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More Than Tracy Turnblad

Body size diversity in entertainment is an issue that often goes unspoken or ignored by the artistic community, but is deeply felt by those who (literally) don't fit into the ideal. On this podcast, Abby Rose Morris interviews fat people in all areas of entertainment about where fatphobia shows up in their artistic lives, the fat characters that have impacted them, and the changes they would like to see regarding the treatment of body size in the arts. Join us as we challenge stereotypes of fat bodies, honor the power of representation, and dream of how entertainment can evolve to become more inclusive.


Inappropriate Work Talk with Stephanie Lexis of the Broadway Body Positivity Project 77:52 01/18/2022
Fat Girl Ruching with Maria Pendolino 78:06 01/10/2022
Everybody Owns a Bar on Television with Joshua R. Pangborn 70:22 01/03/2022
Stalky & Dumpy with Hayley Raphael 64:05 12/20/2021
The Inclusive Future of Fashion with Gianluca Russo 64:42 12/13/2021
Sponge People with Hannah Rae Leach 65:02 12/06/2021
You’re Either Water Vapor or You’re Not with Jenny Zigrino 76:48 11/30/2021
Bellybutton Clitoris with Katelyn Brawn 67:28 11/22/2021
Season 2 HIATUS Part 2 - Vote!! 02:14 11/19/2021
Season 2 HIATUS - Seeking Submissions! 01:55 11/08/2021
Smaller in Real Life with Lauren Ash 64:13 11/01/2021
Destabilizing the Anti-Fat Lens with Sarah Shear aka Princess Scissors 70:09 10/25/2021
My Inner Child Screams for Attention with Maya Ballester 92:21 10/18/2021
We Can't All Be Addison Rae with Georgia Sky aka @bawdyqueen 76:08 10/12/2021
Leading Lady Energy with Joy Nash 54:14 10/04/2021
Living His Red Crop Top Fantasy with Caitlin Magnall Kearns 55:14 09/27/2021
Period Ho with Amara Janae Brady 66:47 09/20/2021
Nerd Representation Is the Next Frontier with Ryan Donovan 56:20 09/13/2021
I'm Literally Talking to Fairies! with Rob Tucker 69:50 09/06/2021
Shameless Chowhound with Jen Ponton 98:42 08/30/2021
SEASON FINALE PART 2 with Katrina Rose! 68:57 06/28/2021
SEASON FINALE PART 1 with Katrina Rose! 73:42 06/22/2021
Round is a Curve with Elle Baez & Marlee Dater, Founders of Curvy Artists Collective 70:04 06/07/2021
Fat Don't Crack with West End Actress Jenny O'Leary 91:14 05/31/2021
The Sour Kangaroo is Sexy! with Jenna Leigh Miller 57:53 05/24/2021
Butch in the Looks, Femme in the Spirit with Provvidenza Catalano 79:30 05/17/2021
Curvy Tummy with Clare Rea 89:47 05/10/2021
We Want to Make Everything into Spice Girls with Maddie McClouskey 101:12 05/03/2021
Feminist Musical Theatre Analysis with Lexi Schreiber aka The Fat Ingenue 100:16 04/26/2021
Lighting Hairspray On Fire In My Mom's Garage with Brianna McDonnell 65:05 04/19/2021