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What You Should Read

Friends Julia, Kelly, and Rachael discuss the newest books, trends and their never-ending TBR stacks. There will be laughs, great recommendations, and possibly (definitely) some spoilers. Tune in weekly and find out why these three have entirely ruined their dispositions with books. Want us to let you know what YOU should read? Fill out our google form and we'll recommend something to you on the podcast!


You Should Read: Our favorite books of 2021 (with Kathy Coe!) 55:37 01/11/2022
You Should Read: Our 2022 Most Anticipated Releases! 78:05 01/04/2022
Little Women adaptations: A Christmas Crossover episode with Movies and a Meal! 71:14 12/24/2021
You should read: Books paired with holiday movies! 59:40 12/14/2021
You Should Read: Historical fiction! 93:28 12/07/2021
You Should Read: Celebrity Memoirs! (With Kristine Kittridge) 77:21 11/23/2021
(Re-release) You Should Read: Road-trip audio books! 49:12 11/16/2021
You Should Watch: The Babysitter's Club Season 2 (with Alysia Lee!) 73:02 11/09/2021
You Should Read: Our Most Anticipated Books for November and December! 51:06 11/02/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: One Good Scare 05:47 10/31/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Costume legends 06:18 10/30/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Favorite Hallowe'en Candy 05:14 10/29/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Horror for non-horror fans 10:30 10/28/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Urban Legends 08:52 10/27/2021
You Should Read: Vampire Books! (with Kim Bowers) 58:46 10/26/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Why Kelly dislikes the movie Hocus Pocus 09:24 10/25/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Best of Horror 2021 06:41 10/24/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Horror as Metaphor 16:03 10/23/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Two scary movie reviews (with Allison Dickson!) 31:06 10/22/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: The scariest of Stephen King (with Will Hamilton) 17:48 10/21/2021
13 Days of Kellowe'en: Witchy Books! 12:07 10/20/2021
Welcome to 13 Days of Kellowe'en! First up: True Crime with Kathy Coe! 49:56 10/19/2021
You Should Read: The Ex Hex (with author Erin Sterling!) 48:46 10/12/2021
You Should Read: Spoiler Alert and All the Feels (with author Olivia Dade!) 48:27 10/07/2021
You Should Read...Our Most Anticipated October Releases (with Kathy Coe)! 61:26 10/05/2021
You Should Read: Books from a Baltimore/DC Bookstore Tour (With Bekki Fahrer!) 61:04 09/28/2021
You Should Read: Books with Fall "vibes" 68:09 09/21/2021
You Should Read: Simone Breaks All the Rules, by Debbie Rigaud! Bonus Author Interview! 49:23 09/16/2021
You Should Read: Our Fall Backlist Bucket List! 52:50 09/14/2021
You Should Read: Our September most anticipated new releases! 59:48 08/31/2021