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Encouragement for a delivered life.


Skillful Living: Self-Awareness
Living skillfully is made easier when you are more aware of who you are and when you see the implications of the things you do.  When you are more aware of yourself, you will become more aware of the needs of others.  When you are more aware of yourself, you will learn to become more aware of the greatness of the Lord.
04:18 5/26/24
Skillful Living: The Best Possible You
People who live skillfully at life listen to the Lord when He tries to transform an old self into someone better by using new insights.
05:17 5/19/24
Mother's Day 2024
We can honor mothers with lives of submission and faithfulness before God.
03:44 5/12/24
Skillful Living: Wisdom
Skillful living is learning to find and use wisdom.  Wisdom teaches you that you cannot live from what you learn only.   Most people want to live good, successful lives, but few are willing to do what it takes to have that.  Most of us want good jobs and great careers, but many of us are unwilling to do what it takes to have those things.  Do you want to live a more skillful life?  So what’s it going to take?  How can you move from wanting to live greater to wanting to do what it takes to live greater.
05:40 5/4/24
When you learn He is not finished with your life, you will learn what a finished life in Him can be.  Let Him perfect what He has planned to do in you before you try to finish what you want to do with your life.
04:38 4/21/24
How Before What
So many things we do go wrong because we do not choose the right way to do the things we want to do.  The right things done in the wrong ways become the wrong things done.   Avoid this mistake.  Choose how to live before choosing what to do. 
06:11 4/7/24
Come Lord Come
No matter what you are facing today, live a life of invitation, and He will surely accept your call.  He will make a way for you to live in power and in grace in whatever your circumstance when your life says to Him, “Come Lord Jesus Come. Amen.”
04:44 3/24/24
Where Does He Stand?
God is your First Love because He First Loved you.  That is where He should stand with you.
06:15 3/17/24
Never the Same
Once Jesus has delivered you from a way of life, you stop living like a former sinner.   Instead, you live delivered.  You don’t have to apologize to the world for who you were.  Tell the world who you are now because you are never the same, and you will never be the same with Jesus.
05:09 3/10/24
Easter 2024
With Easter, no tomb can hold us, no stone can block us, and no grave can keep us.  Death can only give way to life everlasting.
04:54 3/3/24
He Is Not Done Yet
The Lord is still fashioning us into the material He wants to use with us.  He is still writing into our life the message that He wants to be heard through our lives.  Our lives are not the message that you or I wrote.  It is His message He wrote with the finger and blood of Jesus, right onto the heart for Jesus He gave each of us.
05:02 3/3/24
Rule Sin Not Men
A trustworthy person will do trustworthy things.  Be trustworthy.  A loving person will do loving things.  Be loving.  A caring person will do caring things.  Be caring.  A hard-working person will do hard-working things.  Be hard-working.  When you are any of these things, people will respect you and accept the things you do.
06:28 2/24/24
You Need Help
You need help--yes you.  But that help cannot come from a thing.  Help must come from Him who made all things.  Throw yourself into His arms, and He will keep you.  
05:44 2/18/24
A Time and a Moment
In all your time living and doing whatever you do, don’t miss the Moments that Jesus wants to make your time special for you.
05:34 2/11/24
See the Invisible
If the Lord answered all your prayers with the solutions you want, you’d be blind.  You will never learn that you have within you the ability to solve many of your problems yourself.  Learn to see His invisible Ways at work inside you.  These make you better each day.
04:57 2/4/24
Who Else?
Who else can Jesus be if you cannot believe He is Who He says He is?
05:03 1/28/24
Your Treasure of Power
You may be challenged, but you are never conquered.  You have a treasure of power inside you.  You were made for more.
03:15 1/21/24
Hear Him Say It
If you have ever experienced anything of God, you have heard Him say, "I love you."  He loves you; hear that always.
04:10 1/14/24
Patience of Faith
Live in the strong patience of your faith so you will be able to overcome all the things that you believe might have a chance to overcome you.
04:13 1/7/24
Look Ahead
I pray that 2024 is full of the blessings of God for you and your life.  Look ahead to that with the great assurance of God’s faithfulness to want the best for us.
04:44 12/31/23
Make Room
Will you make room in your life and a place for some swaddling cloths and a manger?  Jesus may show up at the inn of your life at any time, and He may do so without reservations.
05:07 12/25/23
News You Will Love
Let’s spend this Christmas Eve with a song in our hearts as we acknowledge what tomorrow means.  O Holy Night indeed.  Christ our Savior is born.
04:59 12/24/23
Wash Me
Washing us is one of the key reasons Jesus came to us.   He didn’t come to do a job, He came because He cares about each of us.  And because He cares about us, He cares for each of us.
05:09 12/17/23
Never Alone
God never plays the game of hide and seek with us.  We are never alone, and God is never absent from the place we are at the present.  If we seek Him, we will find Him.  It’s not hide and seek with Him but seek and find.  We find Him because we are never alone from Him.
04:44 12/10/23
Do Something
If you do something with what you have, then the Lord will do what you cannot do.  
04:25 12/3/23
Not the Same
The gods we create are not the same as the God who created us.  
05:17 11/25/23
Thanksgiving 2023
As you get your Thanksgiving Day started for 2023, do so by first thanking the Lord for thanking God for being our God.
04:10 11/22/23
The Hardened Life
Let’s learn to soften ourselves as we live in the most difficult of times.  A soft answer turns away wrath.  The harder we make life for ourselves, the harder life will be for us.  Anyone can be your enemy if you treat them like they are an enemy.  Let’s learn to respond to hard things with better things.
04:32 11/19/23
When the Lord Says No
When He says no to you, perhaps it’s because your grace tank is almost empty, or your humility tank is almost empty, or your thankfulness tank is almost empty.  Whatever it is, be grateful that when He says no, He always has something better to offer that we didn’t ask for.  He fills your tanks with something powerful!
05:16 11/12/23
He Really Means It
When He tells you something hard to believe, just remember, yes, He really means it.
03:52 11/5/23