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Brant Hansen is from small-town Illinois, and is a self-professed nerd, diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult. He's a fan of C.S. Lewis and toast. "Producer Sherri", also a radio veteran, is from Pittsburgh, has one of the world's great laughs, and demonstrates incredible patience with Brant. Both are believers in Jesus, but have difficulty fitting in with modern American church culture. Together they have a daily radio show that is syndicated across the country, with segments ranging from the latest animal news, to interactions with listeners, to discussions about how messy life can be, and how good God is. You can find articles written by Brant at, and you can follow him on Twitter: @branthansen


1957 President Benjamin Harrison
Boast About God, Kids Throw It Away, Shock Jock, Possums In The White House, Literally Anyone Else, Smiley Face Check, Jesus Joyful, Greed, Our Tongue, what’s Impressive, He’s Our Fortress, Welcome to the Show, Jesus Came for the Sick, Social Tip, Naming Things Better   Quotes: “Sinners wanted to be at the party with Jesus.” “This isn’t my Corvette.” “Greed is a sickness.” “Just be weird.”
13:52 4/12/24
1956 A Survey From The Johnsonville Sausage Company
Anxiety, Less Anger, I Will Rejoice, Chips Ahoy, A Quasar, Hansen 2038, Parenting BONUS CONTENT: The Narrow Way   Quotes: “We’re, by nature, local.” “Everything Jesus tells us is really good for us.” “They’re just as good.”
14:31 4/11/24
1955 Rapture In Dallas
Interact With God, Joseph/Trusting God, Love Your Enemies, It Gets Better, Shock Jock, My Eyes Hurt, Eclipse Boring, Shock Jock, Irna the Duck BONUS CONTENT: Google Results   Quotes:   “This trusting God thing does pay off.” ‘Ultimately we are safe with God.” “You have much reason to be hopeful.” “It’s gonna take some relational work.”
13:32 4/10/24
1954 Corresponds To The Chechen Mentality
The Eclipse, Be of Good Cheer, Hansen 2038, Solitude, Bless People, Only Nautical Songs, Social Tip, T-bone & The Thunderbirds, Elections Stress Disorder, Godzilla/King Kong, Pens BONUS CONTENT: Eclipse Prophecies     Quotes: “Andy and I have formed a friendship.” “In the big picture this actually ends well.” “Blessing people changes your day.” “There’s something deeper and better I’m gonna look at.”
18:04 4/9/24
1953 YEAL
Love Your Enemies, Overpriced Shoes, The Richest Man BONUS CONTENT: Eyebrows Follow-up   Quotes: “We’re to encourage to follow His way.” “What are you doing that the pagans don’t do?” “If you’re rooting for somebody that leaks out.” “Bring all the padding to me.”
17:16 4/8/24
1952 Transforming It Into An Ominous, Onyx Eye
Love Your Enemies, The Eclipse, Space Station, Nutmobile, NCAA, Nerdy Kids BONUS CONTENT: The Men We Need, Jesus and Fortnite   Quotes: “It’s my hope that someone listening cares about that.” “You’re never more like God than when you’re loving your enemies.” “Not everyone appreciated the information I wanted to give.” “Sometimes we’re the worst to the people closest to us.”
16:31 4/5/24
1951 SOUP?!?!
Germs, The God of the Bible, Peace, Americans/Happiness, Below Average BONUS CONTENT: Dr. King   Quotes: “How about you get out of my office.” “Doing the same stuff, you’re going to have the same anxiety.” “It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled.” “I’m being vulnerable.”
20:36 4/4/24
1950 You’ll Be Prosecuted In Canada
Song Lyrics, Charade Proposal, Hansen 2038, Shock Jock, Start with Praise, Air Travel, Jesus Is Lord, NCAA/Easter, Our Attention, Titanic Door, Instagram Down BONUS CONTENT: DanceBall, Prayer   Quotes: “Turns out, we win.” “I can get 12 buttons if there’s no photo.” “You’re praising God for you, not Him.” “Other shock jocks can grapple with that.’
15:50 4/3/24
1949 It Adds A Great Salinity
Caviar Nuggets, Sleep, Confidence, Banana Addicts, April Fools, Doubting Thomas, Hansen 2038, Controlling People, Social Tip BONUS CONTENT: Curious George Follow-up   Quotes: “I’m trying to tease the content.” “Some would say I”m overthinking it.” “I’m trying to cut people more slack.” “Lack of sleep can be a huge spiritual issue.”
16:01 4/2/24
1948 The Ill-Fated Make-Up Party
The Nature, Dilemma Street…Magic Circles, Church Is Whack   Quotes: “Be honest when you don’t know.” “I want to learn about whatever I’m talking about.” “It’s refreshingly short.” “Monocle Guy is the answer.”
23:01 3/29/24
1947 The Existential Nothingness Of It All
Celebrity Worship, The Gym, AI Jokes BONUS CONTENT: AI Jokes Follow-up, The Followership Conference Quotes: “Following Jesus should affect my finances.” “The existential nothingness of it all.” “Am I you? Are you me?”
17:36 3/27/24
1946 Whatever Breakout Gang You Want To Join
Old Tech, Dilemma Street…Depression Quotes: “Govern yourself accordingly.” “The wrestling keeps them on the street.” “I have become a different person over time.” “There is a thing called joy.”
15:48 3/26/24
1945 20 Monkeys, 20 Typewriters
The Paradise King, Curious George, The Ten Commandments; Quotes: “You are your own man.” “Keep showing up to God,” “The goodness of God needs to be talked about more.”
13:35 3/21/24
1944 I’m Always Afraid I’ll Be Written Out
Gideon, The Men We Need, Are You Cool, Ten Commandments, Twilight; Quotes: “The goodness of God needs to be talked about more.” “I don’t know if anyone from the production is listening.” “God’s rules are not restrictive, they're protection.”
13:46 3/14/24
1943 Free Food Trucks Don’t Exist
Podcast Update, Followership, CURE, Oscars, Russell Wilson, Unity/Flag Football; Quotes: “He’s the God that sees us.” “It seems like you don’t totally believe in me.” “It’s supernatural when people don’t break apart.”
16:05 3/12/24
1942 They Didn’t Give Us An Upturn
Daylight Saving, Trust, Chaos/Blessings, BONUS CONTENT: Listener Emails, Followership Conference; Quotes: “No one is picking your pocket for it.” “It’s MY hour.” “Don’t say you don’t have enough time.”
11:59 3/7/24
1941 I’m Fixing to Tell You a Story
Gourmet/Comfort Food, Jesus at the Party, God Loves You Right Now, Growing Up Too Fast, Kingdom of God, BONUS CONTENT: FB Down, Jesus at the Party Follow-Up; Quotes: “Is this my meal?” “Kids get a bad rap.” “Jesus was always hanging out with the wrong people.”
12:27 3/6/24
1940 I Just Send Mark Some Money
Engagement Rings, Water to Wine, Drinking Coffee, Breaking Animal News, Hansen 2038, Attention, Brant’s Movie Opportunity, Tears, Breakfast for Dinner, BONUS CONTENT: Friends; Quotes: “Attention shapes your reality.” “I have to actively pay attention to God’s goodness.” “I don’t need to know the methodology.” “God made the BEST for the party.”
13:51 3/5/24
1939 Did Beethoven Do Opera?
Breaking Animal News, Jesus/People Walking Away, Stanley Cups, Same Shirt, the Bible Changing you, Come Boldly, The Good In Church, Shock Jock, Fried Chicken Pizza, Not Connecting Dots, Hansen 2038, BONUS CONTENT: The Men We Need; Quotes: “Some people are just not going to listen.” “The lettuce costs 5 cups.” “I salute you, sir.” “We’re supposed to be confident when we talk to God.”
12:38 3/4/24
1938 The BullFighting Red Flag
Dating Hobbies, Sunday School, Psalm 56:3, Awards Shows, Men & Women Differences, The Disciples & Success, Wait, PE Class, BONUS CONTENT: Men & Women Differences Follow-up; Quotes: “The fake hand buzzer gets old.” “Maybe we shouldn’t lose hope.” “You have to arrest your thoughts. It doesn’t just happen.” “So we’re stuck on clipboards, huh?”
13:45 3/1/24
1937 Won’t God Do It, Bob?
When You Ask God, Social Tip, Leap Day Birthday, Annoying People, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma Street…Work Related Moves; Quotes: “You have to be content with God’s answer.” “Your silence says a lot.” “I trusted the teacher and I’m better.” “God promises He will set things right.”
15:45 2/29/24
1936 What Does Bob Stevenson Have To Do With Anything
Masterclass, Waiting on God, Worst Job, Wrestle With Words of Jesus, Social Tip, Poor in Spirit, BONUS CONTENT: Time; Quotes: “This has all been the worst.” “Be careful, there are people who are really weird out there.” “God’s timetable is perfect.” “We get to grow.”
13:09 2/27/24
1935 You Have Disappointed The Estate Of Fanny Crosby
Smallest Town, Emotions, Spring Training, Masterclass, Hansen 2038, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma Street…Sister Getting Married; Quotes: “Your emotions don’t have to be the last word.” “Hope is not irrational.” “I need to find money for 2 clipboards.” “I was the repelling end of the magnet.”
14:07 2/26/24
1934 Their Actions Closely Mirror Human Joking
Social Tip, Breaking Animal News, Peacemakers, BONUS CONTENT: The Chosen SPOILER ALERT, Peacemakers Follow-up; Quotes: “I didn’t say their judgment is good.” “What are your favorite Contronyms?” “Glory be!”
16:07 2/23/24
1933 Cookie Monster: It’s All A Big Fake Joke
Shock Jock, Landlines, Unity, Feeling Love, Museum of Failure, Light & Momentary, Slang, Where’s Your Faith, Chocolate Study, Forgiveness, Rewards/Jesus, Loneliness & Church, Don’t Worry, New Accordion, Sermon on the Mount; Quotes:  “I don’t remember being thrilled.” “I have a friend who’s grouchy.” “People will know by how you love each other that you belong to Jesus.” “You are wildly loved by God.”
13:51 2/22/24
1932 You Can Graph The Stupid
Wisdom, The Creation Story, Shock Jock, Hypocrite, Secure Man, Electos Actual Purpose, Jesus & The Heart, Evil Thoughts, Shame, Who Are You?, BONUS CONTENT: Wisdom Follow-up; Quotes: “A savior that calls out hypocrisy is a plus in my book.” “People are constantly trumpeting their own virtues on social media.” “Aim for being secure.” “I’m just putting weights back where they were.”
15:02 2/21/24
1931 Super Duper Lighting Genie Pass
Self-Justification, Law of Kindness, Disney, What God is Doing, What Not To Say From the Bible, Fellas On The Street, Brant’s Book, After Valentine’s Day Musings, Stand Still, Everything I Want, Masterclass, BONUS MATERIAL: Sherri’s Niece/New Employee; Quotes: “I think daily faithfulness is where it’s at.” “Humans, we’re really something aren’t we?” “Do you have any specific coupon news?” “Kindness is deeper and better than niceness.” “You may not know what God is doing in the background but He IS doing something!”
14:39 2/20/24
1930 Moonbeam and Pickle
You’re Made For This, What’s Best, Masterclass, Clean Inside, Breaking Animal News, Being Content, Back To Jesus, We All Worship, Nautical History, Loving When It Matters, bless Your Enemies; Quotes: “Chickens enjoy being read to.” “We are worship machines.” “We’re being renewed inside every day.” “I’m really glad God said ’No’.” “I appreciate my effort.”
13:44 2/19/24
1929 All Natural Scam Robocalls
Being Served, Welcome to the Show, Disciples, AI, Habit Stacking, Following Jesus, Vicks Vapo Crash, Sleep Anywhere, Shock Jock, Thinking You’re Superior, BONUS CONTENT: Followership Conference; Quotes: “Telling people about Jesus is kind of our thing.” “I still have to be transformed.” “Practice gratitude every time you brush your teeth.” “It’s the biggest thing you do??”
12:04 2/15/24
1928 THEN I’ll Have A Lectern
Hansen 2038, Hiccups, Social Interaction and Joints, What God Requires, On a Cruise, Coke & Grenadine, BONUS CONTENT Followership Conference, Grandkid Update; Quotes: “We’re not required to save the world.” “I don’t have to convince everybody I’m right.” “Connecting with friends can raise your good hormone levels.” “My knee is killing me.”
14:35 2/14/24

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