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Each week my guests and co-host will discuss, bulling, intolerance, prejudice and bigotry across the globe. We will talk about our differences and commonalities, and how we can better understand and accept the world we live in regarding food, colors, religions, politics, medicine and beliefs on the world stage.


The Common Thread with guest Josh Edelman
Actor, Inventor, Salsa Dancer and Career Military Man Josh Edelman joins me to talk about his new game and his interest in the Latino culture. We discuss why, as a white man born in rural Pennsylvania, he decided to take up Salsa Dancing and recently created LoterĂ­a Boricua! - a Puerto Rican Bingo Game.
20:49 12/29/21
The Common Thread with Terry Arnold & Jessica Martin
James Kelly welcomes Terry Arnold and respiratory therapist, Jessica Martin as they discuss how religion plays into healthcare and the Covid vaccine. They also talk about how an individual's health and/or beliefs have to be considered when deciding on any type of healthcare.
31:52 5/16/21
The Common Thread - Cultural Differences with Dewah Toeque
James Kelly welcomes Dewah Toeque to discuss cultural differences and what we can do to better understand each other. Learning to treat others the way they prefer to be treated instead of how we assume they wish to be treated. This and many other ideas and opinions are shared in this informative show.
33:51 4/25/21
Physical and Verbal Abuse with Cynthia DeBoer and Joyce Gatschenberger
Physical and Verbal Abuse is more common in today's society than you realize. How can we identify and stop this abuse? Cynthia DeBoer and Joyce Gatschenberger join me in the studio to talk about this far reaching topic.
59:18 11/7/18
How Languages Unify and Divide with Lori Piotrowski and Joyce Gatschenberger
Lori Piotrowski and Joyce Gatschenberger join me in the studio to talk about How Languages Unify and Divide.
57:43 10/29/18