Instagram: @artrepreneurspod


What is self-employment tax? 11:29 10/15/2021
What is your credit score telling you? 11:25 10/08/2021
10 Reasons to start your podcast 15:19 10/01/2021
Should you set up an emergency fund? 10:19 09/24/2021
Stop waiting for experience 06:45 09/17/2021
Todd Bigelow: Licensing for Life 90:21 09/10/2021
How to deal with client push-back 13:38 09/03/2021
What makes you a professional besides making great pictures? 07:09 08/27/2021
How to support your non-entrepreneurial spouse 14:39 08/20/2021
The importance of client retention 10:58 08/13/2021
7 Travel tips for photographers 11:47 08/06/2021
The lawful way to email marketing 09:56 07/30/2021
Christina Peters: Establishing a marketing mindset 83:11 07/23/2021
The benefits of professional minimalism 11:57 07/16/2021
How to network as an introvert 14:41 07/09/2021
Can you succeed without an Instagram presence? 09:54 07/02/2021
Using debt to start your business 14:59 06/25/2021
What is your bio page communicating to potential clients? 10:45 06/18/2021
When does your hobby become a business? 12:00 06/11/2021
The Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician 10:24 06/04/2021
7 Practices to get paid faster 17:02 05/28/2021
How to identify cash flow killers 13:20 05/21/2021
Mick Orlosky: Why a good workflow is so important 46:47 05/14/2021
How to kickstart your career with no experience 10:52 05/07/2021
How to generate leads through a client list 12:33 04/30/2021
How paying yourself first can grow your savings 14:56 04/23/2021
My evolving battle with depression 20:14 04/16/2021
What you need to know about commercial and editorial photography 16:13 04/09/2021
Alexis Cuarezma: Finding Your Vision 74:33 04/02/2021
3 Signs You're Pricing Like an Employee 14:45 03/26/2021