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Encouragement for a delivered life.


The Treasure He Wants
While I cannot make God move the way I want, I can be to Him the treasure that He wants.
04:38 09/24/2022
Listen Up!
God may be saying, " You are fighting for what I want you to fight against.  You are pursuing what I don’t want you to catch.  You are missing what I want you to catch because you are not listening for My voice in your life.”
04:55 09/18/2022
Don't Rush
Because we are impatient, we rush, we get ahead, and we get it wrong.  Peace overcomes fear and anxiety.  Faith gives you patience.
04:52 09/11/2022
How To Be Happy
Happiness is being content with your life no matter where your life is now.  
04:45 08/28/2022
The Unlike Life
God wants us to stop living like we have not been changed.  If we are nothing unlike the persons we were yesterday, perhaps we are nothing unlike the unbelievers around us.
03:53 08/21/2022
Love Never Fails
God's love is perfecting.  The perfect love of God will cast out your fear of receiving, of being, and of giving love.  Without fear, learn to receive the love of those who fearlessly love you.  
04:51 08/13/2022
Grace helps you thrive in life no matter what life throws your way.
05:32 08/06/2022
The Unimaginable
Seek from God only what God Himself can imagine.
04:12 07/31/2022
Where Are Your Treasures?
Where our treasures are, there our hearts are also.
04:07 07/24/2022
Never Just Sent Away
He doesn’t want us to faint under the burdens of life we take on by ourselves.  Instead, He wants us to walk with Him.  When we do this, He fills us with all that we need to walk with Him.
03:40 07/17/2022
Overcoming You
You are your own worst enemy.  Learning to overcome how you limit yourself is my message today.
04:54 07/10/2022
The Terms of God
We cannot fight our own battles and have God fight them too.  You are not ordinary. You are extraordinary when you come to live on God’s terms.
04:39 06/26/2022
Father's Day 2022
God the Father is the greatest example of a father we can have.  Let’s make it a desire that each father here on earth will be the next greatest example of a father their children can have.
03:53 06/19/2022
Yes, and Amen!
There are many things in your life that are waiting for your “Yes, and Amen!”
03:56 06/05/2022
Heal Our Land
God is Just.  He will heal our land and deliver us from this sickness when we accept that much of our ways are morally right for humans but wrong for Him.
05:13 05/28/2022
Nothing Better
The Lord helps you to be satisfied with what you have when the best that you have is Him.  There is nothing better than that.
04:17 05/22/2022
A Thirst for Thirst
Jesus leads us to the water, but then He goes to work to make us thirsty.  Only then will we want to drink.  
04:07 05/15/2022
Mother's Day 2022
Love your mothers; provide for their well-being and honor and cherish them all the days of your life.
02:48 05/08/2022
The Change Jesus Wants
Grace gives you the power to give the Lord the change that He wants to make in your life.
06:03 05/01/2022
Just Enough Knowledge
Ask the Lord to help you learn just enough to be safe with what you know.  Then you will live a fruitful life in the Promised Land here that God has reserved for those of us who know Him and who live obediently and in satisfaction with what He reveals to us.
04:41 04/24/2022
Don't Hold Your Breath
Let this Easter be the time you start praising the Lord because you have breath that won’t let you be silent any longer.
04:42 04/17/2022
The Same God
God never changes, but we should never be the same.
04:48 04/03/2022
Know What Is Better
We must be careful never to change from what is Truth to what is loved by the world.  
04:23 03/27/2022
Why So Difficult?
We do not have to always defeat our enemies.  Often, the easy things to do is to endure so that our enemy does not defeat us.  Endurance is God’s way of making hard things easier. 
04:08 03/20/2022
The Right Hand Complements the Left
Bring into your relationship what is complementary to what you want most.  God will bless you for this.  
06:07 03/13/2022
Who Are You Gonna Call?
When you are lost, living independently and need to be saved into eternal life, call on His Name.  When you are living, but life is not working out the best way for you, call on His Name.  And when you find yourself serving your wants instead of what He wants for you, call on His Name.
05:21 02/27/2022
Desires Over Goals
Desires come the heart, the place where the Spirit of the Lord lives.  Our desires should be the reasons for the few goals we set in life.
06:56 02/20/2022
Will You Go?
You may be surprised to learn the role Jesus has in mind for you.
04:33 02/13/2022
Nothing Changes Until Your Mind Changes
Your mind is not always your friend.  Your old mind will keep telling the old you to do the same things when it should be telling you to be transformed to something new so that you can do new things in a new way.
04:22 02/06/2022
Bring Something He Can Burn
Let’s grab our challenges, carrying with us obedience,  belief, and as much faith as we can muster.  Then let’s set off to offer all this to the Lord.  
04:34 01/30/2022