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Random Illusions

The podcast where the occult community goes for it's listening pleasure! A fun and easy journey into the foundations of occult magick and creating your own path. Something for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners! Grab a cup of coffee and join me for some magick chat!


S1 E36 Ouija October!!! - Part 3 - Baal Kadmon is in the House!! 68:03 10/20/2021
S1 E35 Ouija October Part 2 - Dr.Monir Georgi is in the house! 114:19 10/13/2021
S1 E34 Ouija October - Part 1 - A Love Letter and Some Seriously Weird History!! 42:50 10/06/2021
S1 E33 Huge Announcement For What's In Store!! 01:45 09/29/2021
S1 E32 Magick chat, and a Love Letter from.........A DEMON????? 48:04 09/22/2021
S1 E31 Tuning In to Attunements!! 81:19 09/15/2021
S1 E30 - Surprise 30th Episode Celebration Featuring Auntie Eden and Dr.Monir Georgi 113:45 09/04/2021
S1 E29 Let's Call Jareth and Open a Can of Worms!!! 65:55 08/31/2021
S1 E28 How To Make New Friends. Literally. 27:49 08/25/2021
S1 E27 Magickal Must-Have's for Your Arsenal 10:31 08/18/2021
S1 E26 Magickal Protective Gear Part 2 - Protective Charms! 24:46 08/11/2021
S1 E25 Magickal Protective Gear - Part 1 29:13 08/04/2021
S1 E24 Strategies to Ensure Magickal Success, Even for Beginners 38:46 07/28/2021
S1 E23 Some Realistic Expectations 32:54 07/21/2021
S1 E22 Pep Talk Continued - Why magick can fail 26:21 07/14/2021
S1 E21 A Little Magickal Inspiration From The Giant Dog 37:34 07/08/2021
S1 E20 Magickal Blueprint: Plan for Success!! 35:27 06/30/2021
S1 E19 - Talking to Angels 101 35:26 06/23/2021
S1 E18 Jareth Tempest Called The Hotline Again! Shadow and Ancestor Chat Ensued! 64:20 06/15/2021
S1 E17 New Challenge: Shadow work! New magick! 31:36 06/09/2021
S1 E16 Big Launch Announcement! Moldavite Warning! More on the 72 Names! 27:42 06/02/2021
S1 E15 Magick Updates and Podcast Upgrades! 25:28 05/26/2021
S1 E666 SNAFU!! 01:15 05/19/2021
S1 E14 What's In A Name? 32:24 05/12/2021
S1 E13 The Fastest Episode in the West! 12:06 05/05/2021
S1 E12 Moldavite Mantra Magick Report and so much more!!! 32:30 04/28/2021
S1 E11 Jareth Tempest Called The Hotline!!! 121:28 04/19/2021
S1 E10 - Cookie Monster is in the studio - The giant dog learns to talk! And other fun stuff! 22:57 04/14/2021
S1 E9 The Moldavite Magick Experiment Begins! 30:48 04/07/2021
S1 E8 Baal Kadmon called the Random Illusions Hotline!! 132:01 03/30/2021