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Journeys into Genealogy podcast

Genealogy podcast covering family history, research, tips, stories, interviews and more. With an initial focus on the UK and Ireland and moving beyond that in future.


Paul Chiddicks - columnist, family history blogger and writer 53:03 06/28/2022
Maps, the Ordnance Survey, digitisation and more 50:32 06/14/2022
Boost your genealogy knowledge with Pharos Tutors 34:17 05/19/2022
Mick Henry and the Nicholas Oxley of Sussex and his farming diaries 54:24 04/25/2022
Scrapbooking for family history with Jeanne Pope 45:23 04/13/2022
James Rigby, the SOE and adventures in India with David Rigby 43:15 03/24/2022
Stories of Yorkshire with Natasha Houseman 49:32 03/11/2022
Heather Smith and Storyfile - turning videos into conversations 38:21 02/22/2022
Fletton, brickmaking and one place studies with Sadie McMullion 35:43 02/10/2022
Censuses and Enumerators with Dave Annal 48:23 01/27/2022
18th century towns, power and local politics with Jon Rosebank 50:44 01/05/2022
Huguenot ancestry with Simon Guerrier 53:16 12/27/2021
Natalie Pithers on Stories and the Curious Descendants Club 45:33 11/24/2021
Birth Marriage and Death Registrations with Antony Marr 56:33 11/11/2021
Irish Research with Fiona Fitzsimons 42:43 10/31/2021
Clive Bonny and the Bonny family history 37:34 10/13/2021
Breaking through brick walls with Mary Evans 51:22 09/16/2021
The Royal Houses of Europe - a conversation with author Jacques Arnold 42:47 09/07/2021
Organising family history research and stories - a conversation with Carole McCulloch 49:07 08/26/2021
Great War Tours with Sophie Shrubsole 32:42 08/18/2021
Starting Scottish Research with Chris Paton 45:10 08/05/2021
Finding your GI Father with Catherine Hughes 30:06 07/23/2021
A conversation with Ivor Normand of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society 34:13 07/13/2021
Millinery and more with Joanna Zara 44:45 06/14/2021
A conversation about adoption with Anna White 45:47 06/09/2021
Clothes and our ancestors - a conversation with Steph Wood, fashion exhibition curator at the V&A Museum 41:00 05/13/2021
Conserving Books and Photographs - a conversation with Anne Bancroft of the V&A Museum 50:03 05/05/2021
Southwark Park - a green oasis in London with a fascinating history 68:00 04/20/2021
Researching military history with Graham Bandy of Living Military History 48:32 04/08/2021
A conversation about conservation and curation of children's toys with Will Newton of the V&A Museum 23:15 03/30/2021