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The Sounds of Christmas

Ken Kessler from the online Christmas music station The Sounds of Christmas talks about the station, Christmas music and related topics.


Ronnie Spector And Her Christmas Music Legacy 07:47 01/18/2022
Christmas Auld Lang Syne 04:41 12/31/2021
Christmas Yet To Come 29:08 12/29/2021
The Twelve Days Of Christmas 08:40 12/27/2021
Merry Christmas! 11:00 12/24/2021
Michael Sinatra Talks About Making His New Christmas Album (Complete) 43:29 12/23/2021
TJ Winterbrook Talks About Releasing 5 Christmas Singles This Year, And Plans For More In 2022 14:22 12/22/2021
Talking to Rehya Stevens About Christmas Music, Including Her Latest Christmas Album, And Much More! 57:38 12/21/2021
Talking to Aaron from Merry and Bright About New Christmas Music You Might Have Missed 54:46 12/20/2021
Everybody Loves Christmas: A Song For Dad 05:11 12/18/2021
Talking 80s Christmas Music with Gerry from the Totally Rad Christmas Podcast 42:19 12/17/2021
David Browning Talks About His New Christmas Album, A Prince Cover And Non-Christmas Animation On His YouTube Channel 20:57 12/16/2021
Tommee Profitt Talks About The Long Road To "The Birth Of A King" 48:11 12/15/2021
Jeff Fowler talks about His New Christmas EP, His Upcoming Live Album and lots more 28:29 12/14/2021
Norine Braun Talks About Her Christmas Album and Her New EP (plus Poinsettias and the Winter Solstice) 29:05 12/13/2021
Making A Christmas Album with Michael Sinatra (Part 3 of 3) 36:13 12/10/2021
Pete Hopkins Talks About His New Christmas Single, Other Christmas Music And A Potential Christmas Album For 2022 33:53 12/09/2021
Karla Bonoff Talks About Her Christmas Album And This Year's New Christmas Music 12:55 12/08/2021
Linda Imperial On Her Music Career, Her First Christmas Single and a Potential New Christmas Album 21:05 12/07/2021
Rosalie Drysdale Talks About Her Christmas Album, Her New String of Singles and More 39:34 12/06/2021
Liz Kennedy On Her Inspirational Journey Into Music and Her Single "Snowman Moon" 31:43 12/03/2021
Lisa Kessler talks about The Magic Of Christmas and her new book A Winter's Wish 18:39 12/01/2021
Deb Bowman Talks About A Big Love Holiday (Plus the Addams Family, Meryl Streep and More)! 35:44 11/29/2021
Judy Pancoast Takes Us From The House On Christmas Street To Christmastime In Maine 40:22 11/26/2021
Mike from Vista Blue On Writing And Performing Christmas Music (and lots more) 62:35 11/24/2021
Revisiting How To Make Gravy With Paul Kelly, Talking About Christmas Music And His New Album 25:39 11/22/2021
Dan Ashley on Christmas Music and Christmas Spirit (and lots more) 29:12 11/19/2021
Talking Music In And Out Of The Military (and lots more) with Corinne Cook 22:46 11/17/2021
New Christmas Music with Sarah Reeves on More The Merrier 20:31 11/15/2021
Talking Christmas Music And Inspiration With Cliff Beach 34:40 11/11/2021