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So We Started A Cult

Hi there, we are @meiwonderful and @moxeymunchies. We're trying to spread the love and help you profit more in YOUR life by you spreading the love too. Come join our spiritual movement based on love. It won't cost you anything!


The Beginning
Hello everyone out there in the internet. We have a special message and it is crucial that you hear it.      Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
20:27 11/14/2018
Episode 2: Exponential Reciprocation
Moxey and Mei talk about what's happened in their lives since they decided to share with everyone their big secret and talk about what's next.    Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
23:47 11/22/2018
Episode 3: Cocoa Mass Love Transfer
Mei and Moxey talk about finding the love in Mei's hard week but Moxey has a major euphoralytic moment in a grocery store parking lot.        Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
24:39 11/29/2018
Episode 4: Compounding Returns
This week we talk about trying to find the little love in life and trying to find love and energy in the world, even when you don't have the ability to give love out.    Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
22:48 12/06/2018
Episode 5: Synchronous Glass Harp
Apologies friends and lovers, this episode the audio is a little off, but the message is still very important. We got a handle on the euphoric resonance now and it won't cause audio feedback in the future! In this very special episode, Mei and Moxey talk about not getting caught up in the holidays and the conductive properties of crystals.   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
21:42 12/15/2018
Episode 6 : BOGO GarFing DoSo
In this very special Christmas special episode, Mei and Moxey talk about having whimsy and joy and what to do about Christmas. Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
22:19 12/20/2018
Episode 7: Reiki Citrus
In this very special New Year episode, Mei and Moxey talk about crystals possibly sent by aliens and the link to single use plastic. Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
20:24 12/27/2018
Episode 8: Cheese Tentacles
Mei and Moxey talk about finding the love in Mei's love of the new year and how to counteract all that cheese you had over the holidays.   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
21:16 01/03/2019
Episode 9: Made With Love
  Mei and Moxey talk about putting your love into actual physical things, including those you wear.    Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
21:10 01/10/2019
Episode 10: Instilling Pragmatics Into Your Aura
  Moxey and Mei talk about mind viruses, and radio jingles. Stay with it. I swear it makes sense.      Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
25:31 02/07/2019
Episode 11: They Sent Back Thom Yorke From the Future
  Moxey and Mei talk about Mel Robbins' 54321 theory and the dark secret Mei knows about Thom Yorke.   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
22:56 02/14/2019
Episode 12: I've been collecting pictures of raw meat.
  Moxey and Mei talk about how Mei has a large selection of saved meat photos in a baggie. And why.    Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
24:50 02/28/2019
Episode 13: Did you have a good trip?
  Moxey and Mei talk about vibrating rods. Oh! Also oranges, eggs, and apples. IKR?   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
27:05 03/07/2019
Episode 14: The Life Cycle of Sweatpants
  Moxey and Mei talk about how all the chrome on the rides at Disney's Magic Kingdom gets polished. Trust me. Just go with it.   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
25:08 03/14/2019
Episode 15: You just have to move on.
Moxey and Mei are being MEGA Canadian today and talk about saying sorry, even when you're not wrong, and how to move on.    Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
26:16 03/21/2019
Episode 16: I'm not going to ruin the night over it.
Moxey and Mei talk about being okay with being alone and when you get surprised.   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
24:47 03/28/2019
Episode 17 - Everything about my problem involves Jesus
Moxey and Mei talk about Moxey's new plan to fix her broked brain. I swear it makes sense. #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
20:57 04/04/2019
Episode 18: Maybe this could be helpful for your baby.
Moxey and Mei talk about Moxey's recent travels and how to use amber outside of trying to grow dinosaurs. #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
23:51 04/11/2019
Episode 19: Look downward to the side
Moxey and Mei talk about Mei's sketchy subpoena and exciting court visit. #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
31:13 04/18/2019
Episode 20: Don't get your opinions from memes
Why do you think small things you do today won't effect the future? #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
24:36 04/25/2019
Episode 21: Tinder Titter Twinders
Two old ladies make the tinder but for finding the right crystal for your heart and soul. Send us your series A funding bids.   #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
24:16 05/02/2019
Episode 22: Diet Pepsi in a wine glass
We talk about or weeks and Mei's con-life! Might be worth napping to. #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
21:45 05/09/2019
Episode 23: Sharon, I love you!!!
We talk about stealing people's sunshine and people taking Moxey's trash. It's a good thing! #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
26:05 05/23/2019
Episode 24: Spin Spin Spin
Mei and Moxey chat about our fav crystals so far! And fidget spinning intimidating men.  #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
20:59 05/30/2019
Episode 25: Force those roots.
Mei and Moxey chat about finding things to do!  #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
26:25 06/06/2019
Episode 26: What we put in our vessels
Mei and Moxey chat about fake crystals and cartoons.  #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
21:32 06/13/2019
Episode 27: Coming out even stronger
Mei and Moxey chat about cranking up the pressure and heat to make yourself stronger.  #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
28:02 06/20/2019
Episode 28: Wellness Pizza
Mei and Moxey chat about how their sparkling water addiction can be awkward when dating.  #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
31:03 06/27/2019
Episode 29: Read into it what you want to see
Self reflection, crystals and travel! This ep is all over the place in a stream of thoughts. We need sleep. #euphoralytic Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
26:29 07/04/2019
Episode 30: Dying of Disappointment
Mei gets into the worldwide controversy called potatchoes.   Talk to us! @euphoralytic @meiwonderful @moxeymunchies
23:01 07/11/2019