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Here at Boardroom Sessions we meet Southern California's Best and Brightest Technology Leaders and Executives. We learn about their backgrounds, business models, challenges and goals. Take a listen, join the discussion and enjoy! About the host Mike Miller When not in the Boardroom of one of his clients, consulting on Digital Transformation and Platform Architecture, Mike can be found at the beach. He lives in Huntington Beach California with his wife and 3 children. His true passions are Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Trail Running and Triathlon. He is a seeker of information and a self-admitted Podcast junkie.


Dave Dyson – Eclipse Telecom – “Lessons I learned while working from my Van"
Dave is one of my favorite humans period! I am so grateful for the opportunity to sit and pick his brain on the is podcast. Dave is a legend in the Channel business and has built a very successful business helping many enterprise clients better their business. HE shares some amazing lessons learned her about breaking old patters and paradigms in this new work environment. We also discuss the future of the “vendor agnostic, client advocate consultant” and the value to the modern business leader.  Hope you enjoy!! This podcast is edited by
58:41 10/27/23
Matt Vaught - Tattoo Artist & Social Media All Star
Matt has built an incredibly successful business based on a passion for Art. 1.3 mill Followers on Social Media is unbelievable! His story is so inspirational and full of nuggets that everyone can connect to. We discuss Goals, Vision, and taking the difficult path of following your dream and overcoming self limiting f beliefs. Hope you enjoy!   You can see Matt’s art here.   TikTok: @tattoo_matt Instagram: @mattvaught_tattoo Web:
47:36 8/31/23
Conversational AI – A special live OCTP panel event
Welcome to a special live recording of a panel event that I hosted at our OCTP (Orange County Technology Professionals) networking happy hours. About once a quarter we have a live panel event to discuss some cool new tech, this event we went deep on Conversational AI aka BOT’s. On this panel I assembled a few of the most relevant folks in this space right now.   Kristy Thomas – leads the CX vertical at one of the largest Technology Service Broker, Intelisys. She literally vets every vendor in this space to separate the hype from the players.    Tyson McDowell – a Venture Capital entrepreneur and expert in the space of AI. Tyson has built, sold and runs companies built on AI. His outlook on this technology and it’s future is incredibly well researched and we could give him a mic and go for days. Stephen Kennington – is a technical leader at DialPad who is engaged with many clients looking to implement Conversational AI in their organizations. He sees the Use Cases and understands where it fits and may not. DialPad has AI built into their product and is looking to the future of this space. We had a lot of fun here and since this meeting I have had an incredible amount of conversations with enterprise technology leaders on how AI may help them. Hope you enjoy!   Kristy Thomas - Tyson McDowell - Stephen Kennington -   This podcast is produced in partnership with  
51:13 5/17/23
Danny Nichols - Operation OpenWater
Danny Nichols is a personal hero of mine for many reasons. First he is a selfless giver and runs one of the most impactful philanthropic organizations I know called Operation OpenWater serving the Veteran and First Responder communities. He is also a full on Bad Ass Waterman, HB Board Riders Team Rider and Coach, and one of the most humble good guys I know. We learn from Danny how he and his partners built their successful company called Ink Right, we hear about his background as a Pro Surfer and most importantly about his organization called Operation OpenWater which makes a life changing impact for so many in the Veteran and First Responder communities. I hope you enjoy. If you are inspired and want to help please visit:
69:00 5/2/23
2023 Goal Planning with Dave Rhoads & Mike Miller
This time of year as always we discuss Goal Planning and Vision Boards in the Boardroom Sessions Podcast, but my guest Dave Rhoads takes the mic this year. He flips the show on Mike and we get deep into personal development, process and routines as well as building and developing amazing relationships. Hope you enjoy and please share what you planning in a note to me.
63:59 1/3/23
#37 Shane Shepherd - PhD of Finance, Professor of Finance and Economics at USC
If you are like me you have been hearing a lot of doom and gloom on the economy. I wanted to ask the expert, my friend Shane Shepherd – PhD of Finance and USC Professor of Finance and Economics at USC what is the real story. Shane breaks it down for us simply and leaves you with some good info to use at your next cocktail party so you can sound smart or just simply not freak out that we are heading for an economic nuclear winter. I hope you enjoy and feel a little lighter after this quick breakdown. Shane’s LinkedIn profile -  
34:56 12/19/22
#36 J.P. - Russell Surfboards
In this session we meet my buddy JP owner of Russell Surfboards in Newport Beach. I have been a long time brand loyal shop rider for the Russell brand and am a bit of a fan. We dive into the origin story of an iconic Surf Shop in Newport Beach that has been around since the sixties. We discuss surf shop culture, board design & evolution, and how the shop is thriving even through the pandemic. Lots of very energetic exchange here and great lessons shared here as always. Hope you enjoy!
66:52 7/7/22
#35 - Rick Dellar - Renaissance Man
In this Boardroom Session we meet Rick Dellar a true renaissance man and one the Pioneers in the Channel Industry. A few words to describe him -  Entrepreneur, Channel Industry pioneer, Real estate Developer, Winemaker, Art Collector, Philanthropist, Family man to name a few. We get some great life advise, discuss the origin story of a company called Intelisys, mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, personal growth and more. Hope you enjoy!
54:59 6/9/22
#34 Benjamin Gleitzman - CTO and co-founder of Replicant A.I
In this BRS we meet Benjamin Gleitzman, CTO and co-founder of Replicant A.I. Replicant is at the front line of the Conversational A.I. space with a very exciting solution for the CX space. We discuss their Thinking Machine and it’s various use cases, the A.I. marketspace and the future. There has never been a time where this technology is more needed to help enterprises as they struggle to deal with staffing challenges and ever-evolving client needs. We dive into Benjamin’s path to a Silicon Valley startup co-founder from his humble beginnings as an MIT grad. I hope you enjoy. Benjamin’s LinkedIn profile:
51:57 2/4/22
2022 Goal Planning with Dave Rhoads
Welcome to the second annual Goal Planning session with Dave Rhoads, President and CEO of Blue Street Capital. We hope to inspire you and give some direction as to how we go about our goal setting for the New Year. Make it simple, stay inspired and most of all Live With INTENTION! Feel free to reach out to Dave or I for accountability and get after it. Mike Miller - Dave Rhoads -
73:31 1/3/22
#32 - John Poli – Healthcare Technology Expert
John has held positions in Healthcare as the CIO & CEO. He has been an advisor at Gartner and currently an Industry Principal at RingCentral. We dive deep in to the changing landscape of Technology that the Healthcare industry is looking at to help their organizations. We discuss here A.I., Bots, Self Service and many other topics. Hope you enjoy! John Poli -
43:17 10/8/21
#31 Tyler Altrup - Social Media and the Enterprise
Why should the Enterprise care about Social Media? We dive into the many reasons why and how companies are using Social today. We meet with Tyler Altrup of Sprinklr, a Social Media Marketing and Engagement Platform that is helping change the way companies are connecting and engaging with their clients. Hope you enjoy!
48:01 6/7/21
#30 - Duane Forrester – Search expert
Duane is an expert in the field of Search having worked at Microsoft with Bing and now with Yext. We all search many times a day but do you really know how it works? We dive right in here. Duane’s LinkedIn -
57:07 4/12/21
#29 Brent Totty - Volv
In this BRS Podcast we meet Brent Totty of Volv. Brent is building a Tech Start Up that uses AI to help Coaches, Trainers and Advisors build habits among their subscribers and followers using Text Messages. We have a very spirited conversation around how to build a startup and advise for how to marry your life passion with your work. There is a lot of content here and amazing positive NEW SCHOOL advise for how to embrace the Passion Economy. Hope you enjoy! Brent Totty – Volv –
55:55 3/3/21
#28 - Tyson McDowell
Tyson McDowell is a serial entrepreneur in the tech space, a programmer, Venture Capitalist, a TEDx speaker, and extremely knowledgeable in all things  Artificial Intelligence. We get into it very quickly with enterprise applications for AI, the hype vs the reality and where to get some gains now. We also cover the social issues with AI and how you can make changes to your personal online presence to change the AI to feed you more relevant info. Tyson gives some great advise to tech leaders on how to stay relevant and pivot toward AI in your career. I hope you enjoy.
67:45 1/23/21
#27 - 2021 - Goal Planning and Vision Boards
In this special Boardroom Session we dive deep into 2021 Goal Planning and Vision Boards with two of my favorite people. We first meet with Dave Rhoads of Blue Street Capital and discuss Goal Planning and the strategies we employ. We also meet with Bob Groux of Coast Brands where we dive deep into to concept of Vision Boards and Morning Routines to create the life you want. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to reach out if you want to discuss any of this further:
97:03 1/1/21
#26 - Special A.I. Panel Discussion
Join us for a special panel discussion on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and the real world use cases. Our guests include: Andreea Bodnari – PhD form MIT and Product Lead at Google Cloud Brent Collins – ai4biz group leader and VP at Pangeanic Rob Mumford – Product Lead at Marchex We discuss what A.I. solutions each of the guests are seeing hit the market and actually being used to solve real world problems. Hope you enjoy!
87:42 11/26/20
#25 - Bill Burke
Bill Burke is your classic overachiever and a super humble guy. Bill had a very successful career in Law and raised a family here in Orange County. At retiring at 60 he decided to knock a few things off his “to do list” including the 8 highest summits in the world, Mt Everest from 2 different routes, the Mississippi river by Kayak and many more. Just wait till you hear what he has planned next…
71:29 6/30/20
#24 - Ken Lubin – ZRG Partners
This guy is a real Hard Charger in all facets of life and I am excited to share our conversation. Ken is a Managing Partner at ZRG Partners, an executive search firm and lives outside of Boston. He also leads an highly public life where he runs the Ultimate Hire Blog and Podcast, the Executive Athletes Podcast and group, is a US Olympic Committee career advisor,  and endurance and adventure race athlete as well as a family man. We explore all of this in a high energy exchange that I think you will like. Hope you enjoy!
49:23 5/29/20
#23 - Ed Tyson – Executive Coach, Consultant and Author
Meet Ed Tyson, Executive Coach, Consultant and Author. Ed runs an Executive Coaching business called PerSynergy Consulting and can often be found holding coaching sessions in his mobile Conference Room, a Sprinter Van decked out for this specific use. Ed is publishing a book that will hit the market this summer called From “Expert to Executive, mastering the SOP’s of leading”. We dive into the Framework and Methodology in which Ed uses and talk about the challenges of the modern executive. We hope you enjoy.
47:38 4/30/20
#22 - Mid Quarantine Special
A special Mid Quarantine podcast with some of my favorite people and mentors. They share their thoughts and advise on how to THRIVE during this collective pause in our lives. Some amazing content shared here and super excited for you to hear it. We hear from Risa Groux of Risa Groux Nutrition, Dave Rhoads CEO of Blue St Capital, Jeff Harden of Ingram Micro, Bob Groux of Coast Brands and Kristan Sergeant Consultant and Therapist at
113:15 4/9/20
#21 - Susan Kenny – A Career of Service in Non Profit
In this episode we meet my good friend Susan Kenny. Susan has spent the last 17 years working for some amazing and productive organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the Ronald McDonald Hose of OC and now CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). We discuss her journey to this rewarding line of work, the different organizations and their causes. We talk about the various ways her and the team  generate donations and resources for the cause. I know everyone who listen will take something away from this one. Hope you enjoy. You can reach Susan here:
57:34 3/18/20
#20 - Evan Jafa - CEO of Cloudify
Evan Jafa is the CEO of Cloudify, Inc.  a cloud services brokerage, consultancy, and solutions company. He is also the founder of InnovateOC , an Orange County based startup incubator and also acts to help Start Ups and the investor community. Prior to Cloudify, Evan served as the CIO of First American Corporation and CIO of CoreLogic. With this corporate IT Leadership experience Evan gives us a lesson in the homework needed to make a move to the Cloud. You can find Evan here:
65:44 2/19/20
#19 - Carole Phillips – Agape Mission Projects
This is one amazing and energetic lady! I just loved the time with Carole. She is an Author (Love Them, Encourage Them, Tell Them About Me!) Philanthropist and Entrepreneur.  We had an amazing time learning her story and I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did. Please see here Missions Project here and help if you can.
62:40 1/14/20
#18 - Dave Rhoads – New Year Goal Planning
In this re-visit (Dave was my first guest) we catch up on the phenomenal growth at Blue Street Capital and Goal setting for the New Year and for life! We break it down in good detail so hope you have a note book nearby. Enjoy and get after it!
48:25 12/22/19
Episode #17 - Dan Connor - former Marine One Helicopter
Meet Dan Connor, former Marine One Helicopter pilot to Presidents Bush 42 and Obama. Dan and I met at Cal Poly Pomona when we were in school and are both lifelong members of Sigma Chi fraternity. We discuss Dan’s rise through the ranks of the Marine Corps to the elite position of Marine One pilot. Dan is now part of Rams Head Consulting ( where they offer Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drone, consulting, operational, training and education, and program management services. We get deep in to the Drone and UAS market and current state. Hope you enjoy.
37:17 12/9/19
Episode #16 - Don Nguyen
Don has such an amazing energy and light about him that is very event in this podcast. I know him as an IT Security Professional who is incredibly knowledgeable and super well connected. What we learn here in this conversation is that he is a multi-faceted man. We discuss his refugee story from Viet Nam, his illustrious career in the US Military, private sector vs public sector and most of all his life dedicated to service. I know you will want to meet Don after this and the good news is everywhere. Hope you enjoy. Don’s LinkedIn profile is:
66:21 11/9/19
Episode #15 - Tony Petros - Partner at LSA & Associates
Tony Petros – Partner at LSA & Associates a very well respected Environmental Planning firm here in OC. Tony is true renaissance man with success in so many facets of his life, as a business leader, public servant, Public Policy expert, educator, innovator and athletic Bad Ass! Proud to call him a friend and mentor. We cover topics like the homeless problem, compassion, what’s wrong with politics, triathlon and urban planning. Hope you enjoy.
58:33 10/15/19
Episode #14 - Nick Lind (Revere Real Estate) & Nick Kosta (Revere Media)
In this Boardroom Sessions episode we go on the job site to a Spec Home building site where we meet Nick Lind, Owner and President of Revere Real Estate and his media guy Nick Kosta Managing Director of Revere Media. We explore this residential real estate venture project currently underway in Huntington Beach. Everyone has seen the older houses in their neighborhood get torn down and replaced with newer, larger houses that sell for far more. We dive deep into this business model and how Revere is making their splash in the market. Hope you enjoy.
51:07 7/16/19
Episode #13 - Pernille Spire –Lopez – Former CEO of IKEA North America and Global Head of HR at IKEA
On this Boardroom Session we meet Pernille Sires-Lopez in a very engaging and candid conversation around Personal Growth and lessons learned from leading the iconic company IKEA. Pernilla is the author of an amazing book that I am a huge fan of called Design Your Life and we go deep into the tools she lays out for you to use to improve your life. Currently she serves as the Chairman of the Board of two large Non Profits - Homeboy Industries and Save the Children International, and two major for profit corporations – ECCO and Meijer Corp. You can see more about Perille and her book at her company site called Good Life Designed
81:31 5/24/19