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Hosted by Austin Jenkins. Inside Olympia is TVW's long-running weekly interview show featuring in-depth discussions with state leaders.


Inside Olympia---DSHS Secretary Jilma Meneses
An interview with Washington Department of Social and Health Services Secretary Jilma Meneses.
54:46 4/19/24
Inside Olympia -- State Representatives Jamila Taylor, Kevin Waters
Interviews with State Representatives Jamila Taylor and Kevin Waters.
54:46 4/10/24
Inside Olympia---Senator Sam Hunt, OSPI Chris Reykdal
An exit interview with retiring State Senator Sam Hunt, plus a discussion on K-12 public schools with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal.
54:46 4/1/24
Inside Olympia---The Rising Costs of Health Care
Host Austin Jenkins interviews Washington Health Care Authority Director Sue Birch about the work of the HCA's Health Care Cost Transparency Board.
54:51 3/27/24
Inside Olympia---Lt. Governor Denny Heck & Office of Equity Director Megan Matthews
On this episode of Inside Olympia...We recap the legislative session with Lt. Governor Denny Heck. Plus we meet Megan Matthews, Director of Washington's Office of Equity. 
54:46 3/19/24
Inside Olympia---Mike Fancher, President of WA Coalition for Open Government
On this week's episode of Inside Olympia....It’s been more than half a century since Washington voters approved the Public Records Act. Now a new report from the Washington Coalition for Open Government warns the spirit and letter of that law are being undermined. We talk with the Mike Fancher, the nonprofit’s president about recommendations for strengthening it.
54:51 3/13/24
Inside Olympia---WA's Family and Children's Ombuds & WA's Long-Term Care Ombuds
Host Austins Jenkins interviews WA's Long-Term Care Ombuds Patricia Hunter and Family and Children's Ombuds Director Patrick Dowd.
54:46 3/5/24
Inside Olympia---DCYF Secretary Ross Hunter
On this week's episode of Inside Olympia: Austin Jenkins sits down with DCYF Secretary Ross Hunter.
54:51 2/28/24
Inside Olympia---Artificial Intelligence Discussion
Artificial Intelligence is the topic of discussion on Inside Olympia this week. Austin Jenkins sits down with state legislators and the Chief Technology and Chief Privacy Officers for Washington State.
54:46 2/22/24
Inside Olympia---A Lookback at the Boldt Decision
On Inside Olympia...we take a lookback at the Boldt decision and how that helped secure the fishing rights for tribes in Washington State.
54:41 2/14/24
Inside Olympia---Civility in Politics
Host Austin Jenkins talks with local leaders working to promote civility in politics and public discourse: Snohomish Council Council members Jared Mead and Nate Nehring, and Sean O'Brien of the Tri-Cities Civility Caucus.
54:46 2/7/24
Inside Olympia---Addressing the Housing Crisis in WA State
This week Austin Jenkins sits down with members of the House Housing Committee and discusses what can be down about Washington State's housing crisis.
55:26 1/31/24
Inside Olympia---2024 Legislative Session Update with House Leaders
This week on Inside Olympia....Host Austin Jenkins sits down with House Leadership and discusses some of the hot topics in the State Legislature this year like housing, taxes, and the Climate Commitment Act.
55:21 1/24/24
Inside Olympia---State Transportation Issues
Austin Jenkins sits down with Senate Transporttion Committee members Marko Liias (D-Edmonds) and Curtis King (R-Yakima) to discuss some of the hot button transportation issues in the state of Washington. Also State Traffic Enginner Dongho Chang talks with us about making roads and streets safer.
55:21 1/17/24
Inside Olympia---Climate, Energy and Technology
Host Austin Jenkins sits down with the chair and ranking Republican of the Senate Environment, Energy and Technology Committee: Democratic Senator Joe Nguyen and Republican Senator Drew MacEwen.
55:16 1/10/24
Inside Olympia -- Governor Jay Inslee
A full-hour, in-depth interview with Governor Jay Inslee. On the fentanyl crisis. Behavioral health. Housing and homelessness. Climate change, the Climate Commitment Act, and gas prices. Citizen initiatives regarding police pursuits, the capital gains tax and more. Recent escapes and other incidents at Echo Glen and Green Hill Schools. The I-5 Columbia River Bridge. The impact of inflation on transportation projects, from ferries to culverts. Republican criticisms of the governor. President Biden. The Israel-Hamas War.
55:16 12/15/23
Inside Olympia -- Director of the Office of Independent Investigations Roger Rogoff
This week on Inside Olympia ... It's been two years since lawmakers created an Office of Independent Investigations to investigate police deadly force incidents. How many investigators have been hired and trained and when will investigations begin? We get an update from Director Roger Rogoff.
55:21 12/6/23
Inside Olympia -- Senate Budget Chair June Robinson, Sen. Karen Keiser's "How To" Legislative Book
This week: In-depth with Senator June Robinson, the new chair of the budget-writing Senate Ways & Means Committee. Plus, veteran State Senator Karen Keiser on her newly published "how to" book for beginning state legislators: "Getting Elected is the Easy Part."
55:21 11/30/23
Inside Olympia--Retiring State Economist and Senate Republican Budget Lead
On this episode of Inside Olympia Austin Jenkins sits down with retiring state economist Steve Lerch and Senate Republican Budget Lead Lynda Wilson (R-Vancouver).
55:16 11/21/23
Inside Olympia -- New I-5 Columbia River Bridge
We discuss the bi-state effort to build a new I-5 Columbia River Bridge with Project Administrator Greg Johnson, Washington State Rep. Paul Harris, and Oregon State Rep. Susan McLain.
55:46 11/15/23
Inside Olympia -- Health Benefits Exchange CEO and State Energy Office Director
This week Austin Jenkins sits down with Ingrid Ulrey CEO of the Washington State Health Benefits Exchange and Michael Furze with the State's Energy Office.
55:46 11/8/23
Inside Olympia -- Chris Green Deputy Assistant Director, WA State Commerce
What role will hydrogen and nuclear have in the push to decarbonize Washington? How will federal infrastructure spending help with the transition away from fossil fuels? And what are the particular challenges to transitioning heavy industry to clean energy? On the program is Chris Green of the Washington State Department of Commerce.
55:46 11/1/23
Inside Olympia -- Labor and Industries Director Joel Sacks
A full-hour, in-depth interview with the director of Washington's Department of Labor and Industries, Joel Sacks.
55:46 10/25/23
Inside Olympia -- Examining Washington's Tax System
We talk with the co-chairs of Washington's recently disbanded Tax Structure Work Group: Senators Noel Frame and Keith Wagoner.
55:51 10/18/23
Inside Olympia--WA State Democratic and Republican Party Chairs
On this episode of Inside Olympia ... We live in politically tumultuous and polarized times. What does that mean for the near and long term futures of the state's two largest political parties? And how are their new leaders charting choppy waters? On this week state Democratic Party Chair Shasti Conrad and Republican Chair Jim Walsh.
55:46 10/11/23
Inside Olympia -- State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti
Washington is among the states with the highest credit ratings -- which is a sign of good fiscal health, and allows the state to get good interest rates on the bonds it sells. But the state also has a significant debt load. What does that right balance look like? Plus, why do so few Washingtonians have retirement savings, and what can be done about that? And what are the chances Congress will pass a cannabis banking law? On the program for the full hour this week, Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti.
55:46 10/4/23
Inside Olympia -- Traffic Safety, Litter Prevention
Recent studies show Washingtonians are dying in traffic fatalities at an alarming rate -- plus throwing out 38 million pounds of trash each year onto Washington's roads and public spaces. Host Austin Jenkins interviews Shelly Baldwin, director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, and Amber Smith-Jones, State Litter Prevention Coordinator with the Washington Department of Ecology.
55:51 9/28/23
Inside Olympia -- Former State Senator Christine Rolfes and House Republican Budget Lead Chris Corry
An exit interview with now-Kitsap County Commissioner Christine Rolfes, who recently stepped down from the State Senate, where she led the state-budget-writing Ways and Means Committee. And, the new Ranking Republican on the budget-writing House Appropriations Committee, Representative Chris Corry.
55:46 9/20/23
Inside Olympia -- WA Corrections Secretary Cheryl Strange
The Washington Department of Corrections recently announced plans to close Larch Corrections Center near Vancouver. In addition, the department is pursing major changes in the use of solitary confinement, and wants to remodel Washington prisons based on prisons in Norway. A full-hour, in-depth interview with Washington Department of Corrections Secretary Cheryl Strange.
55:46 9/13/23
Inside Olympia -- Internet for All & Housing as Health Care
In-depth interviews with Mark Vasconi, director of the Washington Statewide Broadband Office, and Melodi Pazolt and Scott Tankersley on the state's new Apple Health "Housing as Health Care" program.
55:46 9/7/23

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