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Living Adaptive is the podcasting home of the adaptive community. Keep current with adaptive happenings and listen to guests that include individuals that adapt to notable adversity and thrive, supporting organizations, and personalities that are making impacts within the adaptive world. You can adapt no matter the challenge.


Robbie Ripoll Reclaims His Life And Goes Back to Body Piercing Suspension - Inked Mag 82:05 03/18/2021
Talented Comedian Joe Underwood has Gone Viral 47:48 01/08/2021
Succeeding In Tough Times 26:35 12/24/2020
Comedian and Writer "Mack" Steve Mackelprang 57:14 12/05/2020
Inclusion in the Outdoors - Kami York-Feirn of Osprey Packs 35:26 11/16/2020
Life as Caregiver - The Foutz Family 35:55 10/29/2020
20 minutes with a Lifestyle Vlogger and Disability Advocate - Cristie Grey 23:53 10/16/2020
Almost Impossible - Climber Kimber Cross 37:52 10/02/2020
30 Minutes with Zappos 31:39 09/17/2020
Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill - Nicole Ver Kuilen 34:51 08/19/2020
We Still Climb (Range of Motion Project) 35:48 07/21/2020
Comedian Ryan Niemiller of America's Got Talent 66:01 07/09/2020
Amputee Athlete and Survivor TV Contestant Dr. Kelly Bruno 36:39 06/30/2020
Unity in the Disability Community 34:17 06/18/2020
Katherine Beattie is a TV Writer (NCIS: NOLA) with a Disability 53:21 06/09/2020
Leverage Your Disability 22:21 05/22/2020
Opportunity in Any Obstacle We Face - Joe Delagrave 36:15 05/15/2020
Build a Business People Care About 24:27 05/08/2020
Kind of a Quadriplegic - Karah Behrend 26:20 05/01/2020
"Not all Blind People are Prophets” - Blind Comedian and Pro Athlete Joshua Loya 43:03 04/23/2020
Live Your Best Life, Despite the Adversity, Lessons from an Osteosarcoma Survivor 34:47 04/15/2020
Amputee is donating his kidney to another amputee - Jeff Soelberg 19:59 04/02/2020
Losing Leg From Body Piercing Suspension Accident Doesn’t Stop Robbie Ripoll from Empowering Others 63:34 03/29/2020
From Embracing Competition and Nude Photo Shoots to Minimalism and Being the Light, We Jump Into Jeremy Ogle’s World 50:15 03/17/2020
Ben Huntzinger Wanted to Go Off-Road so he Invented the Spartan Wheel Chariot Wheelchair 33:02 03/11/2020
Wounded Green Beret to Adaptive Thriver - Randy Nantz Part 1 40:50 03/03/2020
Surgeries, Long Hospital Stays, and other Setbacks and NOW Paralympic Hopeful - Ryen Reed 19:52 02/19/2020
Gratitude for Life with IED Survivor (U.S. Army), Cannabis Activist, Speaker, and Surfer - Jose Martinez and also Surfer and Life Coach Jacob Pacheco 23:57 01/23/2020
Tough Mudder (TM) with Kyle McLaughlin - Talking TM Mission, Partnerships, Competitions, and Para. 27:49 01/11/2020
From Accident to Champ - John De Haan 18:12 01/07/2020