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Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich

"In these challenging times, it has never been more important to take control of your own health and build physical, mental and emotional resilience into your life - and live a life less stressed". In this podcast, we hear from thought leaders and health experts to navigate the stresses in life that can challenge our health and the pillars of health and wellness that can build us back up. Hosted by Dr Ron Ehrlich, a holistic health advocate and dentist with over 40 years of experience and bestselling author of A Life Less Stressed: the Five Pillars of Health and Wellness. Find out more at


HEALTHY BITE | At What Point in Medical Education Did Your Practitioners Curiosity Kick In 15:39 12/09/2021
Dr Sarah Myhill: Why We Get Sick and How to Stay Well 55:14 12/06/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Public Health Messages... Immune Function Still Matters 24:20 12/02/2021
Dr Sanjeev Sharma: A Philosophy for Life 49:06 11/29/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Time to Take Control of Your Own Health 24:34 11/25/2021
Dr Peter Brukner: Defeat Diabetes 46:48 11/22/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Mental Health Awareness 15:10 11/19/2021
Petrea King: How Trauma Can Lead to Positive Change 34:03 11/15/2021
HEALTHY BITE | How's your Emotional Intelligence and Health Quotient 19:04 11/11/2021
Robin Hills: Can You Improve Your Emotional Intelligence 50:49 11/08/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Walking - Make It the Habit of a Lifetime 13:44 11/04/2021
Sarah Wilson: This One Wild and Precious Life 42:54 11/01/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Let's Make This the Century of the Revered Teacher 11:04 10/28/2021
Prof Pasi Sahlberg: In Teachers We Trust 42:26 10/25/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Climb Into The Man Cave 08:06 10/21/2021
Matthew DeFina: Positive Masculinity & The Man Cave 43:47 10/18/2021
HEALTHY BITE | A “Brave New World” of Medical Knowledge 14:01 10/14/2021
Dr Jim Parker: Obstetrics and Gynaecology 61:47 10/11/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Evidence-Based Medicine or Evidence-Based Marketing 24:53 10/07/2021
Dr Martin Whitely: Overprescribing Madness 58:49 10/04/2021
HEALTHY BITE | How Curious Should We Be... As Health Practitioners 16:58 09/30/2021
Prof Julia Rucklidge: The Better Brain 48:36 09/27/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Why a Localisation Movement is so Important 12:56 09/23/2021
Helena Norberg-Hodge: Globalisation and Local Futures 62:23 09/20/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Thinking Holistically: Something We All Need to Engage With 14:39 09/16/2021
Prof Frédéric Leroy: The Politics of Nutrition & The Great Reset 59:34 09/13/2021
HEALTHY BITE | The Hook Model and Becoming Indistractable 16:36 09/09/2021
Nir Eyal: How To Feel Less Distracted 41:41 09/06/2021
HEALTHY BITE | Why Is Life On Earth Taking Second Place To Fossil Fuel Companies 16:30 09/02/2021
Tim Silverwood: Ocean Impact Organisation & Take 3 for the Sea 37:23 08/30/2021