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Does a happy career and a happy life sound like the dream? Do you want to transform your career and life? What if you were given a front-row seat to a conference where entrepreneurs, HR professionals, executives, recruiters, and niche-experts shared their stories and experiences? If your answer is YES, GIMME! Then, WELCOME to Your Career Cure Podcast with the ‘Tell it Like It Is’ former goth gal, Gail Tolstoi-Miller! Gail is an award-winning Author, Speaker, Career & Business Coach, Staffing, Diversity & Unconscious Bias Strategist at Consultnetworx & Careernetworx. She has appeared in global publications and TV such as Wendy Williams Show, Forbes, Fox, MSN, and Inc. In addition, she has won top diversity business award 5 years in a row, has won several entrepreneurship awards (CEO of the Year, Top 25 Leading NJ Women Entrepreneur Finalist, NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business, Enterprising Women of the Year Award) Remember that TEDx Talk on Unconscious Bias in the Workplace that went global, the one that sparked the “So what?” Revolution? Yes, THAT ONE! She’s that Girl! Join Gail every Tuesday for about 45 minutes as she interviews professionals and entrepreneurs who’ve done exceptionally well in their fields, as they share their authentic and exciting nuggets from their stories. Get the chance to vote in your favorite interviewee in a hypothetical $50 million Career Cure Contest for best-answered round of 3 questions! Also, Gail will have weekly 5 minutes episodes on Thursday's and she will provide you 1 career cure tip! Our goal is to help you tackle anything and everything that impacts your career. Because a happy career is a happy life! Check Out Gail’s Websites: and and her LinkedIn profile at Get doses of career inspiration by joining her text community at 973-310-6439. Check out her Tedx talk at


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